Friday, April 16, 2010


We usually try to get together with Cam and Leah once a month, sometimes more (when we're lucky). Saturday Bob and Roberta were up visiting so we headed up to spend the day. We had a great time...I love spending time with family. Leah is one heck of a good kid and she always plays with my kids so well (even though for her it is more like babysitting)

We headed over to the park and played a little frisbee. My kids loved it, although Rob was taking it all too seriously and freaking out whenever it wasn't his turn. I sat and took a million bad pictures. Hey, it'
s what I do.

I had to include this picture of my two boys watching TV...Rob is so good with Henry.

A picture Rob took of Henry on the drive to Cam's house.

love that smile.

A picture of Oli...just cause I was trying to make things a little even...I took a lot of Robbie but he was hilarious.

The crew...see what I am saying about Rob...look at that face.

I had to get a picture of this van...HILARIOUS....only in Utah. But heck, if I had that many kids I would probably want some kind of recognition too.

Rob got too hot so Cortney hooked him up with a carnie look. Got to love it.

He chugged this whole bottle...the boy is serious about frisbee.


And lastly Rob throwing to Oliver.

We had a wonderful time....Henry slept the whole time we were there (almost). We ate and watched movies and the kids ran around and played. All in all a very good Saturday.


Earl Family said...

Love the pictures Ash.

I think it is hilarious that you took a picture of the van with the decals. Yes, only in Utah. So funny.

Cindy said...

Okay. The van is crazy. Only in UT.

And WE were here the very same time! Didn't realize it until Roberta texted me at midnight after she read my blog. Funny, we were doing the same thing! I invited all of you up for Sunday dinner, but she said they were having to head back for Whit's move. Dang it all!

AND, we found out that Cam and Leah live in my sis-in-law's ward just a few streets up from them, and Leah is in Beehives with my niece Elizabeth! Elizabeth thinks Leah is really nice. Oh and cool too.

Small world...

Rob is too cute in those pictures, and Henry is sure growing up. Why does that happen so fast?