Friday, August 29, 2008

America's Next Top LADY

Cortney took these pictures at Todd and Tiff's BBQ last Saturday. We were trying to do just like Tyra tells her girls to do on America's next top model. I know the girls will hate that I am posting these but I love them...and I know someday they will look back at these and I looked hot that day.

Cherie is so beautiful...and with no make-up on.

I love this one of Tiff...she was flipping her hair.

Ohhh sexy look. Hahaa. I cut my bangs last night phew....they were getting so long. At about 1 in the morning I was doing the dishes and I couldn't stand my bangs any more...I cut a couple of inches off...I wish I would have gone 1/2 inch shorter.
computer picture of my bangs...and yes I know the face I am making is really weird. this picture took my breath away. Cortney said it was his favorite of the night. BEAutiful (I couldn't resist). I am sure you hate it me you look amazing.
Man these girls have such big eyes.

Tiffany learning to "smile with her eyes"

I love this one of Amber too...Her arm looks awesome.
I had to post this picture of me showing them exactly what I have to try hard not to do in every picture...thanks Cortney for capturing it. I am notorious for having a million chins. Even when I was younger and weighed 80 lbs I would always get that look if I smiled too big. Having someone follow you around with a camera for 5 years...quickly gets you to stop putting your chin that way. Yikes.


ckweller said...

Man I wish I could have gone to that bbq sounds like it was fun.

Supercords said...


amber said...

love your bangs, that picture did not look like you, you knew exactly what my reaction to that picture would be guess thats why were soul mates.

tiff said...

oh boy!