Wednesday, November 02, 2011

my hens is no longer a baby

This morning I realized I was spending way more time styling Henry's hair then I was my own (which isn't much these days). It had to go.

Doesn't my tile look pretty.  I love it. 

I thought a 4 would be way longer.  It isn't. 

This picture is so out of focus but Henry started doing a glaring face this week.  He does it all the time. 

Doesn't he look grown up?  He looks so much more chubby too. Haha.

It seems we have a little less time then we first thought to get the house done before the baby comes.  YIKES!  Tonight Jory came over to see what we had going on behind the faux tiles in our bathroom.  It  is pretty much a mess. 

The kitchen all done. 
Well mostly. 

The people that fixed this house up just glued up the fake tile over old tile. 

Then we did have a little flood (the faucet blew off and hit cortney in the chest...I did some pretty quick thinking and diverted most of the water into the tub but man water is destructive)  that ruined our wireless router.  So now I can't check my email in my bed.  I have been spending a lot of time in my bed lately.  This is really going to put a damper on that.

Dr appointment tomorrow at 10:15.  This time Cali and Cortney are both coming with me.
kick counts not as good today.  It took over an hour both times to get 10 "movements"  not even good kicks.  He is probably as exhausted as I am.  

I am really ready to get back to normal life.  But so glad to get some of this stuff done that has been driving us crazy for years.  


Whitney Amelia said...

hi ash. wowsa your house is looking amazing and the nesting is really in overdrive! i have been thinking and praying for you and my little unborn baby nephew all day today. bless you guys. i know the strength of your family unit and know things will be o.k. love you. now get some rest!


Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

Henry, you are a man!!! (he is a minature santa claus, sorry.) In the other blog, thanks for the picture of my trailer...Dad d

Samantha said...

okay that picture of Henry doing his glare...he looks EXACTLY like Josi. She does that face constantly. Crazy. And am I crazy, but where in the world did your countertops go??? Call me on my home phone tomorrow after your appointment. I'm glad Cali's going with you and Cortney. I never know what kind of questions to ask and love it when Kathy is with me to ask all the right questions.

Tami said...

Oh that boy is so cute!!!!!! Good luck at your appt.

Donna K. Weaver said...

The faucet blew? Yikes!

Unknown said...

ashley, i came across your blog the other day. what a beautiful family you have. i am prying for you and that precious baby. i have a little one henry's age so can we get them together to play already? AND anything else i can do to help i would love to. jolene

jojo said...

i thought my email would have shown up.