Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Today was Oliver's first day of school. Pre-kinder. Oliver turned five this summer and I decided to have him go next year to kindergarten. The PreK that he is in though is awesome because unlike preschool which is usually around 6 hours a week, this is 12 hours. Tuesday through Friday the same hours as Kindergarten. And it is at an elementary school here. I am not sure of his teacher and it is just her first year...so who knows. But I think it will be great. I would have never imagined that Oliver would just go to school no problem...he used to never leave my side and now he is out in the world. Scary. I definitely had some anxiety this morning. I kept feeling like maybe it wasn't the best place for him...but I know that is just me feeling the pain of my first child leaving the house. I don't like it. Man the time that you have them all to yourself feels like a long time...and then if feels like none at all.

I didn't buy him any new school clothes...hahaaa. I will though soon. As soon as the stores get some more clothes in. You wouldn't believe how sold out everything is.

I told my kids to look happy. I guess this is their interpretation.

Horrible picture I know...I wish Cortney could have been there to take the pictures. The boys running to the school.

Oliver at a desk. Man...I hope he is okay. I know he is but still.


tiff said...

I cried today sending Cooper off to school on the bus. The house has been very quiet today.

Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

Great day. Oliver looks great even without new school clothes.

Angelique said...

I was a super shy little girl and don't remember being scared to go to school any time in my life--I bet he loves it. How exciting for him..he's going to be great!

vjc said...

I laughed at the "happy" photo!

School really is agreat thing for kids. You KNOW Oli will thrive there, good teacher or not, just stay posted.