Thursday, September 02, 2010


Rob was originally enrolled to go to preschool at a preschool about a mile from our house...pretty close right? Well then I heard that the school Oliver goes to,which is even closer, has a free preschool...the only catch you have to test in. When I say test in I don't mean they only take the very smartest kids...exactly the opposite. The preschool is funded by a grant given to get kids ready to go to kindergarten. This preschool is not only convenient because it is a couple blocks from our house, and where oliver goes, but it is also FREE...that is right free. And it is every day for three hours. 15 hours of free preschool. The other school he was supposed to go to is 100 dollars a month.

WHen I first heard about this free preschool I though there was no way he would get in. I haven't worked much with him at home on numbers and letters and such but he is a smart kid. I knew though that it would be so much easier for us if he could get in to the free preschool. My brother Mike said "it's a lose lose situation...either your kid gets in, and maybe isn't that smart, or your kid doesn't get in and he has to go to a preschool that cost 100 dollars." Cortney said, "well maybe it's a good thing that you didn't work with Robbie much at home...maybe now he will get in." Hahaha.

100 dollars is a lot of money for us. It was a real sacrifice when I sent Oliver to preschool. I started praying that if it was supposed to be that Rob would get into the free program.

WHen the day came to get tested we were all pretty nervous. They said we would find out in a couple of days. 38 kids were tested for 28 spots. I thought my odds were pretty good...because while Robbie is SMART...I didn't think he would be one of the smartest 10. DOES THIS MAKE ME SOUND LIKE A BAD MOM???

WEll long story made a little shorter...Robbie got in!! I was so happy...and so grateful. School started on Wednesday and Robbie was pretty excited (although he tried not to let it show). Already it has been so nice to walk both of my kids to school at the same time. It will make going into kindergarten so much easier for Rob...that is for sure.

Here are some pictures of his first day. They are pretty bad pictures but hey the lighting isn't very good right at 9 in the morning. So bad pictures but there are a lot because I love all of his faces in these.

Don't mind the garbage full of diapers...

He looks scared and sleepy.

I love when he does this smile. I also love a freshly shaved head.

I got the boys matching outfits (obviously)...I was really surprised that Oliver was willing to wear the same thing as his brother.

I am really glad Rob is finally in school because he was REALLY missing his brother. NOw the day doesn't seem so long for him.

When I picked him up the first day he said "it was great". He is always making up stories about things that happened that I am pretty sure never happened, so who even knows how it is really going. I think he likes it. Whenever he is mad at me to get back at me he starts screaming mean stuff like "I didn't even want to go to preschool" . But when I drop him off or pick him up he says he loves it. His teachers seem so nice and I just hope...he doesn't get kicked out for bad behavior. hahahaa. No, I really think so far he has been really good at school.

It is so different that with Oliver, with Oli I just hope he makes friends, feels comfortable and has a good time. Rob...isn't shy at with him I hope he doesn't take all his clothes off when he uses that bathroom and I hope that he doesn't get mad or frustrated.

He is the awesomest kid. I love him so much and am so proud of him. It is so cute seeing him go.

Oh...and it has been pretty dang awesome being just me and Henry for 3 hours everyday. I don't even know what to do with myself.


Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

Rob and Oliver both look great!
Love Grandma Connie

Angelique said...

Wow,$100 makes a HUGE difference. So glad he is going for free.

The picture of Rob's real smile looks like Corntey's fake smile. haha

angie said...

hey a good deal is a good deal...

glad he had a good time.

Cali said...

Plus, since you are saving $100 per month, you can use that to shop at the mall while Robbie is at school.

Griffin said...

LOVE those pictures!!!!!! Those kids are sooo cute!