Tuesday, October 09, 2007


what I was doing 10 years ago.
Senior year of highschool. I was having a blast. Since it was fall I was, of course obsessed with highschool football. And doing drill team. Skipping tons of school. My boyfriend had just started college at BYU so that was, um stressful...but still fun. I loved high school. I was also working at pizza hut at the time...well if you can count waiting tables 2 hours a week working. But it kept my parents satisfied. I oddly enough did a presentation for my english class on "where I will be in 10 years". I came to the presentation, with pregnancy padding...i thought then I would be pregnant with my second child, and putting my husband through medical school. HAHAA. I actually was joking then. My life now seems better than what I had dreamed up for my presentation. I don't think I could stand the stress of medical school...plus I need a lot of attention. I was going to pull out my highschool diaries and let you know exactly what I was doing 10 years ago...but I will spare you.I stole this picture from Laura's blog. I wish I had a scanner. Man. Laura and I at Pizza Hut...the night before she left to college. We went to all of our "spots" to get pictures before we left. It was a sad night....so sad for us to be separated.

What I was doing 5 years ago
I got pregnant with Oliver almost exactly 5 years ago. 5 years ago Cortney was almost finished with College, and we were getting ready for our new life. We packed everything we owned up and got ready to move to Bend Oregon (we had visited there before 2 times and had fallen in love with it). We were going to spend time being snowbording bums. Then one night I told my mother in law..."I am sooo tired all the time I need you to get me some multivitamins" her response was "you don't need multivitamins you need a pregnacy test". Having a baby was the last thing on my mind, I was shocked when she said that. I took a pregnancy test the next day with Cortney there during my lunch break. We laughed hysterically when we saw that, sure enough I was expecting. That changed our lives. We knew we wanted to have a lot of children we just weren't going to start just yet. Oh well...sometimes I think that our Heavenly Father knows what is best for us. What a huge blessing. I didn't get to be a ski bum...but hey the tradeoff was way better. I stole this one from Roberta's blog. This is Cort and I at my Mom in Laws. I am crocheting a baby hat for our soon to be boy.

What I was doing 1 year ago.
Almost the same as I am doing now. Ohh wait...one year ago we bought this house and moved in. One year ago I started getting medicine for my RA....and my life changed DRAMATICALLY. Rob started saying "Uh-oh" and "ball", Oliver put a mini M&M up his nose, Rob started standing up. Isaac got home from his mission, Sam found out her twins were boy and girl, Cameron and Cortney put in a sprinkler system in our yard. Cali and I took 5 kids to the doctor to get a flu shot (that was interesting). That is what I have noted on my caladar. What a great year. Our family at Whitney's wedding Sept 30th ?? last year.

What I was doing yesterday.
Well since it is 1:00 am yesterday was Monday. Strike day. Cali and I went to a couple of stores. We hung out for most of the day. I made chili for dinner. We spent time hanging out as a family. Then we put the boys to bed and Cortney and I watched a couple of our shows. Then I did the dishes and that is about it.

5 places I'd rather be
1. Rexburg...I am having serious Boice withdrawls
2. Moses Lake (oh hey I am going there on wednesday...one last trip before my parents leave...Isaac and Linh's reception and Michaels farewell)
3. Maz....as always....my happy place
My family in Maz...2003 Christmas
I can't wait to go back we are going this year again...although Jason and Kae Lynn won't be there because they are having a baby...and Mike goes into the MTC Dec. 12th. We will miss them.

4. An island somewhere...reading.
5. A cabin in Lava hotsprings with all my peoples

5 fave treats...
we have been over this before. I LOVE FOOD. enough said

What I would do with million dollars.
I am pretty conservative with money. Pay off our house. (or maybe up grade...but not too much) We don't really have other debt...besides a little bit of student loans. Then I would invest...in what I have no Idea..
Oh...and a long cruise. that would be good.

5 fave tv shows... ( I am only going on what is showing now)
I have no idea...I love too many.
30 rock
the office
man too hard...pass...


mumovearls said...

you are so funny I'm excited for you all to be home this weekend!
It's funny I've never though about were I was 10 years ago-n

Laura Lei said...

Ten years ago was awesome. i love to look back on the good ol' days. It was funny because I saw that picture, at first, and I thought...I have that exact same picture. Hahaha.

rachel said...

look at you with all your makeup and bleached out hair! lovely then, but lovelier now!

nicole said...

no more moses lake... you need to get your butt up to rexburg, I'm having serious withdrawls.