Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 7

Day 7 was cabbage soup day...also known as the day I didn't really eat anything.  haha

We have been going to a yoga class on Thursdays.  It is put on by our friend and she is amazing.  It has been really hard and works my body over every week...but I love it.  It is one of my favorite parts of the week.  (I know to get strong I need to work out more than 1 time a week...I know)...but I love feeling like I am getting better and stronger.  Anyways, I knew that I would be really really weak and hungry and fainting if I didn't eat before.  So I ate almost a whole apple before I left at 9:30.  I felt pretty weak during it but way better than I thought I would feel.

I came home and had a small small bowl of the soup and then I took my kids to arctic circle.  Because it was Rob's date day this week and he has been begging me to take him to arctic circle.  (he's never even been...but saw their commercials)...I figured I might as well get the begging over with.  It was a nice fun time.  Theo LOVED the slides and it was nice to have Rob there to help.

Man I love seeing Rob smile this big.  He looks so MUCH like my family in this picture. 

Notice also that Theo is wearing shorts.  It was 72 degrees today!!  What a wonderful day. 

Good boys. 

It killed me to be there with all the yummy fried food.  I wanted a CORN DOG so bad.  so bad.  I ordered an ice water though and stayed strong.  

After school I had another small bowl of cabbage soup.  blecchhh. 

Around 6 I had a clementine...not really supposed to but I think it is probably better for me than unsweetened fruit juice.  

For dinner I had another small bowl of the soup.  I think the soup has about 57 calories per cup.  It is A LOT of veggies.  

I weighed myself today and I was down another pound...8 total.  I can't WAIT until tomorrow when I can have cereal for breakfast.  ( I am still going to try to eat as healthy as I can)

So in the end was it worth it.  Probably for a loss of 5-8 lbs.  I won't do it again. NO WAY.  Will I gain it all back...we will see.  ONe thing for sure my stomach capacity is so so so much smaller.  I get full so fast. That will be nice.  I definitely grave sweets less but I still crave bread and grains.  

I am proud of us 3 for doing it. 

I tried to give up every single day.  I wanted to quit.  Cali wouldn't let me and really helped build me up...cortney too.  It was so nice to have a support system. Cali and I have like 40 texts going back and forth about cabbage. hahaa.  

Oh...I also wanted to say that this morning in our yoga spandex we could tell a real difference in size.  That always feels GREAT!

Tomorrow is going to be great! 


Samantha said...

I've never seen a pic of rob smiling so big. I stared at it forever. He looks so much like you always, but there is something about him in this pic that reminds me of Cort, for the first time. This post made me feel like I need to talk to you on the phone.

Kim said...

You guys are amazing! There is no way I could do that diet. I am glad you survived. (P.S. I really want to come do yoga again with you guys. That class is amazing!)