Thursday, November 24, 2011


I came home tonight.  Little Theo has to stay for a little while.  He needs to be eating better and getting bigger instead of smaller before he can come home.  I am so grateful for WONDERFUL nurses who really took care of both of us so well.  I really felt loved by them.  And was sad to say goodbye.  I am also more than grateful to have him be in a hospital that is one minute away.  It will make going there for feedings way easier.  I feel really good about having him stay in the hospital.  Way less scary then me taking care of him alone.  I know they will do what is best for him.  This has been such a roller coaster ride of emotions, everyday I have been having highs and lows. Mostly I am feeling anxious (I always feel pretty emotional for a couple of days after having a baby).  Health wise, we are still waiting for a couple of test result to come in (poor baby had to have a catheter tonight)...then I will update more about his health.  He sure is cute!

My Mother in law Roberta was here watching the kids and was a huge help.  She left this morning, we are so grateful for her.

Theo's new feeding tube. (and cute hat)


Angie said...

oh Ash I am glad that things are working out. He looks so adorable. POor guy, I bet all those tests can be fun for him. If you need anything, please call or text. love you guys.

Supercords said...

Happy Thanksgiving! You both look great. This is such great news.

p.s. I learned more about the miracle of life from the photos below than I have in all my years combined. That placenta will haunt my dreams forever.

{natalie} said...

oh ash, he is so cute. wow. brings back memories of leaving addi in the nicu w/a feeding tube. i hope you get to bring him home soon.