Thursday, April 29, 2010


We had the pleasure of heading out to Teppanyaki (or however you spell it) for Leah's birthday. It is one of my kids favorite restaurants (we hardly ever go there but Cameron has taken us a couple of times). Wow I love the just keeps on coming. We had the best night. Leah turned 12...I can't believe how grown up she is.

Rob was hilarious. He loves to eat so much. He ate 3 bowls of salad (they brought out some more because it took so long for our cook to come).
He insisted on eating everything with his chopsticks. Cameron was my hero and took care of him the whole night...cutting up his food and helping him eat. I had a nice relaxing time not having to help him myself. Cam is so great with my kids.

He loved watching the guy cook...and would have to cover his eyes when the fire parts happened. Rob wanted BEEF. That is what he kept saying. I love that my boys try different foods...I remember only wanting chicken when I was little.

Oliver ordered shrimp. He loves this restaurant and ate everything on his plate. His favorite is the soup they bring out.

It was a great night...Cortney was the only person to actually catch the shrimp in his mouth...I was so close. This probably happened a month I am glad I finally took the time to blog it.

Ohhhh-shin...and a picture catch up...

Our Peruvian Oshin left this sad.

happy picture.

we wanted a picture where every one was looking sad...funny to see the faces the kids thought were sad...they had to hold them for a long time too, because we were using the timer to take the picture.

We have all really come to love Oshin like family. We will miss her so much. Carolina...was having the hardest time not crying yesterday. Anytime we mentioned Oshin leaving she would burst into tears. Poor thing.

Oshin...we miss you already!

The other night our friends Sherry and Jory invited us over for a BBQ dinner. Jory made dutch oven chicken and also cheesy a pasta salad and a chocolate pie. Everything was so delicious...I felt so lucky. I love it when I am not the one cooking dinner. Hhahaa. I took a couple of horrible pictures. But I wanted to document Henry's first fire. He couldn't decide what he thought of it. His hands were shaking the whole time.

Henry, Rob, Cortney and Jory...oh and their dog...Halle.

Ohhh...I love a baby in a sweat suit. Nothing better.

On Sunday I was sicker then a dog...Cortney too...oh and Henry. Poor thing has the runniest nose ever. It came on so fast, but I am finally feeling better today. Yay! Cortney on the other hand takes forever to feel better. I feel so bad for him...I don't know how long it has been since he has slept at all.

I have a bunch of pictures to catch up on but Henry needs me so, later.

Monday, April 26, 2010

you know you live in Lindon when...

You get home from the grocery store and this is in your back yard...

Cali and I were out and about they other day and when we got home to her house we found this little pony rolling around in her grass and eating her dandelions. It was crazy...the kids couldn't believe it their very own pony. It stayed in her yard for a couple of hours until we talked to her neighbor and he came and got him. It was so funny to see this teenage boy walking the horse back home. I love still get the country feel (like I had growing up) and yet there are good restaurants just minutes away.

Oh...I waited for Cali to post about this first...but since her computer is in baby Fiona's room and she can only post when Fi is sleeping I know she will never do it. So...sorry cali...I don't want to scoop your story. hahaa.

Friday, April 23, 2010

isaac graduates

Isaac graduated today. For his graduation celebration we met together at Cali's house for lunch. Linh made the best usual.

Henry always looks fat and surprised. this boy.

Linh called me on Wednesday and asked me to make my special BYU cookies for Isaac. They are sooo good but a pain to make, but I don't mind breaking them out for special occasions like this. They really are the best things ever...not to toot my own horn...

Linh's sister and brother in law came they were cooking the whole time. Such hard workers. It was great having them here.

We had pork, shrimp and steak skewers. Oh my goodness...they were marinated to perfection. So tender.

We also had make your own spring rolls (although Linh made most of them) filled with rice noodles and veggies. Linh had a plethora of dipping sauces.

We also had...not pictured...crab wantons, egg rolls, and chocolate covered strawberries. YUM. I ate a million crab wantons.

The little kids (all the ones that weren't in school) plus Allie, Mikes lovely friend that is a girl...I really like her. At graduation she pulled the hugest bag of peanut butter M&M's out of her purse. She had me at M&M's...Cali said..."I know everything I need to know about her now." I loved that.

An eating picture of Mike to prove he was there...he isn't featured enough on the web and I figured my parents and grandparents might want to see him sometimes.

Disclosure....I am chubby right now. It is the plain old solid truth. I know it. I in turn, hate pictures of myself(I need to get over that I know). But...hey here comes a lot of pictures with me in them. Oh...even cali said these pictures make me look way chubbier then I really am...the camera adds 10 lbs right??
Look how much taller my brother is than me. I mostly dated guys right about my same height...It is really weird to see a guy WAY taller then me. Oh I was just trying his cap on...Since I probably won't ever wear one...hahaa. Even if I SOMEDAY go back to college I can't imagine wanting to walk in graduation.

Ike and Linh

The sisters. and Ike
I had to include this one too because OSHIN is in it. I don't have any pictures of Oshin. Here she is in all her glory. She got in to BYU-I, we are so proud of her. She is a great girl.

When Isaac's name was called we yelled so loud. Isaac couldn't believe how loud we were. He said we were louder then anyone else. I can scream really loud. We did however make the newborn in the row in front of us bawl her brains out. Whoops. hahaa. I included a little clip of Isaac getting his diploma...


Ike is the tall one.


ike grad from ashley boice on Vimeo.

Mom and Dad....if you click on the arrows pointing outwards next to the word vimeo it will show it full screen then you will be able to see ike better.

Henry 6 months

Where does the time go?? I always feel like the first six months with a newborn is the hardest. I am grateful to be past that point but I also miss my little baby. He is a bonafide big boy now...weighing only three pounds lighter than my neighbors almost 2 year old.

His stats...

weight 18.34 lbs 66.53 percentile (up from his four month stat of 29th and his two month stat of 4th%)

Height 27 inches 71.55 percentile

Head 17 inches 33.74 percentile

The doctor said it is good that his weight has caught up with his height...but he wouldn't like to see him keep growing "like that". Hahaaa, what a chubby baby.

He is sleeping all the time and such a good baby. For like two weeks now he has been sleeping an eight hour stretch without waking up. He usually is in bed around 8-9 then I wake him up at midnight to have a bottle then he sleeps until around 8:30...then I lay him down and he sleeps until 10:30 or so...sometimes he will sleep longer then that. Pretty awesome right?? I love the stretch of uninterrupted sleep. Almost every time he wakes up and I go in his closet he has a huge smile on his face. Even though he can't see because I turned the bright light on.

The boys continue to be obsessed with is so different having older kids when you have a new baby...(different then it was having a two year old and a baby..Oli didn't really get the idea of a new brother...not like my kids do now). He brings such a special feeling to our home. It is awesome.

He has started eating a little...but doesn't know what he thinks about it.

Still no teeth...any day now though.

No rolling, no standing.

He is really close to sitting up on his own.

That is all...this is mostly for me. I know this kind of stuff can get real boring...sorry about that.

Oh I also wanted to say he still has blue eyes. My first kid with blue eyes. I hope he keeps them.

Monday, April 19, 2010

I am out of shape

Seriously out of shape. I think I have always been out of whole life. I never even in my prime could run continuously a mile. 1 stinking mile...I can't even do that. In the 9th grade we had to run the mile in under 10 minutes...I tried my very hardest and didn't get PE teacher finally took pity on me and wrote down a different time then I actually ran it in.

Today I did 14 minutes of a weight loss dvd and I almost threw up. Hahaa. Then the rest of the day I was exhausted, and I felt nauseous the whole day. Seriously??? That is pathetic. Cali and Oshin keep telling me I have to build a little more every day. So tomorrow my goal is 16 minutes before I pass out. I guess after a month or so going a minute more each day I will hit the 1 hour mark. Pathetic.

I have been walking Oliver to and from school for the past week. I feel kinda proud of myself because it is definitely easier to jump in the car and drive...and it is .7 miles round trip, so at least I am walking 1.4 miles more a day then I ever was before. Now I just need some tennis shoes...I haven't bought a pair of sneakers (like actual working out sneakers in over 10 years...WHAT???).

The other day on the way home from school Rob almost got hit on his scooter...the crosswalk light was telling us to go so Rob started to the same time a lady didn't even stop at the red light before she turned right...right into our crosswalk. She barely missed him as I pulled him back to safety. She and I made eye contact for a couple of could see in her eyes she couldn't believe she almost hit us. I was furious. I wanted to follow her and chew her out. It AMAZES me how crazy people drive when it is obviously tons of elementary school kids walking home. I was shaking, it scared me so bad. Rob said "how do you like them apples?" afterwards. I was like "what did you just say?" He said he learned it from sponge Bob...of course.

The funniest thing happened last week at church and I have to write it down. This is the kind of thing I want to remember about rob 20 years from now.

I was sitting in Sunday school and Henry was being fussy...I decided to help him go to sleep by walking once around the halls of the church. I hardly ever walk the halls with my babies but I knew he would be asleep in no time. As I was walking towards the bathrooms I heard a kid making a commotion in the men's bathroom. Then I heard a lady say "what's your mom's name?? Is it Ashley?"

I couldn't believe my ears so I headed into the MEN's bathroom and sure enough Rob was locked in one of the stalls. A lady and a dad that was changing his baby's diaper were in there trying to help Rob by talking to him through the stall door.

APPARENTLY...Rob told his teacher he needed to go to the bathroom and he left and instead of finding me went straight to the men's room. Then he went...number 2 mind you...and was calling LOUDLY for his mom to come help him wipe. Um what?? The nice lady that was trying to help him heard him yelling from the bathroom "Mom I'm done come wipe me!". I couldn't believe my luck (if you can call it that) that I happened to be walking by as this happened. I went in and tried to hurry him out of their. Good boy did what he was told though and wouldn't let anyone in the stall to help him at least. The most embarrassing part was seeing a couple of Men's faces as they saw me standing in their about a shocker.

Crazy Rob. That same Sunday Rob's teacher lost him and her and Cortney spent a couple of minutes circling the church house...they looked in every classroom and finally found him outside.

That boy...he runs me ragged.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Cortney is back home...he and my kids are jumping on the trampoline right now and I am going to go lay in my bed.

It is crazy how much I need him, and want him around...he really helps me a his company isn't too bad either.

I am always glad for him to get to go do something fun...but even more glad (gladder??) when he comes home.

I snapped these pictures from the kitchen window...Cortney said the little flash wasn't made for these types of pictures...but it captured just enough of what I wanted.

I jumped on the trampoline last saturday...we all did as a family (minus henry of course) I had forgotten what it was like to jump on a trampoline. It is fun, and bouncy, believe it or not. We had a Bum A War...I came in second every single time...first Rob would get out then Oliver then me then Cort.

Cortney talked me into doing a flip. I did. I don't think I have done a flip on a trampoline in over ten years. Wow. Honestly, I think I am lucky to be alive.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


I hate hearing about peoples dreams...not their hopes and dreams...but their night time dreams. It is so boring, and never makes sense. That being said, I have been having crazy dreams lately. So realistic. I always dream about people in high school, friends, boyfriends, even casual acquaintances. If I know you I have dreamt about you.

Last night was one of those dreams it went on and on all night, and I woke up this morning feeling I actually lived it.

It totally freaks me out.

I have been thinking about how strange it would be to be a baby. Weird I know. But How would it be to not be able to move anywhere...and to have people (all sorts of people) kissing you all day and not being able to get away from it. Sounds like my worst nightmare.

that's it. I am just really bored today. Cortney is that means I have to wrangle the kids all by myself. It boggles my mind that they can go from something so innocent and Henry, to screaming, stinky, fighting, back talking boys. I think I really screwed them up.

Friday, April 16, 2010


We usually try to get together with Cam and Leah once a month, sometimes more (when we're lucky). Saturday Bob and Roberta were up visiting so we headed up to spend the day. We had a great time...I love spending time with family. Leah is one heck of a good kid and she always plays with my kids so well (even though for her it is more like babysitting)

We headed over to the park and played a little frisbee. My kids loved it, although Rob was taking it all too seriously and freaking out whenever it wasn't his turn. I sat and took a million bad pictures. Hey, it'
s what I do.

I had to include this picture of my two boys watching TV...Rob is so good with Henry.

A picture Rob took of Henry on the drive to Cam's house.

love that smile.

A picture of Oli...just cause I was trying to make things a little even...I took a lot of Robbie but he was hilarious.

The crew...see what I am saying about Rob...look at that face.

I had to get a picture of this van...HILARIOUS....only in Utah. But heck, if I had that many kids I would probably want some kind of recognition too.

Rob got too hot so Cortney hooked him up with a carnie look. Got to love it.

He chugged this whole bottle...the boy is serious about frisbee.


And lastly Rob throwing to Oliver.

We had a wonderful time....Henry slept the whole time we were there (almost). We ate and watched movies and the kids ran around and played. All in all a very good Saturday.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Finally some good weather

At long last the clouds have lifted and we have SUN!! My boys were jumping on the trampoline yesterday with the hose was warm, but it wasn't that warm. Probably at the time 48 degrees...these boys can't wait for summer.

Yesterday we headed to the park with my neighbor Sarah. Spring break makes everything crazy crowded, it amazes me. Oh well the kids still had a great time and, it was warm enough that I didn't freeze while they played. All in all a good day.
Nothing says spring time like a baby in sunglasses. I love that little pig nose...


Oliver and our neighbor Kempton. They played so good the whole time. It is so nice having mostly grown up kids. I hardly have to do anything at the park but sit back and relax...and of course wave every once in a while when my kids are going down the tallest slide.

I have always made my kids be pretty independent. I am just not the type to be outside pushing my kids on the swing for hours. Mmmmm...because of that my kids push each other. It is the best. I love seeing them play together. I am grateful they have each other.

By the way it is nearly impossible to get a good swinging picture with my crappy camera.
Henry eating sweet potatoes for the first time.

My boys just got out of time out. They drive me crazy...all they do is fight with each other. Two days ago we were at McDonalds play place and Rob hit Oliver so hard on the chest you could see every single finger in a red outline. They either play great or fight like crazy. Thank the heavens for this nice weather so at least they can do their fighting outside where I can't hear it.

Monday, April 05, 2010

spring break blues

We are having spring break right now...except it is snowing. Cali and her family are gone to Arizona, KaeLynn is in Idaho...which leaves me here all alone. Boohoo. How boring. I need to get some stuff house cleaned for example...but I can't seem to get out of my pajamas and out of bed. WHY do sweat pants have to be so comfy.

This spring break is really making me miss my parents. If they were here I would be sitting in my parents house...without a care in the world. My dad would be fixing every meal and catering to my every need. hahaa. Mom would be buying all sorts of different things to help Henry stand up...or sleep better in his naps, I wish she had been here when I was trying every bottle on the planet. She is so much help when it comes to solving a problem. I wish they were there in Moses. Where else can you go and not feel the burden of being a guest...where you don't feel embarrassed when your kids are horrible and scream and run and break things. Where you can sleep in and never get ready. Mmmmm sounds good doesn't it. You can only feel that way at your parents house. I wish Bob and Berta lived somewhere warm...then I would go visit them, but Rexburg is still covered in snow so it doesn't sound like much of an option. I should have gone and visited my aunt and grandma in Arizona...but it might be a little too far of a drive for me to make right now just me.

A picture of me and Hens...Oliver said I don't look that good in this picture. Hahahaa. Hey at least I have a bra on. Haha

So I have mentioned before how Henry doesn't bear weight on his legs. Yesterday Angelique lent me her baby bouncer so he could get some leg exercise. I wanted my mom to see his little legs and tell me what she he going to need a baby wheelchair or not??

His left leg is always going in...

Like this...looks freaky right?

Cutie huh?

Here is a funny face, he must be pushing some poop out.

Lastly I included a video...he actually bounces a little in this video. PLUS...he is talking like crazy.

What do you something wrong with his legs. I can't wait for his 6 month appointment in a couple of will be interesting to hear what the doctor will say...I am sure he will say, "oh yeah looks like he is a little behind" should see how good Fiona can stand.

Sunday, April 04, 2010


Saturday, April 03, 2010


I am so grateful for conference. wow. Even with my little kids making it nearly impossible to hear already, two hours in, I am refreshed.

Friday, April 02, 2010


I keep meaning to post...but man i feel like nothing is going on. Cortney even told me..."you need to post".

My friend Shane told me all I blog about is Henry. Sheeshh...that may be true but it is only because he is all I do. Morning, noon and night, it is all about Henry. I am obsessed with the boy.

Speaking of Hens...

Yesterday he had his first real food. Applesauce. He wasn't too sure about it. The boy looks like he's hungry though. He is going to love food.

Starting on Monday, my life changed. Henry started sleeping from 12-8:30 without waking up. I usually put him down around 8 p.m. top him off before I go to bed around midnight and he sleeps until Cortney goes to work. It is AWESOME. 4 nights in a row now. I am in heaven. Oh and after I give him a bottle at 8:30 he goes back to sleep. It is 11:10 right now and I can hear him making his first sounds of waking up. My babies always love to sleep.

He is still not bearing weight on his legs...which worries me to no end. He has strong legs...he just won't use them to stand. I can just picture him now with a little baby walker.

My sister Sam told me someone told her I need to stop calling Henry "HENROIDS"...she said someone read on my blog that I was calling him that. Hahaaaa. I wish I was that creative. No, I have never called him Henroids, NEVER ever...but now that someone has opened up the awesomness of that name to me maybe I will give it a spin. I won't call him that but it is pretty awesome...even awesomer that someone thought I was already calling him that. Henny, Henhouse, Hens, Henhog, Enrique, Henry (pronounced with a thick French accent) but no Henroids. Awesome (yes I know I said awesomness, awesomer, and Awesome in one paragraph...thats how I roll).

Cortney and I have some great couple friends in our neighborhood. Jory and Sherry...they are about to have a baby this week...their is very exciting. Jory is from Almo (where my mom is from) and he and Cortney are into the same things. They other day they went fishing on their lunch break...I had to steal some of the pictures from Jory's blog because I thought they were so awesome.

I love that Cortney is wearing one of his work funny.

Jory, he and Cort are beard brothers.

It makes me so happy that Cortney has someone that will go fishing with him. Heaven knows I won't be going with him...I am also so grateful we live somewhere where he can do stuff like this on his lunch look at those beautiful mountains.

Well Henroids is awake...hahaa. Just kidding Henry is awake, gotta go.