Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First day of school

Today was the first day of school. I was a nervous wreck last night...I don't know why but I just kept getting a nervous feeling. The feeling I used to get before going into algebra in the 8th grade...because the boy I loved was in my class. You know the feeling?? I was just feeling nervous for Oliver having to start something new. I could tell he was REALLY worried about having friends.

Last night Cortney gave him a blessing...and then later Oliver said "now I don't feel nervous I feel excited".

This morning I woke up (and had to set my alarm...I usually like to sleep kinda late...embarassing I know)...and made my boys blueberry pancakes and bacon. Sadly Oliver was shocked. I was still really rushed even with getting up in plenty of time. I almost forgot to take a picture of him before we went. We walked to school today. He went and sat down and looked so scared. Poor boy.

I left him there and I couldn't believe that I was leaving my boy for the whole day. It was so weird.

Rob went to do some testing for preschool later in the day. He was so excited and so proud. I will know on Monday which preschool he is going to. That has been kinda stressful.

We walked to pick up Oliver after school. Success. He liked it. I couldn't believe it. He loved having school lunch...and he said his teacher was so nice. He doesn't think there is anyone in his class that can be his friend. We will see. The girls sure seem to love him.

We bought a minivan today. It has been about the most stressful thing in the world to me. Seriously. A friend of mine recently told me that I have "serious commitment issues". I hadn't ever thought of that but it is true. I don't want to commit to anything. If anyone wants to have a playdate I am all up for that. Then the second that person wants to have a playdate ever tuesday...I can't do it...too much commitment. I can't ever buy anything without totally researching it. The last time I bought a car was eleven years ago...and even then Cortney went and picked it out and bought it while I was at work. This about sent me to the looney bin. I kept not know what to do and each time we found a van it sold within 3 hours so we had to make the decision fast...too fast for me. So finally we just had to stick with something and make a decision fast...I feel pretty good about it. When we get it I will post some pictures. STRESS.

After all of this I had young women's. We made homemade ice cream and had a BBQ. It was fun...and great to talk about the girls first day of school.

That is was a busy crazy stressful day.

On our way back from borrowing gel from the neighbors so he can do his hair. :)

Bad picture wonder the girls love him. He is adorable. (biased I know)

Cute Henry is just happy to go in a stroller ride anywhere...and not be stuck in the house.

He looks so old to me.

I am so proud of Oli...he is really turning into a good kid.


Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

Oliver you look great for the first day of school. You are really growing up. Rob in preschool, how fun. He will love it. I can't believe you bought the van. Good job.
Love Grandma Connie

angie said...

Oliver is one cute kid, I think the girls will always love him!! Glad he had a good first day....I understand why you get stressed about it.

gramyflys said...

It's HARD turning your precious boy out into the world, huh? You have done a good job raising him this far, and he will be fine. And congrats on finding the perfect van. Have you seen this? Funny...

Angelique said...

Wow, so awesome that he is in 1st grade. He will totally make friends, he's such a fun kid.

Can't wait to see pictures of the van. How nice for you!

Isaac and Linh said...

You know how you say oli looks like ike when he was younger...i can totally see that! ha ha
how cute and fun!!

Kandee Lou said...

It's so hard to believe Oli is old enough for school. He looks so cute in the pictures. It is so hard sending your first one to school, it sounds like you handled it pretty well.

{natalie} said...

oliver is so handsome. i'm sure he will make lots of friends. i worry about that too with kade, i always hated the feeling of insecurity at school. i hope he never knows that feeling.

congrats on the van. now you can pick us up and we can hang out. (we won't have to lap it!)

i'm jealous you live close enough to walk to school.