Monday, August 16, 2010

ward party

We had a BBQ for our church on Friday. It felt good to get dressed in something other than sweats and get out and enjoy the wonderful end of summer weather. I feels so nice to be in a ward long enough to finally know most everyone. It was a nice evening. Oh...and get ready for an onslaught of pictures of other boys were there, but they aren't as fun to photograph.
Henry laying back and enjoying a little attention from our neighbor Heidi. We all ADORE their family and my boys want to stop and talk to them every time they bike by our house.

Look at that face...I love those little teeth. (don't mind the messy face he had been enjoying some boston cream pie)

I love this boys hands...they are so juicy.

My neighbor Sarah and her baby Ellie. (I have good neighbors.)

Everyone there had been trying to roll a bike wheel with a stick like they did in olden times...but no one could do it. Cortney said "oh that's easy" and on his first try to it the length of the parking lot and back. It was AMAZING. He is so good at everything. Not to brag, of course.

I had to include these because my dad does this with every baby in the Earl family...but Henry could never stand when Dad still lived here. My parents couldn't believe how strong Cortney must be to do it with such a chunky kid. I love how happy Henry looks in this picture too.
How cute right?
He is such a poser already. He looks right at the camera when Cortney points it at him.

It was a great evening. I am loving the weather lately it has been just perfect for hanging outside.


angie said...

that kid is freakin adorable!

lysh said...

I agree with Angie. He is also so photogenic. I want to kiss his cheeks!

tyson said...

henry is SO CHUBBY!!!


Christensen's said...

I do have good neighbors:)