Friday, April 09, 2010

Finally some good weather

At long last the clouds have lifted and we have SUN!! My boys were jumping on the trampoline yesterday with the hose was warm, but it wasn't that warm. Probably at the time 48 degrees...these boys can't wait for summer.

Yesterday we headed to the park with my neighbor Sarah. Spring break makes everything crazy crowded, it amazes me. Oh well the kids still had a great time and, it was warm enough that I didn't freeze while they played. All in all a good day.
Nothing says spring time like a baby in sunglasses. I love that little pig nose...


Oliver and our neighbor Kempton. They played so good the whole time. It is so nice having mostly grown up kids. I hardly have to do anything at the park but sit back and relax...and of course wave every once in a while when my kids are going down the tallest slide.

I have always made my kids be pretty independent. I am just not the type to be outside pushing my kids on the swing for hours. Mmmmm...because of that my kids push each other. It is the best. I love seeing them play together. I am grateful they have each other.

By the way it is nearly impossible to get a good swinging picture with my crappy camera.
Henry eating sweet potatoes for the first time.

My boys just got out of time out. They drive me crazy...all they do is fight with each other. Two days ago we were at McDonalds play place and Rob hit Oliver so hard on the chest you could see every single finger in a red outline. They either play great or fight like crazy. Thank the heavens for this nice weather so at least they can do their fighting outside where I can't hear it.


Hansens said...

The fighting stinks, but it is something that siblings just do. Eventually they get to be adults and it just turns into a different kind of fighting. Good luck, they are best friends and probably will be for most of their lives.

The baby in the glasses is soooo cute.

Christensen's said...

I didn't even know you had your camera at the park. It was fun! I never did get to thank you very well for watching my kids that evening. It would have been pure torture to take my kids with me on a 3 hour drive to no where. THANK YOU!!!