Sunday, April 18, 2010


Cortney is back home...he and my kids are jumping on the trampoline right now and I am going to go lay in my bed.

It is crazy how much I need him, and want him around...he really helps me a his company isn't too bad either.

I am always glad for him to get to go do something fun...but even more glad (gladder??) when he comes home.

I snapped these pictures from the kitchen window...Cortney said the little flash wasn't made for these types of pictures...but it captured just enough of what I wanted.

I jumped on the trampoline last saturday...we all did as a family (minus henry of course) I had forgotten what it was like to jump on a trampoline. It is fun, and bouncy, believe it or not. We had a Bum A War...I came in second every single time...first Rob would get out then Oliver then me then Cort.

Cortney talked me into doing a flip. I did. I don't think I have done a flip on a trampoline in over ten years. Wow. Honestly, I think I am lucky to be alive.


schuyler said...

hey girl. that's right, boys do rock!!! i have got to take all my girl clothes that i have gathered in hopes of a daughter to the thrift store...booohoo! anyhow, if you have any baby clothes you would like to get rid of i would gladly take them off your hands. i dont know if you are saving them for your FOURTh boy, but if not let me know! thanks, "little" hens is HUmunguous and healthy looking.

hope you all are well!

Berta said...

I know the feeling - so good to have 'daddy' home and giving a little relief! I ALWAYS loved looking out the window watching everyone jump on the tramp - I'm lucky these days to have a squirrel run across it!!! There's nothing better than to watch happy kids in the yard!