Saturday, August 30, 2008

Rise and Shout

Yahoo...the day is finally here. I can't wait. My boys and I will be geared up in BYU apparel and this year we have a flag to hang on game days (thanks to Justin and Angelique). Cortney is gone hunting (since Tuesday) my day is pretty shot. Usually if we don't get to go to the game we can always find a multitude of people to hang out with and watch the game. Unfortunately everyone I know is going...I am spouse-less and I am watching Cali and Sam's kids. Cali was going to get a babysitter and I was going to watch Sam's so they could go to the game but I convinced her that I might as well have all of the kids if I am watching any. So lets just say that the opening game day, isn't going to go quite as I had imagined but at least Cali's TV can be paused so I won't miss any of the game as I am changing diapers and breaking up fights. SO don't call me tomorrow and tell me who won...I will be behind actual time I can tell you that. Anyways I am rambling. GO COUGARS!

And I am missing Cortney desperately. Man it feels like months since we have spent time together. When he gets back I have GOT to go on a date with just him. Sheesh, I am so excited for everything to be slowing down now that fall is coming.

Friday, August 29, 2008

America's Next Top LADY

Cortney took these pictures at Todd and Tiff's BBQ last Saturday. We were trying to do just like Tyra tells her girls to do on America's next top model. I know the girls will hate that I am posting these but I love them...and I know someday they will look back at these and I looked hot that day.

Cherie is so beautiful...and with no make-up on.

I love this one of Tiff...she was flipping her hair.

Ohhh sexy look. Hahaa. I cut my bangs last night phew....they were getting so long. At about 1 in the morning I was doing the dishes and I couldn't stand my bangs any more...I cut a couple of inches off...I wish I would have gone 1/2 inch shorter.
computer picture of my bangs...and yes I know the face I am making is really weird. this picture took my breath away. Cortney said it was his favorite of the night. BEAutiful (I couldn't resist). I am sure you hate it me you look amazing.
Man these girls have such big eyes.

Tiffany learning to "smile with her eyes"

I love this one of Amber too...Her arm looks awesome.
I had to post this picture of me showing them exactly what I have to try hard not to do in every picture...thanks Cortney for capturing it. I am notorious for having a million chins. Even when I was younger and weighed 80 lbs I would always get that look if I smiled too big. Having someone follow you around with a camera for 5 years...quickly gets you to stop putting your chin that way. Yikes.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Cortney took Oliver to back to school night...and while he was there he told the teacher that Oliver's name was Oli. So now argghhh he is going by Oli at school.

To make matters worse he mentioned today that the girls at school are calling him "Wally". Great.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

only in Utah

Oliver had nothing but great things to say after his first day of school. He said recess was AWESOME...and that he made a friend. He is nearly impossible to get anything out of. But randomly throughout the day he has mentioned stuff that he remembered.

At singing time each child got to pick their favorite song. Oliver kinda rolled his eyes and said they sang a lot of the "insy weensy spider" (i have no idea on the spelling of that). He chose I Am A Child of God and they whole class sang along. Hummmm. I told him that that was a church song and that maybe everybody wouldn't know it...but he said "well is my favorite song". I am proud of him for that. But would have been a duet if I tried to sing that in my kindergarten class.

He had to decorate a cutout of a boy to look like him as homework before school started. We cut up an old shirt and old pair of pants to make it look like it was wearing clothes. He said his teacher laughed when she saw it..."because it was so awesome". I love that boy.

I on the other hand kinda felt like a grown up today. I had to actually wake up...put on a bra (sorry people) and brush my teeth. Hahaa. It was however way easier keeping up on the housework when I was already up and ready for the day at a reasonable time.

After school I took Rob, Oliver and Jack to the dinosaur museum. They had 2 dollar Tuesdays all month and I couldn't pass up the chance to go...since the regular admission is 10 dollars for adults and 8 dollars for children. It saved us like 26 dollars...or something. The museum was awesome and the boys loved it but it was seriously amazing how crowded it was. I mean I know there are a lot of children in Utah...but to see them all gathered in one place was, crazy. I probably saw 100 pregnant women (that is probably slightly exaggerating but maybe 50). It was a great day.


Today was Oliver's first day of school. Pre-kinder. Oliver turned five this summer and I decided to have him go next year to kindergarten. The PreK that he is in though is awesome because unlike preschool which is usually around 6 hours a week, this is 12 hours. Tuesday through Friday the same hours as Kindergarten. And it is at an elementary school here. I am not sure of his teacher and it is just her first who knows. But I think it will be great. I would have never imagined that Oliver would just go to school no problem...he used to never leave my side and now he is out in the world. Scary. I definitely had some anxiety this morning. I kept feeling like maybe it wasn't the best place for him...but I know that is just me feeling the pain of my first child leaving the house. I don't like it. Man the time that you have them all to yourself feels like a long time...and then if feels like none at all.

I didn't buy him any new school clothes...hahaaa. I will though soon. As soon as the stores get some more clothes in. You wouldn't believe how sold out everything is.

I told my kids to look happy. I guess this is their interpretation.

Horrible picture I know...I wish Cortney could have been there to take the pictures. The boys running to the school.

Oliver at a desk. Man...I hope he is okay. I know he is but still.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I am a bit of a gypsy. I don't know what it is but I hate the feeling of being settled. I get restless when I have been somewhere this long. This is the about the longest we have ever lived in 1 place. We have been in this house two years now....and I am feeling it, the itch. I don't know if I get bored...or if I just realize the house isn't going to get anymore organized than it already is. But I am feeling it. I know that this time...I need to let it pass. Plus...I really don't want to pack up our stuff for the 13th time. And I feel like if I were to move now it would have to be for something big...something that would lead me away from living by most of my family. Just thought I would type that in as I looked at real estate all over the northwest tonight.

Fathers and sons campout

Friday night the boys packed up and headed to their first ever father and sons. We found out about it last minute (oops...why do we always miss the announcement part of sacrament??). So it was an unexpected surprise for me to have an evening to myself. Man...I really wished for a daughter or...a mother or sisters or girlfriend or spend the evening with. But oh well. Hahaa. I got my favorite Chinese takeout and a couple of movies and had a grand time all by myself. It is always nice to not have to put ANYONE to bed.

Cortney couldn't snap a whole lot of pictures but here is the tent...
and one of the boys running around. Looks fun right??

I think the boys had a lot of fun. At least it sounded like they did. Rob however was TERRIFIED of the that boy needs to get out more. He really bosses Cortney around too...he makes Cort do stuff I would NEVER do for him.

Then this morning we headed down to the BYU hall of fame for Tyson's birthday party. Man when we walked in there was a clear view of the football team outside practicing. My heart started pounding so was so exciting to see them. I can't wait for the season to more week. Then we headed to the Wilk for bowling. MAN I AM PATHETIC when it comes to bowling. We bowled with bumpers in the gutters and I still bowled an 82. Oliver beat me by like 20. Ahhh. Not only that but I hit the bumper almost every single time. No wonder I used to hate going bowling on dates.

Last but not least we went in the afternoon to Todd and Tiffany's new house. Oh it is beautiful. Sean and Amber, amd Cherie were there also and Cali and Joey came too. We had a wonderful dinner and ohhh such a wonderful time. They are all some of my favorite people in the world.
A picture of the five of us. I have other pictures to post but I will do that tomorrow. For now I am too tired. And church is EARLY.

Friday, August 22, 2008

the Hardy's

I have really been meaning to post about the Hardy's. It was so fun be able stay with them this week. Merle and Cynthia are second parents to me and I love them...and I know they love me. Plus I got to see all of my Hardy brothers which was great. THANKS people!!

A funny picture of me and my Merle, May of 1998, in Seattle we both had new shoes. It isn't that great a picture because I took a picture of a picture with my camera.

Oh and I added a couple of old pictures to my REUNION post. hahaa. Good times.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

more from the weekend

The reunion was fun. I think it made me mourn for the life I used to have, I miss being young and carefree. I miss my friends and staying out late and acting crazy. I miss being funny (or thinking that I am). I miss the company of my girls, and all of the guys (hahaa that sounds weird). I really truly had the greatest time growing up. I loved my teenage years. also made me so grateful that I don't have to worry about the boy I like calling me back or not. Pheeeww. It made me so happy to be a mother. So grateful for the choices I made that have led me to where I am now. I always knew who I wanted to be and I ended up pretty close to what I had in mind. It also made me sad, because there were so many more people I wanted to see. Although was so worth it just to see my ladies.

Enough about the reunion.

Amber finally had a boy after 3 girls...this boy is the love of my life. Honestly. Sunday I headed with Sean and Amber over to the Merrell house. It was fun. I love those two. Sean and Amber and I were all BFF's in college. We spent every night talking on the phone, and then all of the sudden it was just them talking and then they were engaged. I couldn't be happier that two people married each other because you rarely get to keep your best friends that are guys. It is always one of my highlights of Moses Lake seeing them. Everett (their son) looks like Sean and I just can't help but love him, squeeze him and just try to make him smile (Everett not Sean...hahaa) that baby is adorable. Anyways. I saw Carroll's remote and I couldn't stop laughing I had to get a picture of Everett with it so you can see just how HUGE it is.
Isn't that remote hillarious??? Wow it is even bigger in real life. And what a cute baby right?

I absolutely adore this picture...Sean with Ev on his back, the baseball bat in his hand (soooo Sean) and the 90's baby carrier.

The trip was great but I was so excited to get back to my babies and my husband. I seriously ran from the gate to get my bags because I couldn't wait. When I got to the car Oliver was already asleep but Rob was there and gave me a huge hug. I think he was dirtier than I have ever seen him. Man that boy needed a bath. He smelled like sugar, and dirt all mixed together. But still pretty adorable. Cortney is the best dad ever but bath time isn't his forte. Hahaa...oh well I am sure the kids loved it.

Cortney took the kids to Rexburg (brave I know). They all went up in the tinsy little truck. All three in a row. Cortney said they boys fought the whole way up. I actually love hearing things like really makes him appreciate me. Hahaaa. Anyways here are two cute pictures of the can I not miss kids this cute??

Rob enjoying raspberries

Pretty Oli (he starts Pre K on tuesday....yikes)

Today I was talking to Oliver about how much fun he had in Rexburg. He said "I miss it but it is good to be back home"....I totally agree.

I loved watching my boys play together today. I am so grateful everyday to get to do what I do.

My doctor's appointment was yesterday. I have six more weeks until it is all over. I can't believe it. I am so grateful for my doctor's and my miracle. I would have never thought I could be the way I am today. I am a little scared for what is next. A baby someday. How will I feel?? My body has to be clean of the drugs for like 3 months before I can try to get pregnant. How will I feel? I can't believe how fast it has gone. I remember they told me 2 years ago that I couldn't get pregnant during the study...I felt weird that someone could tell me when to have a baby. But I felt grateful for the excuse because, I was no mother when I was at my worst. Oliver doesn't remember. I can't believe that because our world revolved around the fact that I couldn't move my arms and hands. The time has flown by fast. I can't wait to feel a baby inside me again. Does that sound gross or wierd? I don't know. Today I heard someone gasp because the baby in their belly startled them. I felt jealous. It has been four years since I have gotten pregnant. (sheesh I guess I can give up on losing the baby weight....hahaaa) Well that is all.
p.s. How could I not want another one of these?? This has got to be my favorite picture of Rob of all times. Look how chubby....(and look at my poor right hand...that is about all I could close it)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Moses Lake Class of 1998

My oh my I had such a fun time this last week. I don't really even know where to start...and I can barely remember everything we did.

Wednesday I woke up super early and we left to go to Salt Lake at 6:30 am. I had my one hour flight and was in Spokane at like 8 am. Laura didn't get in until 1:30 so I spent the day hanging out with myself. It felt very weird. But it was also very relaxing. Really it is such a strange feeling to not have my kids around. I watched a movie and the last episode of Gossip Girl (which I somehow missed when my DVR was on the fritz) so time went by quickly. It was funny because the movie I watched was kinda sad and I was making crying faces all alone in the airport. I am sure I looked crazy. Someone working at the airport said "you've been here a while, how come?" to which I responded "well, my girlfriend is flying in in about an hour so I am waiting for her." I didn't realize until later that um...he probably thought I meant my "girlfriend, girlfriend" hummm interesting. It was a nice wait though and so exciting to see Laura Lei again. For a split second I panicked a little...I haven't spent more than 3 hours with this girl since I have been married. And here I was going to spend every single second with her for the next 6 days. My worries were put to rest the moment I saw her though. It really was just like old times. We stayed in her old room in her old bed...and I felt like a teenager again. Her brother Ryan came home one night and heard Amber, Laura and I talking and laughing and he said it was exactly as if he were in junior high again. It really was so fun to be with my girls....

Anyways I am getting off track. We (Cynthia, Laura, Rose and I) spent the rest of the afternoon in Spokane, shopping and eating and laughing. Rose was so good and it was nice to be able to get to know her without my own kids to worry about. And so good to see Laura as a mom. Once we were home Amber came over and we spent the evening in Laura's bedroom looking over the year book and reminiscing about our "glory days".

Thursday was another day just spent hanging out. We headed to meet Amber in the Montlake park...but unfortunatly Laura heard Mcosh park and needless to say Amber wasn't there. Laura and I made a Walmart run though for old times sake. Then we met up with Amber later and the three of us Headed to some Japanese Restaurant for dinner. Oddly enough we ended up all wearing grey shirts and since we used to dress in themed clothes all of the time we didn't change...

There are going to be a few of these pictures of the three of us...sorry.

We kept wishing for a photographer to be with us at all times...because I wanted us all to be in the picture. Hahaaa

Dinner was delish and we went to Dairy Queen afterwards. It was exhilarating to be out without our children. So fun.

Friday was the first day of the reunion. We spent the day hanging out with a trip to Maurices and Gottchalks (I have no idea how to spell that). We ate lunch at the Taco shop and spent time getting ready for our big night at the reunion.

We for some reason didn't get the picture of the three of us at the Hardy's door this night. But we did all three of us sit in the front of Amber's big truck...just like the old days. I had to get a picture of us in there. It was really stressful getting ready that night. We didn't know what to expect and on our way there we were all thinking "why are we doing this??". Both Amber and Laura were really going for me. I really wanted to go and they were willing to go with me. But as we pulled into the bowling alley (yes our 10 year reunion was held at a bowling alley/casino...fancy....hahaaa) we were all pretty scared to go in. Man that was the worst feeling. All three of us standing in the door way terrified to walk in. Bahhh. We finally made it in....all three of us at the same time despite everyone trying to push someone else inside first. Right when we got there an fellow classmate, and one that never talked to us at that came up and said
"so ladies how about a shot (of alcohol for people like my mom who might not know what that offense)
Laura and Amber and I just kinda stood there speechless. I finally managed to say,
"you know after all of these years we still don't drink"
He thought that was weird I am sure. It was really funny
Anyways...there weren't very many people there. We kept saying "we are only going to make an appearance...then we are out" But sure enough and true to Ashley form we shut that place down...honestly we were some of the last to leave. It was pretty fun...and we knew at least not to worry about the next night.

After that we headed to the rodeo for just a was fun and everything I remembered about the Moses Lake Rodeo.

Us at the Rodeo...the first picture is hilarious but I wanted to get us all in and the rodeo. The second one Sean took for us. I don't think we have changed too much over the past 10 years.

Saturday Laura and I went to the fair with her brother and sis in law Matt and Shaila and their kids, and Cynthia, and Nathan (who had shown up as a surprise the day before). I got to see all of the Hardy boys but Ben...who is still on a mission...but it was so great to see them all. They are really like brothers to me. Anyways the fair was so flippin hot I thought I was going to die. Man it was hot. We saw a bunch of animals and just basically walked around. It was funny to be back.
We had to get our pictures taken with the Eclipse book cover that was in one of the art booths at the fair...we thought it was pretty funny. I am sure it would have been something I would have painted if the book came out when I was in junior high.

Man I am sorry this is getting...but I want to remember this.

Once we were home we headed out with Shaila and Sean and Amber and their kids to my Grandma's to go swimming. Ohhh it felt so good after sweating to death at the fair. Then my grandma made us some scones which is pretty much one of the best things that can happen to me. I love my grandma and it was good to see her (and ohh those scones).

So Saturday nights plans for the Reunion were at CHICO's Pizza...classy. Man that place hasn't changed a bit in the last 10 years. We were way less nervous the second night. was pretty scary walking into that room.
Here we are as we headed out for the night.

Laura and Amber with Mike Homer. was so good to see Alisha and Tom...I love them both.

Me and Amy and her little one Lila.
an old school picture of Amy and I...we were on drill team together. And this was before one of our routines (oh and it was an 80's inspired routine so that is why it looks even more old school than it actually is).

I really really really wanted to see Amy and Deena. I was thrilled that both were there. I have been really sad that I have lost touch with them. I hope I can start emailing them, and keep in touch from time to time. They were both very good friends to me. was good to see her.
Me and Lei with Deena and Alissa C. the night before Laura left to college August 1998.

A picture with Matt P. and Robert C. great to see both of them.

Here is the group picture...there wasn't the best turnout.

We ended the night with pot stickers and milkshakes at sherrys. Yum. We were giddy and had such a great time. We talked to almost everyone there...and everyone was really so nice. All three of us were sooo glad we went.

I have a couple more pictures from the trip but fingers are exhausted and I know this is a little to long to read.

Class of 98 rules. hahaa


Robbie just totally got into my makeup. When he came out of time out he said "it's mine...I got it for my birthday." The lies this boy can come up with. After he was done getting in trouble Oliver said "mom, its your makeup and you should have put it away, you always tell me that when Rob breaks my stuff that I leave out, so I have to say it to you." Man...he zinged me.

Monday, August 18, 2008


I am back...and tired. I had the best time. I will post tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


So tomorrow early in the morning I am on my way to Moses Lake for my high school reunion. I can't wait to spend some time with my BFF's and just relax without my kids. (of course I will miss them though). I can't wait.

some San Diego pictures

pretty self explanatory me and the boys at the beach

Rob and CC...and yes Rob is wearing a swim diaper speedo.

Rob on Sam's father in law Terry's shoulders. What a great grandpa he is...even to kids that aren't his. Both of sam's in laws were so great with the kids. Pretty amazing. I love seeing Terry because he is so much like Kyle that it is a little freaky. Like knowing how someone will grow up...weird.

We had a great and crazy time.

so long

So my parents are gone again. Back to Peru. It has been so hard having them gone...and I just wanted to stare at them the whole time they were here. As hard as it has is amazing to watch them and see just how much they love it, and I know that they really are doing a good job. And making a difference. I am proud of them. But dang...they still have one more year...sheesh.

Oliver said in the dinner prayer last night "thank you for grandma and grandpa and please bless that we can remember the good times that we had with them."

So cute. How does he know to say that?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Earl Family Reunion

Wow.  I just got back from a one night trip up to Heber Valley Camp for an Earl Reunion.  It was crazy.  We had like 350 people there and my dad was pretty much in charge.  It was so much fun and we had a great time.  

To get ready to go though we had to get some stuff ready.  I went with Justin and Angelique to buy food for it.  Wow...if you have never bought food for 400 people you should really try.  It was awesome to see just how much food it was.  Justin was pushing one of those flat carts at costco and Angelique and I both had carts...filled to the top with food.   After the food was purchased we headed up to the camp.  It is mainly a girls camp and was soooo nice.  Hot running water and such.  Swankier than where I just was for girls camp.  

Here is a picture of the people that were still left after lunch on the last day.  I love love how Rob is just running around in the back round. Our kids had so much fun.

Here is Cortney during the egg toss.  He was teamed up with Joey and they won the whole thing.   Click on it so you can see the egg. 

Joey...what good form you have.

We spent a lot of time sitting around and watching the boys play whiffle ball.  And yes...we did get hit with it a number of times.  It was really fun to sit around and talk.  I love my cousins.

This is part of the place we stayed.  We had like a million of these little cabins.  So beautiful.

My dad cooking up some bacon.  I just wanted to sit and stare at my parents the whole time...I couldn't get enough of them being home from Peru.
And let me just the food was so good. No one eats like the Earl's do.  I have never seen so much food 

Talking again with my cousins.

Rob was in Heaven.  He just would explore all over the place.  Oliver one time came running up to me and said "Rob fell and hit his head in the forrest".  Sure enough Cortney went running and he was laying down with a big goose egg on his head.  Nothing keeps that kid down though.  He had so much fun.

the boys on a hike with Cortney

They brought me back flowers.  How sweet is that?  

We had a great time.  I am so proud of my heritage...and it was great to meet so many distant cousins.  Or at least stare at them for a while.  Thanks dad for planning it!