Friday, April 23, 2010

Henry 6 months

Where does the time go?? I always feel like the first six months with a newborn is the hardest. I am grateful to be past that point but I also miss my little baby. He is a bonafide big boy now...weighing only three pounds lighter than my neighbors almost 2 year old.

His stats...

weight 18.34 lbs 66.53 percentile (up from his four month stat of 29th and his two month stat of 4th%)

Height 27 inches 71.55 percentile

Head 17 inches 33.74 percentile

The doctor said it is good that his weight has caught up with his height...but he wouldn't like to see him keep growing "like that". Hahaaa, what a chubby baby.

He is sleeping all the time and such a good baby. For like two weeks now he has been sleeping an eight hour stretch without waking up. He usually is in bed around 8-9 then I wake him up at midnight to have a bottle then he sleeps until around 8:30...then I lay him down and he sleeps until 10:30 or so...sometimes he will sleep longer then that. Pretty awesome right?? I love the stretch of uninterrupted sleep. Almost every time he wakes up and I go in his closet he has a huge smile on his face. Even though he can't see because I turned the bright light on.

The boys continue to be obsessed with is so different having older kids when you have a new baby...(different then it was having a two year old and a baby..Oli didn't really get the idea of a new brother...not like my kids do now). He brings such a special feeling to our home. It is awesome.

He has started eating a little...but doesn't know what he thinks about it.

Still no teeth...any day now though.

No rolling, no standing.

He is really close to sitting up on his own.

That is all...this is mostly for me. I know this kind of stuff can get real boring...sorry about that.

Oh I also wanted to say he still has blue eyes. My first kid with blue eyes. I hope he keeps them.


Whitney Amelia said...

i really can't believe how that kid has chunked out, he's HUGE! that is so good you have all his stats recorded, i am going to be better with this next child. it is so fun to go back and read.

bBchronicles said...

This child is SUPER CUTE - looks more and more like Oli (sorry R.O.B.)! THANKS FOR THE UPDATE - what a LUCKY gma I am!!!!!!