Monday, August 23, 2010

Huntin' season

For the last month or so I have nearly been a widow. Cortney lives and dies for hunting and fishing. Seriously. Sometimes he tells me he can't sleep because he can't stop thinking about hunting. Weird, right?

Anyways. Morning and nights he has been spending scouting and watching his deer. Building forts and tree stands and just observing their patterns...learning as much as he can about them.

Saturday the season started officially. He woke up around 4 am and met a couple friends down there. He loves it. I wish I had a picture of him in his full get up but he has been taking his camera down with him so he can get some pictures of the deer while he is observing them. He looks hilarious.

Today he got a deer. He has been watching a couple specifically and this year he wanted to shoot one with an irregular rack and there were a couple he's seen during his scouting. So when He got a shot at one this morning he took the shot. It wasn't the biggest one but he was very excited about it. Cali said to me today "well at least it is over"...yeah right. Cortney will still be out there every morning and every night until his friend that he is hunting with gets one too. Oh and then there is Elk season too. :)

2010-08-23 08.09.53-2

For now though Cortney sent his rack to get European mounted (that is where it is just the skull and the horns...I'm pretty sure) and the meat to get turned to Jerky, Brats, and breakfast sausage. The boys were amazed at how awesome their dad is...hahaa. Cortney is happier then a little boy on Christmas morning. It is cute to see him so happy.
In journaling news, Oliver's open house for 1st grade was today. He told me afterwards "1st grade is going to be so stressful". Seriously though, kindergarten and preschool you can do no wrong...color in or out of the lines...still good work. Now he has tests, reports, class presentations and homework. It was pretty scary for both of us. His teacher is adorable and got the best teacher award at his school last year. So he is pretty excited about that. He got a haircut at dollar cuts (8.50...but SOOO worth it for me to not have to stress about how he wants his hair.) he looks adorable. School starts on Wednesday and I can't believe that he will be gone all day long. It is going to be so weird. School sure sounds like a lot of work for different than kindergarten. It said in his packet he has to give an oral report once a month. He almost started crying when I told him that. :)

Cali's boys are spending the night here tonight. They never have before. I told them they could sometime this summer and here we are on the last night of the summer. Better late than never I guess. They are watching Furry Vengeance...which sounds so dumb but I can hear them upstairs laughing hysterically.
It got horrible reviews but from what I can hear the kids love it.


Gords said...

That's cool Cortney's so passionate about hunting.

The best sound in the whole world is little kids laughing at a movie!

amber said...

Good to see you got your hands bloody on one of those mossy horned sons a bitches. I cant believe the time is upon us. Tis the season. Congrats.

Chasin Trout said...

Cort you are my hero. you look good in camo.