Tuesday, August 03, 2010

this has pretty much been my summer

The summer is passing by in a blur. Mostly every day is the same, wake up to my kids fighting...lounging around all day, swimming, watching tv, grilling something up for dinner...more fighting and then finally peace and quiet once my kids are asleep.

I wanted to document some of it though.

On Saturday I watched my neighbor's kids. They were all watching Care Bears and I couldn't resist a picture...especially since Henry looked so luscious.

How cute are they?? Henry sat up there with them for a good half hour.

Cali and I try to go to the pool as much as possible. It wears the kids out and makes it so there is a lot less fighting between kids for the rest of the day. You would think we would be working on our tans...but we look about the same as we did in the winter. Haha.

While we are at the pool Tyson, Oli, and Jack run off and just go around and around the lazy river. We hardly see them...It feels crazy to have kids that are growing up. The little ones...all five of them, swim around Cali and I and occasionally we lose one for a split second. That always stresses me out. Fiona, grace, carolina and Henry all are in tubes and they pull each other all over the pool in a long train. They do this for hours.

Here Grace is taking Henry for a ride.

Here they all are. They go around and around. I love how Henry is holding on to CC's arm in this picture.

My Cousin Angie was here this week and we got to hang out with her and Q...who is the most adorable little girl ever...and such a good swimmer. She loved pinching the babies cheeks. I loved seeing both her and Angie. WE had such a fun time.

Henry loves to swim...he kicks like crazy.

Fiona...is amazing in the water she goes all over the place...and doesn't even care when the big bucket of water dumps on her.

Me and Hens trying to stay out of the sun.

Cali's girls.

I took this picture from across the pool zoomed in. The boys here are playing king of the raft. They are such good friends and love LOVE to go swimming. They can be so mean when we don't want to take them. IT KILLS Rob that he can't go and swim with them but he is just too small. The pool rules say you have to be 6 to swim without a parent by you. Rob doesn't get that he is younger then these boys. They are always trying to sneak off with him.

Just a short video here of the kids going around in circles. Bad quality...but it's pretty cute...oh and yeah Henry is crying in the train...he was done swimming.


duke of earl said...

Awesome post...I didn't know Angie was in town?

Angelique said...

I want to go swimming with you guys. I swear I'm not ever doing anything but for some reason the couple of times you have called I can't go. Ugh. Next time, except this Thursday, getting my hair trimmed.

Earl Family said...

That pool looks so dreamy. I am with Angelique- I want to go with you! Let's get a time together.

I love reading your blog. It really makes me smile.

angie said...

we had so much fun with you guys!!! love you. Thanks for letting Q bug Henry.