Wednesday, March 06, 2013

my bday the big 33

I had a horrible birthday to be honest.  It started out with Cortney's friend passing away earlier in the week.  It was really sad for Cortney.  Really sad.  He did however have all his old friends come to town for the funeral.  He got to see all of his besties that he hasn't seen in YEARS.  I was happy for him and did everything I could to help him see his friends as much as possible.  Thursday night our friend Josh (who lives in Hawaii) came and stayed the night at our house.  I haven't seen him in 6 or so years so it was really nice to have him over.  We love him so much and miss him and his wife Kate a lot (cortney went to prom with Kate a million years ago).  Friday they left before I woke up and Cortney was basically gone until Saturday late.  It was so good for him to catch up with all of his friends.  

old school cortney is in the orange shirt.

Monday was my birthday but Cortney was just SOOO behind with his work (from being gone) that he had to work like a dog all day.  He did bring me kneaders for breakfast but I was starting the day with a messy messy house.  I spent the day trying to clean and take care of Theo at the same time.  Cali came by to cheer me up which was nice and we later went to the mall for a bit.  I had a little drama happen to me later that just made me sad.  I was tired, tired of the mess, tired from being alone with the kids for the last 4 days, tired of never having a babysitter ever, just tired... On my birthday I just want my house to be clean, my kids to be good, and to eat all the good food I want.  I hate that I was feeling like a diva on my birthday...but I just want for once a year to not have to do a darn thing.  I was in a bad mood and wanted the whole day over with.    

here I am tired.  

Linh stopped by for a bit as I was putting the kids to bed, it was good to see her because it had been a long time.

I talked to both of my in-laws..I LOVE THEM.  They actually cheered me up pretty good.  

At around 9 cali called to insist on watching my kids so we could go out to eat.  How nice of her.  Cortney and I went to Macaroni Grill (they were close to closing and there was only one other table).  We ate and talked...I love being with Cortney, he is my everything.  We ate quickly (mine was so yummy too) and got a little dessert to go.  I was glad we went and I ended my birthday on a good note.  

I  am glad to be alive another year .  But I think I am done building birthdays up in my head only to be sooooo disappointed.  Done with birthday's all together.  

wahhhhh wahhhhhh.  

I will say it was nice to get all the texts and facebook messages.  That was a highlight for sure.  Sam left me a funny message with weird al's happy birthday song which is a tradition for us.  

I got some cash from my parents (yay) and a gift card to amazon from my in-laws (double yay).  

From my grandma Jones I got some cash and I bought these babies that I have wanted FOREVER....
 These are the best ever and they make me happy every time I use them.  Thanks grandma!

 A couple of days later Cortney watched the babies at lunch so Cali and I could go to Happy Sumo. 
We got the Maui Wowie roll ummmm YUUUUUMMMM.  

Cortney texted me this picture during lunch.  Those kids love him. 

For Cali's birthday (which is 2 weeks before mine)...we spent 3 hours shopping in the morning (we got SOOO much stuff at Saver's it was the most successful trip and SO much fun).  When we got home Joey surprised us with a trip to the SPA.  We went and sat in a dry sauna for an hour (I actually was about to faint so I kept having to go out)...then we had couples massages (good ones), and then couples facials.  It was so much of the funnest days I have ever had.  So I just have to tell myself that that was my birthday.

Man I sound like a big princess diva baby.

I am blessed...I know.  I was just having a bad day.  It could have been worse though. :)

On the Tuesday after my birthday my sister in law Heather was in town (her father in law was having a 6-tuple bypass surgery!!!).   She was looking for something to do with her 3 boys so I went and checked Oli and Rob out of school.  Carson, Kelton, and Cooper came in with me to get the boys.  You should have seen their faces.  They were so happy.  So shocked.  Oliver turned bright red.  They love their cousins so much.   We took them to the Lehi pool.  It was great except I figured Henry could swim with his 15 year old cousin watching him but they wouldn't let him swim with someone under 18.  
It was a disaster.  How do you tell your 3 year old they can't swim.  I didn't have anything I could wear swimming and didn't know what to do.  Heather is a woman of action and wouldn't give up like I was doing.  She went and asked a lifeguard and he said if Henry stayed within arms reach he could get in.   This little dude literally sat right in front of me the whole time....goggles and all.
henry being a good dude just sitting there.  (three of our other boys swimming in the background).

It was a great day and I was so glad I decided to check the boys out.  I loved sitting and talking with Heather and love our boys being able to play.  They are so nice to my boys even though they are way older.  

Afterwards I hurried to take Oliver to the dentist.  When I got there...they said they made a mistake and he didn't have a cavity after all...which was weird but nice to not have to pay for an extra appointment.  

In closing...birthday's for mom's aren't that awesome.  BUT my life is great and I am so blessed every day of my life....soooo I guess it's an okay tradeoff.  

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Supercords said...

This post made me really miss you guys. Happy late birthday.