Friday, August 06, 2010

THis week

On Monday Isaac and Linh invited us over to see their new house. It is beautiful and I am so happy for them. Cortney had a photo shoot so I took Grandma Jones, and Cali's two boys with me. The boys had a great time playing video games while I chatted with Linh the whole time. Linh made the most delicious dinner, pasta with Alfredo sauce, shrimp, chicken, asparagus, stuffed mushrooms. It was all to die for. I took just this one picture...

Then yesterday (Thursday), my kids woke me up screaming that Rob was hurt. Sure enough he was bleeding on the carpet. He had fallen on his eyebrow and landed on the sharp edge of a chair. I didn't have a car so I kinda decided because I had to that he was just fine. Cali came by at lunch time and told me he definitely needed stitches. So I waited to get the car and took the boy in. Sure enough he needed four stitches. He was so brave and good, until about half way through. He was holding so still but begging and screaming for me to have them stop. It was heart wrenching. His hair was soaked with tears when it was all over. I thought the doctor did a great job. I was so proud of Rob...he is always surprising me.

Then this morning we headed over to the primary party. They had a police man and some firefighters come and talk to the kids about safety. Then they hooked up the hose and got us all wet. It was so fun for the kids and Henry and I got wet too.

I took a couple of pictures of these two with my sucky camera. Aren't they cute. They love and know each other. Fiona loves to pull his hair and make him cry. hahaa. They are so funny together.

Cali and I took this video when Henry was in a pretty bad mood. Fiona is happy as usual. She is so cute.


Gords said...

Hahaha! Henry's like "Get this happy chic off me!" Love it.

Allison said...

That's the funniest video every! They'll love watching it when they're older!

{natalie} said...

aw poor rob. that happened to me in the same spot, i fell on a door jam and popped my eyebrow open.

the water party looks fun and as always that henry is delicious.