Saturday, April 06, 2013

Arizona part 1

Today I was telling my mom I wanted a steam mop...and she told me my dad just bought a steam mop and he loves it.  It made me laugh that he and I are both looking at steam mops on amazon.  Made me think about where I come from.  I really am grateful for my parents...grateful to be like them.

We headed to Arizona to visit my parents for spring break again this year.  This was our third year in a row.  It has been REALLY nice to have somewhere warm to go during the cold spring. It really was the perfect weather there the whole time.

I am going to start my vacation posts with the pictures from Arizona that are on my phone.  Cortney took tons of pictures but they are all on his computer.  Hopefully he will put them in dropbox for me sometime...

We left Orem around 7:15. This was our first trip with henry being potty trained.  It made for more stops than we are used to.  I started driving this time.  I haven't ever driven.  I just was always scared after the car accident that I was in with Kristy driving years ago.  I am starting to realize now though that time goes by faster when you are driving and you don't have to help the kids.  Sounds like a win win to me. hahaa.  Henry started screaming he needed to go to the bathroom at cove fort.  I pulled into a gas station and took everyone in.  About five minutes after we were back on the road Henry had to go again VERY VERY bad.
 Poor guy had to go number 2, twice on the side of the road.  

Good times. 

So many boys. 

Cortney did this most of the time I was driving.  We switched a little after vegas. 
Blue Halo had its very first tradeshow the two days before we left.  HE WAS EXHAUSTED. 

We had a pretty great drive and took one small wrong turn as we were almost there.  We finally made it and were so happy to be at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  Jason and KaeLynn were already there and that made the trip SO awesome.  Our kids LOVE each other. 

We slept great that night (my parents beds are so comfy)...but the kids were up SOOO early and in the pool by 7:30.
 My parents heated the pool up really warm. 

I love this picture of Rob relaxing by the fountain. 

KaeLynn's daughter Abby just might be the awesomest person ever.  She is so sweet and funny. 

A lot of people in the hot tub.  The pool is way bigger I don't know why everyone was in the little part. Funny though. 

 My grandma lives there with my parents.  I love seeing her.  She wasn't too happy about me taking a picture of her. 

One of the nights we were there Keith and Vicki took a couple of us to dinner for Danny's birthday.  It was a lot of fun and delicious food.  KaeLynn and I got this HUGE rootbeer float.  YUM. 

I didn't put make up on once during our vacation.  It was nice.  I was RELAXED the whole time.  We hung out and swam tons.  The kids played and played.

Wednesday morning we left to Mexico.  It's so so close we couldn't resist and Cortney was dying to get try his Blue Halo stuff in SALT water.


Kacey Nielsen said...

My friend just told me she started bringing her kid potty in the car with her on road trips with little kids to eliminate the need for the assisted kid squat on the side of the road. I am always convinced they are just going to go to the bathroom all over me...

Christensen's said...

You don't need make up. You are so beautiful without it!

Supercords said...

That assisted hover-poo is hilarious. And that's one giant root beer float!