Friday, April 02, 2010


I keep meaning to post...but man i feel like nothing is going on. Cortney even told me..."you need to post".

My friend Shane told me all I blog about is Henry. Sheeshh...that may be true but it is only because he is all I do. Morning, noon and night, it is all about Henry. I am obsessed with the boy.

Speaking of Hens...

Yesterday he had his first real food. Applesauce. He wasn't too sure about it. The boy looks like he's hungry though. He is going to love food.

Starting on Monday, my life changed. Henry started sleeping from 12-8:30 without waking up. I usually put him down around 8 p.m. top him off before I go to bed around midnight and he sleeps until Cortney goes to work. It is AWESOME. 4 nights in a row now. I am in heaven. Oh and after I give him a bottle at 8:30 he goes back to sleep. It is 11:10 right now and I can hear him making his first sounds of waking up. My babies always love to sleep.

He is still not bearing weight on his legs...which worries me to no end. He has strong legs...he just won't use them to stand. I can just picture him now with a little baby walker.

My sister Sam told me someone told her I need to stop calling Henry "HENROIDS"...she said someone read on my blog that I was calling him that. Hahaaaa. I wish I was that creative. No, I have never called him Henroids, NEVER ever...but now that someone has opened up the awesomness of that name to me maybe I will give it a spin. I won't call him that but it is pretty awesome...even awesomer that someone thought I was already calling him that. Henny, Henhouse, Hens, Henhog, Enrique, Henry (pronounced with a thick French accent) but no Henroids. Awesome (yes I know I said awesomness, awesomer, and Awesome in one paragraph...thats how I roll).

Cortney and I have some great couple friends in our neighborhood. Jory and Sherry...they are about to have a baby this week...their is very exciting. Jory is from Almo (where my mom is from) and he and Cortney are into the same things. They other day they went fishing on their lunch break...I had to steal some of the pictures from Jory's blog because I thought they were so awesome.

I love that Cortney is wearing one of his work funny.

Jory, he and Cort are beard brothers.

It makes me so happy that Cortney has someone that will go fishing with him. Heaven knows I won't be going with him...I am also so grateful we live somewhere where he can do stuff like this on his lunch look at those beautiful mountains.

Well Henroids is awake...hahaa. Just kidding Henry is awake, gotta go.

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