Friday, April 23, 2010

isaac graduates

Isaac graduated today. For his graduation celebration we met together at Cali's house for lunch. Linh made the best usual.

Henry always looks fat and surprised. this boy.

Linh called me on Wednesday and asked me to make my special BYU cookies for Isaac. They are sooo good but a pain to make, but I don't mind breaking them out for special occasions like this. They really are the best things ever...not to toot my own horn...

Linh's sister and brother in law came they were cooking the whole time. Such hard workers. It was great having them here.

We had pork, shrimp and steak skewers. Oh my goodness...they were marinated to perfection. So tender.

We also had make your own spring rolls (although Linh made most of them) filled with rice noodles and veggies. Linh had a plethora of dipping sauces.

We also had...not pictured...crab wantons, egg rolls, and chocolate covered strawberries. YUM. I ate a million crab wantons.

The little kids (all the ones that weren't in school) plus Allie, Mikes lovely friend that is a girl...I really like her. At graduation she pulled the hugest bag of peanut butter M&M's out of her purse. She had me at M&M's...Cali said..."I know everything I need to know about her now." I loved that.

An eating picture of Mike to prove he was there...he isn't featured enough on the web and I figured my parents and grandparents might want to see him sometimes.

Disclosure....I am chubby right now. It is the plain old solid truth. I know it. I in turn, hate pictures of myself(I need to get over that I know). But...hey here comes a lot of pictures with me in them. Oh...even cali said these pictures make me look way chubbier then I really am...the camera adds 10 lbs right??
Look how much taller my brother is than me. I mostly dated guys right about my same height...It is really weird to see a guy WAY taller then me. Oh I was just trying his cap on...Since I probably won't ever wear one...hahaa. Even if I SOMEDAY go back to college I can't imagine wanting to walk in graduation.

Ike and Linh

The sisters. and Ike
I had to include this one too because OSHIN is in it. I don't have any pictures of Oshin. Here she is in all her glory. She got in to BYU-I, we are so proud of her. She is a great girl.

When Isaac's name was called we yelled so loud. Isaac couldn't believe how loud we were. He said we were louder then anyone else. I can scream really loud. We did however make the newborn in the row in front of us bawl her brains out. Whoops. hahaa. I included a little clip of Isaac getting his diploma...


Ike is the tall one.


ike grad from ashley boice on Vimeo.

Mom and Dad....if you click on the arrows pointing outwards next to the word vimeo it will show it full screen then you will be able to see ike better.


Cali said...

I love when you say "cali, you need to relax" on the video. So true.

Christensen's said...

...mmm...those cookies do look delicious!