Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 5 and Day 6

I left off on day 5...I had had some chicken and tomatoes...that was about all there was too it.

I felt great the entire day. It was crazy how good it felt to have a little protein in my body.  I had so much energy (compared to only enough energy to lay on my bed all day).  It helps too that I had to get up and dressed looking cute and I had to have the house all the way clean for kids on the move.  It is also amazing what a clean house and a cute outfit will do for your energy.  For dinner we actually had cod and tomatoes but I over cooked it because I didn't read how to defrost it until it was too late.  I blame that on my lack of brain power this week. I just tried to get it down...eating at this point has nothing to do with taste and everything about just trying to not be hungry.  I ate none of the cabbage soup this day...I couldn't even think about it.

Day 5 was on tuesday and for Young Women's that night we went to take a tour of the Macey's bakery in provo.  Everything looked and smelled so yummy.  I made it through though.

Day 6 was supposed to be Chicken and veggies.  My day somehow ended being a little more on heavy on the chicken side.  I ate 1/2 a chicken breast for breakfast and another half cold out of the fridge for lunch (I ate it this time with a little mustard and pretended it was a yummy chicken I supposed to have mustard?  At this point I didn't has almost no calories though).  Cali had tried to eat some cucumbers for breakfast and dry heaved.  Our bodies just didn't want veggies.  For dinner I sauteed up some zucchinis with chicken and a little balsamic.  I ate a couple of zucchinis but then just finished off chicken until I was full.

Kids on the move also came on this day(again...this time it was a nurse) so it was another day with a clean house. Days with clean houses always make things better.  Theo got his hearing checked but didn't pass the test in his left ear.  The lady said this is super common and she said...I can see him turning his head to the sound, I think he can hear just fine.  That being said, we will take him into get tested again in April.

It hasn't been my proudest moments as a mom on this diet...its a kinda fend for yourself week....but hey I guess it's only a week.

The good news for me was on the 6th day I stepped on the scale and saw my goal weight (for this diet...but still off for where I wanted to be.)  I had lost 7 lbs.  Pretty darn good.  The diet felt a little worth it at that moment.

At midnight I realized that the last day of the diet was SUPPOSED to be mainly cabbage soup.  There are a couple different versions of this diet.  Some said brown rice, soup and veggies and fruit juices for today, others said just the soup.  I at this point didn't have any soup left so I ran to walmart at midnight and got the ingredients and whipped up a batch.  This time I cooked it in the crock pot because I didn't have time.  It turned out pretty similar but the veggies were too soft for my taste.  BUT....yucky soup is yucky soup...and by making it in the crock pot I didn't have to stay up.

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