Saturday, August 30, 2008

Rise and Shout

Yahoo...the day is finally here. I can't wait. My boys and I will be geared up in BYU apparel and this year we have a flag to hang on game days (thanks to Justin and Angelique). Cortney is gone hunting (since Tuesday) my day is pretty shot. Usually if we don't get to go to the game we can always find a multitude of people to hang out with and watch the game. Unfortunately everyone I know is going...I am spouse-less and I am watching Cali and Sam's kids. Cali was going to get a babysitter and I was going to watch Sam's so they could go to the game but I convinced her that I might as well have all of the kids if I am watching any. So lets just say that the opening game day, isn't going to go quite as I had imagined but at least Cali's TV can be paused so I won't miss any of the game as I am changing diapers and breaking up fights. SO don't call me tomorrow and tell me who won...I will be behind actual time I can tell you that. Anyways I am rambling. GO COUGARS!

And I am missing Cortney desperately. Man it feels like months since we have spent time together. When he gets back I have GOT to go on a date with just him. Sheesh, I am so excited for everything to be slowing down now that fall is coming.


Angelique said...

Oh darn, I wish you were going to the game, too!

{natalie} said...

we'll watch your boys if you want. kade's been asking where "your friend Cortney's boys are?" lately. i love date night