Sunday, March 24, 2013


This last weekend was great! My parents stopped by on Saturday.  They were in town because Joey was made a bishop last week!  Can you believe that?? Pretty exciting times for their family.  We went to dinner with the Emig's Saturday night.  We at at Los Cucos in Sandy.  That place is delish, you should go.  

Sunday we went to our ward and then to Cali's sacrament.  Both she and Joey gave beautiful testimonies.  

After church we headed up to Cameron's house for his birthday.  Whitney and her kids and Bob and Roberta drove down to celebrate.  It was such a treat to see both sets of parents in one weekend.  Of course I didn't get pictures of any of this but I still wanted to document it.  We had a barbecue and the food was so yummy. 

Monday we went to Scheels with the Cali's family for family night.  It was really fun.  

going in...

 all the kids minus Willie. 

twin cousins
Gotta love Rob's face. 

They have a huge fish tank it is pretty cool...there was a dude in snorkel gear which was the coolest part. 

 They also have a playground inside. 
(another day of not wearing eyes have been driving me nuts dry.  So I never want to wear makeup)

dance dance

They have a 65 foot ferris wheel inside.  Henry looooooved it.  I'm sorry but there are now going to be tons of pictures. 

Hilarious picture of Cortney. 

Carolina and Rob in front of Cort's bucket. 

Or behind I guess.  There they are again. 

They have 79 cent cones there too...Theo LOVES food.  He was in heaven.  

It was really fun for family night and I totally recommend it.  We left at 6 on the dot and didn't get home until it is a big time commitment. 

Now I have some random phone pictures from this week. 

We have new neighbors and they own the chocolate...Cortney helped them move in and they brought this cake over to thank us. Henry was so excited. 

Theo was obsessed with the cake.  He wouldn't even let me pause between bites. 

We had some nice weather...for a split second.  (this was last saturday) This saturday we got probably 3 inches of snow.  wahhhh wahhh. 

 On Friday Oliver was scootering over to Cali's and he lost control on the big hill.  This is the next day...and was looking so much better. 

Henry took this picture of Grace and Fiona. 

ma boys. 

Theo climbed in the running shower last night.  He was acting crazy. 

Here he is trying to climb up on the couch. 

He learned to climb down the stairs this week.  We are ecstatic around here because I had been using 4 tupperwares to block the stairs before.  So glad that eyesore is gone.  

This weekend on Saturday morning the cub scouts were in charge of cleaning up the church.  Oli and I set our alarm clocks so we could be there on time and walked to the church in a blizzard.  We got put in charge vacuuming the chapel.  It was a lot of work and we both worked like dogs for probably an hour.  Oliver said on the way home though that he thought it was pretty cool. He was pretty proud of our clean chapel this morning.  I was glad we made the effort to go.  

Oh I also wanted to say I have gained back at least 3 pounds.  I pretty much gained them back the second I put something yummy in my mouth.  Uggghhhh.  I expected that completely but it still doesn't feel good.


Kylie said...

the picture of Theo climbing on the couch just kills me! so great. Also you should hug your neighbors that own the chocolate because they are the best people on the planet. I love that place.

Christensen's said...

I just love seeing all these pictures of your cute family! Scheels looks fun. I have been wanting to go there...p.s. you look amazing and I don't know why you thought you needed to do a diet in the first place.