Saturday, November 12, 2011


Henry has been sick this week.

He says "hold you" all the time when he wants us to hold him.

I have been just laying with him and holding him and taking in every second with him as my baby.  I feel really sad for him that he is about to get his world rocked.  I have been really really trying to savor every minute with him.  It honestly makes me cry to think he won't be my littlest one any more.  I have really loved having him as my baby...I feel really grateful that I got to have him.  I really have been obsessed with him.

As we laid in bed yesterday I talked to him about him getting to be a big brother.  He kept laughing and repeating what I said but who knows what that little guy can understand.  I told him "you can help me get diapers." to which he responded "diapers?".  Haha.

He says THEO so adorably.

And just because a post is pretty boring without photobooth pictures we took on thursday...

Today I met up with my Aunt Peggy, cousins Courtney, Kylie, and Brad.  We laughed and talked (and ate) for a couple of hours.  Honestly it was just what I needed.  I haven't just relaxed in a long time.  It was Heaven.  Plus I got out of my sweatpants which was an event in and of itself.  It is nice to get pretty once in a while.  :)

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