Tuesday, October 09, 2007


sometimes...i go on strike. i just don't want to do the things i a supposed to do. i don't want to do the dishes...or the laundry or straighten the house. today was one of those days. i just didn't feel like doing any of those things. i didn't even get rob dressed for the day. the only problem with a strike when you are a mom...is that no one is hired to come in and do your job. no "scabbers" come (as i think they were called on newsies). i wish. wouldn't it be nice to just be on the internet searching for a new ringtone while someone else does the dishes. now i know you are thinking..."what about cortney...why doesn't he do the dishes?". well the answer is simple...his job is hard...he works long hours doing hard work...plus while i was sitting on the couch on strike he was mowing the lawn.
This could be Rob on a typical strike day. Notice he has drawn all over his tummy. I actually took this picture a week ago. I had to capture how french cut his little diaper was. He had been trying to slide it off...so it is really lowriding.

so instead of getting a break...the dishes piled up, the laundry piled up and i was a mess all day because i can't stand it when my house is messy. ahhhh. so the strikes over. i just loaded the dishes and tomorrow i will be better.


Marlatt Family said...

Oh do I understand! I have those days. The only problem is Tom comes home and hates the house being dirty so then he starts to clean and do laundry and then i feel SO guilty! Can be very frustrating when I am trying so hard to be lazy, that guilt feeling kicks in and it ruins it all. So glad someone else has those days.

Samantha said...

that seriously is my day every other day. One day i'm SUPER productive, the next day (or two), nothing. Then SUPER productive, repeat cycle.

Laura Lei said...

i love strike days. I can get a lot of reading in. Then Mike comes home and says, "What did you do today", and I say "Nothing...so what of it?". Those are my I-Have-An-Attitude days. Poor Mike.

Berta said...

I LOVE THIS POST only because I relate to it 1000%. I can't tell you how many 'strike days' I had BUT, I think they're necessary for your sanity! Way to get those dishes loaded, NOW REST! Love you - keep up the great work you're doing.