Saturday, February 23, 2013


On Tuesday we got to use Justin's tickets to go see the BYU vs. Utah State game.  We went with our friends Jed and Sarah and had such a great time.   Jed and Sarah used to be our neighbors and are some of our closest friends but somehow we have never gone out just the 4 of us!! I don't know how that happens.  We hadn't seen Jed in forever we have been trying for quite a while to schedule something.  Jed and Sarah graduated from Utah State so I was a little conflicted going with them...just kidding. We had a great night cheering for opposing teams but BYU came out on top in the end! It was a crazy close game and it was tied with 1.3 seconds left.  We were all standing up and screaming at the end.

Afterwards we headed for some ice cream (everything else was closed).  I love them and had such a great time.

Cali watched my kids during the game and when I came home she had a horrible story to tell me.  Theo had opened his diaper up when he was in his bed...and without getting too graphic (Cali actually took a picture)...lets just say it was a really huge mess.  I couldn't believe she had to go through that...thankfully I didn't have a regular babysitter because I don't think a 12-14 year old girl could handle something that disgusting.   I really appreciated it though because I couldn't find anyone else to watch my kids and I wanted to go so bad.

Thanks Justin for the tickets! The seats were awesome!

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Kandee Lou said...

Sounds fun...BUT eeewww!