Monday, April 05, 2010

spring break blues

We are having spring break right now...except it is snowing. Cali and her family are gone to Arizona, KaeLynn is in Idaho...which leaves me here all alone. Boohoo. How boring. I need to get some stuff house cleaned for example...but I can't seem to get out of my pajamas and out of bed. WHY do sweat pants have to be so comfy.

This spring break is really making me miss my parents. If they were here I would be sitting in my parents house...without a care in the world. My dad would be fixing every meal and catering to my every need. hahaa. Mom would be buying all sorts of different things to help Henry stand up...or sleep better in his naps, I wish she had been here when I was trying every bottle on the planet. She is so much help when it comes to solving a problem. I wish they were there in Moses. Where else can you go and not feel the burden of being a guest...where you don't feel embarrassed when your kids are horrible and scream and run and break things. Where you can sleep in and never get ready. Mmmmm sounds good doesn't it. You can only feel that way at your parents house. I wish Bob and Berta lived somewhere warm...then I would go visit them, but Rexburg is still covered in snow so it doesn't sound like much of an option. I should have gone and visited my aunt and grandma in Arizona...but it might be a little too far of a drive for me to make right now just me.

A picture of me and Hens...Oliver said I don't look that good in this picture. Hahahaa. Hey at least I have a bra on. Haha

So I have mentioned before how Henry doesn't bear weight on his legs. Yesterday Angelique lent me her baby bouncer so he could get some leg exercise. I wanted my mom to see his little legs and tell me what she he going to need a baby wheelchair or not??

His left leg is always going in...

Like this...looks freaky right?

Cutie huh?

Here is a funny face, he must be pushing some poop out.

Lastly I included a video...he actually bounces a little in this video. PLUS...he is talking like crazy.

What do you something wrong with his legs. I can't wait for his 6 month appointment in a couple of will be interesting to hear what the doctor will say...I am sure he will say, "oh yeah looks like he is a little behind" should see how good Fiona can stand.


Samantha said...

you should've come here! hello! Kate wants to watch this video a million times. she said, "that's rob's sister. We're best friends." haha

cort said...

You look slammin' in that first picture!!!

I love that video too, that kid has a face that only his father could love:)

emily said...

Okay, did you ever hold Addie when she was that age? SUPER freaky. She for sure would never bear any weight on her legs, but she also never even would grip your body with her legs when you held her. When we got up here to Alaska I told our pediatrician about it, and they got her into a State program about kids who are little "developmentally behind." It was the dumbest thing we ever did. Some lady came over once a month and tried to get her to stand up. That's it. Eventually she did, at 16 months old, and she started walking, like, the next day. It wasn't a leg thing. It was a stubborn thing. Or a why-would-I-stand-up-if-someone-will-just-hold-me-if-I-don't thing. No worries.

angie said...

i thought you looked so good in that picture!
and i don't think you need to worry, i'm sure when he's ready he'll be doing what he needs to the meantime, he's just toooo cute and just hold him all the time.

tiff said...

I have the spring break blues too- I wish we lived closer. you are always welcome here. i might come down towards the end of the week.

Earl Family said...

Ash, come to Oakley and I will entertain and feed you!

Call Michelle and ask her about Hens.

You look great in that picture. You look just like your mom.

amber said...

you guys should be up here in moses lake, where you belong. We need some visitors. It gets lonely up here. You could stay here or Im sure Merle would be glad to have you.


Laura Lei said...

I'm going home this summer and I think you should come too. We can have a mini girls vacation in ML.

Christensen's said...

You are so funny. I am sure there is nothing wrong with him. Let's plan something this week...seriously.

Tyson said...

Maybe when we take them to the doctor, there will be something wrong with Fi...standing up toooooo much. ha. He looks great Ash. He was pushing off a little. Put him in that jumper every day. This is Cali by the way, not Tyson.

vjc said...

Im sure he will be running around soon and you will be wishing he would hold still. there is something nice about putting them down and having them stay where you put them. AZ is nice in the winter!! You will like it here.come see