Monday, April 19, 2010

I am out of shape

Seriously out of shape. I think I have always been out of whole life. I never even in my prime could run continuously a mile. 1 stinking mile...I can't even do that. In the 9th grade we had to run the mile in under 10 minutes...I tried my very hardest and didn't get PE teacher finally took pity on me and wrote down a different time then I actually ran it in.

Today I did 14 minutes of a weight loss dvd and I almost threw up. Hahaa. Then the rest of the day I was exhausted, and I felt nauseous the whole day. Seriously??? That is pathetic. Cali and Oshin keep telling me I have to build a little more every day. So tomorrow my goal is 16 minutes before I pass out. I guess after a month or so going a minute more each day I will hit the 1 hour mark. Pathetic.

I have been walking Oliver to and from school for the past week. I feel kinda proud of myself because it is definitely easier to jump in the car and drive...and it is .7 miles round trip, so at least I am walking 1.4 miles more a day then I ever was before. Now I just need some tennis shoes...I haven't bought a pair of sneakers (like actual working out sneakers in over 10 years...WHAT???).

The other day on the way home from school Rob almost got hit on his scooter...the crosswalk light was telling us to go so Rob started to the same time a lady didn't even stop at the red light before she turned right...right into our crosswalk. She barely missed him as I pulled him back to safety. She and I made eye contact for a couple of could see in her eyes she couldn't believe she almost hit us. I was furious. I wanted to follow her and chew her out. It AMAZES me how crazy people drive when it is obviously tons of elementary school kids walking home. I was shaking, it scared me so bad. Rob said "how do you like them apples?" afterwards. I was like "what did you just say?" He said he learned it from sponge Bob...of course.

The funniest thing happened last week at church and I have to write it down. This is the kind of thing I want to remember about rob 20 years from now.

I was sitting in Sunday school and Henry was being fussy...I decided to help him go to sleep by walking once around the halls of the church. I hardly ever walk the halls with my babies but I knew he would be asleep in no time. As I was walking towards the bathrooms I heard a kid making a commotion in the men's bathroom. Then I heard a lady say "what's your mom's name?? Is it Ashley?"

I couldn't believe my ears so I headed into the MEN's bathroom and sure enough Rob was locked in one of the stalls. A lady and a dad that was changing his baby's diaper were in there trying to help Rob by talking to him through the stall door.

APPARENTLY...Rob told his teacher he needed to go to the bathroom and he left and instead of finding me went straight to the men's room. Then he went...number 2 mind you...and was calling LOUDLY for his mom to come help him wipe. Um what?? The nice lady that was trying to help him heard him yelling from the bathroom "Mom I'm done come wipe me!". I couldn't believe my luck (if you can call it that) that I happened to be walking by as this happened. I went in and tried to hurry him out of their. Good boy did what he was told though and wouldn't let anyone in the stall to help him at least. The most embarrassing part was seeing a couple of Men's faces as they saw me standing in their about a shocker.

Crazy Rob. That same Sunday Rob's teacher lost him and her and Cortney spent a couple of minutes circling the church house...they looked in every classroom and finally found him outside.

That boy...he runs me ragged.


Gords said...

That bathroom story is hilarious! Love it!

Earl Family said...

14 minutes? That is awesome! When I first started I could only go 9. See how advanced you are? Keep it up!

That story of Rob is hilarious.

AJ said...

Ashley, That is priceless. You will definitely have this to blackmail him with when he is older. I love the things kids do. It just cracks me up. Can't wait to see you this summer.