Saturday, August 07, 2010

jack was baptized.

I had to include this picture because I LOVE how much taller Cortney looks than me.
Wow. And because just look at how happy little Jack looks.

Jack was baptized last week. It was awesome. It is so nice to see him growing up and turning into such a good kid.

Cali had told Jack that he could pick anyone he wanted to give the talk on the Holy Ghost. She even included herself and Joey in the list and who did Jack pick...Cortney. Hahaha. Tyson also asked him to talk at his baptism so Cali felt so bad asking him again. I love that they love him and want to hear Cort talk. I never get to hear him speak. I kept on being worried because I didn't see him working on the talk at all. He did so good though. I loved his talk...I was impressed. Cali's girls got up and sang a song and it was the cutest thing. I loved the whole baptism and it was great to feel the spirit so strong. GOOD job Jack I am so proud of you!!

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Christensen's said...

Cute picture. It is rare to see you smiling with your teeth. You should more often because you have a gorgeous smile!