Tuesday, November 01, 2011

We have been SO busy

We have been going crazy non stop over here. Remember how I decided to paint the front room...well one thing led to another and...

Now we have a pile of crap sitting out on our back "porch".

Our very good friend Jory (lets face it by this point the man is family...we practically lived together this last week.  I honestly think I saw him more than my own kids...hahaa) does tile and said he would help us tile some of the parts of our house.  

We pulled out the carpet in our hallway and entryway.  Removed the flooring (and added new subflooring) in the bathroom.  

Added a new vanity (we got the whole vanity for 70 bucks...it was a display at home depot)

Entryway.  So happy to be done with traffic patterns.  


The tile is all done now.  It looks AMAZING.  We got the big tile for 32 cents a square foot.  It was 75 percent off.  

It was crazy hard work (mostly for Jory)...we went days without toilets and showers.  I love it.  I owe Jory (and Sherry...his wife) my life.  

We still have lots to do (we have more tiles to do the shower surround)...but it was a great start.  Wow.  What a difference it makes.
There was a million layers of old flooring in our kitchen.  They stunk so bad.  YUCK!

Oh also amidst all of this I was in charge of the ward Halloween party/dinner.  I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.  

Yesterday was halloween.  Duh.  Yesterday morning I went in for my 34 week ultrasound/appointment.  The baby's tummy is measuring small, off the charts small.  So I have to go meet with a perinatologist today.   That is a little stressful. 

Plus the baby doesn't move much, so the doctor wanted me to head over to labor and delivery. I headed over to be monitored, and had to call Cali to go and get my kids ready for their Halloween parade.  I really didn't have time for that but...we got it all done and taken care of.  I don't know what I would do without her.  The baby was just fine.  Then I went and got more bloodwork done and made it to the parade just in time.  Pheeeww.  Rob said he kept saying in his heart "please let her be here"  Hahaa.  

My baby is breech right now and since he doesn't move (AT ALL) I think he won't turn on his own.  My kids have never been head up before.  Never.   Anyways.  

Halloween night was pretty fun.  We had tons of kids and tons of candy.  All in all a good time. 

We decided to NOT buy costumes this year and pulled two mickey costumes out of our costume reserve.


Grace turned 5 on sunday and got a bike. 

Zombie Jack and Fiona.

Yup...Rob was a ghost yet again.  Scary faces. 

Hens was a dressed as a fancy mickey. in a tuxedo. 

ME at 34 weeks.  

Tyson was a BYU fan.


Oliver was a football player.

Look at all these kids.  There were tons.  it was crazy. 


Angie said...

oh the tile looks so good!!

bBchronicles said...

The REMODEL - beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!!
Halloween - fun, fun, fun!!!!!!!

Samantha said...

Ash the tiles look awesome.

Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

Rob is the best ghost ever. Why mess with a good thing? Dad d