Wednesday, March 06, 2013


I am just going to post on here some random cell phone pictures
 Oli helps me out a lot with his younger brothers. 

I went in Henry's room the other day to find him sleeping with a loaf of french bread.  A lot of my friends commented on facebook that this is how I was when I was younger.  I am still that way.  I love bread.  We pick up bread EVERYTIME it his hot when we are there.  We love it and pass it around in the car each of us tearing off huge chunks. 

On Friday March 1st the kids had a book hat parade.  All week long was literacy week.  They were having read-a-thons, and dr. Seuss activities.  The point of the parade was for them to make a hat that went with one of their favorite books.  It needed the title, authors name, plot, characters, and setting.  Of course we didn't work on ours until the night before. I finished them at 2 am. 
Rob picked a book called "What was I Scared Of?" By Dr. Seuss It is a darling book and the main character is this green pair of pants. 

He filled out a paper with plot, setting and such....

And then I dyed (with food coloring...hey it was the middle of the night) a pair of preemie pants and sewed them on his hat.  HE was so proud of it.

Oliver picked his favorite story 
"The Giant Jam Sandwich" By John Vernon Lord. 
Oliver wrote John Vernon Lord and he wrote him back the awesomest letter.  I will post it soon. 

For Oli's I baked a loaf of bread, cut it how it is in the book...then covered it with polyurethane. 

 we then attached these little bees that I made with a clay set Grandma Jones gave Rob for his birthday. Thank GOOODNESS we had that set. 

I may be biased but I thought my kids had some of the best ones there.  I was glad I made the effort. 

Monday was a minimal day and the kids got out at was also Cali's cleaning day so we decided to go to Wreck it Ralph at the dollar theater.  It was so much fun. 

 oh Oli. 

Sunday nap hugs. 

MAtching shirts. 
from when Oli and Rob were babies. 

Things around here have been crazy crazy busy.  Cortney is working non stop.  Between Cadis and Blue Halo there isn't enough time in the day. We are missing him like crazy but I know everything he does he does for us.   
His Blue Halo stuff has been going so well. He loves it too.  They sell stuff almost everyday and he spends a lot of time talking to people about it.  AREN't they PRETTY??

I think he is up to 860 followers on instagram, and sometimes people recognize him.  Which is CRAZY.  I guess the beard is here to stay.  hahaa. 

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