Friday, August 27, 2010

our new van...

I wasn't sure we were going the right way...but I really feel good about it now. Cortney and I have been looking at vans FOREVER. We test drove every kind. We called and looked online at vans everyday. Every time we would like one it would be sold in a couple of hours. We finally decided on Honda Odyssey. We wanted leather and entertainment...and to get all of those things in our budget we were looking at 2006-2007's with 50 thousand miles on them. The only problem is they were selling too fast.

On Monday I saw the van we ended up getting online. It is a 2010 Kia has 7,000 miles on it and 53,000 miles of bumper to bumper warranty. Not only that but it was a couple of thousand less then the Honda's we were looking at. So I had to decide would I rather have leather...or would I rather have a car that is covered if it breaks down. I love leather. I really wanted a van that had all the works power everything. But I prayed about it...i know that seems weird...but it is a big decision for me. I decided that it was better for us to have the warranty than the fancy van...and since we couldn't afford both...this is the van I chose.

2010 kia Sedona Pewter Grey (it looks a little green but it isn't at all)

We had a light tint put on the front windows and a DVD player installed.

Henry loves it.

It feels so roomy. (p.s. I love this picture because you can see Cortney on the side biting his fingernails...a nasty habit of his he does when he is drives me nuts)

I was feeling a little sad that I wasn't going to have all of the upgrades that I wanted but...first off the first thing to break in a car is electrical stuff...we don't have the money to fix those things. Second...I remembered that I haven't ever even had a car this nice. hahaahaa. I couldn't believe how well it drives and how nice it feels. Cortney said last night..."I think I love it". It is essentially a brand new car and it is 11 years newer then the cars we have been it feels super luxurious to us. The kids love it and were SOOOO excited yesterday. I felt pretty dang excited too. Someday I can have all of the upgrades but for now I think this is the perfect van for us.

I have been eating low calorie for a couple of weeks now (and I have lost 8 lbs yay for me) and Cali teases that all I talk about is dieting and vans. Poor Cali. So for now I am done talking about vans. Done reading about vans. AND thankfully done looking on ksl for vans for sale (yesterday I didn't even know what to do with my free time from all things van). Woot.

In non-van non-diet news yesterday Rob kinda learned to ride a bike without training wheels. That kid is intense I tell you. (it must be a second child trait...haha) Cortney just took off the training wheels and off the boy went. He hates when he can't do something and gets really mad when he crashes.

He asked me today if I could make him a cake and write some words about how good he is doing at riding a bike on the cake. Cute boy.

Oh...Rob's bike was a pink bike we got a garage sale for 3 bucks. Then cortney spray painted the whole thing, wheels included, brown. (the only color of spray paint we had)
They covered it in stickers.

He does this face all the time.

Oliver trying to do a trick. He is a little dare devil.

Oliver and Henerbens matched today. I had to take a couple pictures.
Hello double chin.

My boys are enormous. Henry's head seriously looks bigger than Oli's.

Oliver was already complaining about school today. Why can't he just love school?? It drives me nuts.


dirty>south said...

hey we're van twinners. good choice.

lindsay>boo said...

oh my goodness. I was totally going to say the exact same thing as Jared---probably a sign that we've been married a very long time.

Anyhoo, I'm a big fan of the Kia Sedona. They are great!

Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

Love the van. Love the boys on bikes.
Love Grandma Connie

Angelique said...

Ooooo, I love it! Great color choice, too. Oh and the tint, perfect. I'm such a big fan of tinted windows. I like to be able to kind of hide in my car when I have scary hair and no makeup. haha. That sounds lame.

Chasin Trout said...

I bet a fly rod and some sleeping bags would look pretty cool in there.

Cindy said...

Oh Yay, happy day! The van looks awesome. Isn't it the greatest to have a new car. Especially with all the room!


duke of earl said...

This was the right choice for sure. It looks awesome and is freaking brand new...

tyson said...

henry look like a panda. h smiles weird. that would kinda be funny if oli when he was doing that trick he fell of the cliff!!!=D

Cali said...

Sorry about Tyson's comments...he is really into commenting lately.


gramyflys said...

Ash..can I just say that your boys are BEAUTIFUL!! Not what boys want to hear, I know, but Moms do. What handsome, handsome men they will be.

Camille said...

Love the van.
Eli's bike is spray painted-over-pink too. Eli hates school too. When you figure out the magic solution, let me know.

bBchronicles said...

CONGRATS on the van! It looks enormous and plenty of room for your growing fam! I'm sure the boys are in heaven with the DVD okay - I'd love one of those. The kids are growing so fast - Henry IS GROWING SO FAST! Why is Cort biting finger nails - is he thinking of car payments ! ! ! ! ! Anyway, so happy for you guys.

Hugs - MomB