Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Cortney and I ate lunch together everyday for 5 years. I would leave work and meet him at his work...or up on campus and we would dine. It was so fun. Now three years later...and two kids later, we hardly eat lunch together. You know...it is real world time. He can't leave work a lot of the time...and then I have two crazy kids. Today though he came home. We sat and ate together. Rob went to time out 3 times (for fighting each time...he pulls Oliver's hair so hard). The kids both bawled when he left. It was really good to see him but I can see why he doesn't come home for lunch. Hahaaaa.


Andrea Jewkes said...

As soon as they both start school you will have the freedom to have lunch together again. It will come way too soon as the kids grow up way too fast. Andrea

MamaMandi said...

Hey, I was just wondering...I thought I remembered you telling Myca you could make a blog book. I was wondering if you had done it, and liked it. And if you had, how do you start? I would be interested...I am so horrible at keeping a journal this would be better than nothing!

nicole said...

are you coming this weekend? (say yes!)