Friday, August 13, 2010


I have nothing spectacular to blog about...and almost all the pictures on our computer right now are of someone else's family...lots and lots of pictures...but none of us.

Henry is breaking through is 3rd tooth. The one on the top. It is about time...he is by far my latest teether. He is also starting this week to crawl up on his knees instead of on his tummy. Also this week (yeah it has been a big week) he started sitting up on his own from a laying down position. I love watching him learn more every day.

On Wednesday I went boating with the Youth in the ward. It was really windy and the waves on the lake were huge. The activity was cut short when we got called over to help a boat that had sunk. A NICE boat with 13 people on board. It was pretty scary...and crazy.

We are getting ready to buy a van and are totally confused on the matter. I have wanted a van my whole life so it seems crazy to just pick one out. Does anyone have any insight on this??

Thats all.


Natalie said...

I LOVE my Honda Odyssey! And I'm totally happy that we went with the dark grey interior... anything lighter would be a nightmare with kids!

Cindy said...

Turn back time to 1986. I'm pregnant with our 4th. Our sedan finally bit the dust. I had always dreamt of a minivan. Went to our good friend's dealership. Test drove it. Loved it. On a lark tried out a full sized van. No comparison! Left with a full size van and had 3 of them over the next 20 years.

Those vans went on more vacations, scout camping trips, YW girls camps, soccer, basketball, football,wrestling, dancing, gymnastics practices, carpools.

One of them the two bench seats folded down into a full size bed and still had plenty of cargo space in the back.

So I am big on the full size. But if you are leaning toward a minivan, Honda Odysessy or a Dodge Caravan would be my pick! OH. And I agree with the first comment: dark interior. Our best so far over 33 years of marriage is the gray and then a dark blue.

Good Luck! I'm excited for you guys!

duke of earl said...

If you get a full size, get one that doesn't have any windows in the back. You could call it the creepy van, and my wife would never park by you guys for fear of being kidnapped.