Thursday, November 03, 2011

I feel way better.

So this morning I met with my regular OB.  Cali and Cortney went with me and I think he really put us at ease.

He said that I can hope for a totally normal baby...something I didn't even think was a possibility at my appointment with the specialist.  He explained that that is the perinatologists job.  To give you all the bad news and that is just how they have to talk.  He said it could be a number of things and that it might be born with some disabilities some worse then others some better then others, but that it could also be nothing.

He said that I WILL be having the baby at 36 or 37 weeks.  That gives me 12-19 more days.  YIKES that is soon.

He said that because the rest of the baby looks so good, he is really optimistic. He said usually there are more things wrong if the baby has something really wrong.

He said that the baby is measuring small 29-31 weeks instead of 34.5, so even with out the underdeveloped cerebellum they would be delivering him early.

He said I might still be able to have the baby at my regular hospital delivered by him (he said we will know more monday the 14th)

I then went over to get an ultrasound and a non stress test.  He came in and talked to me again and said both tests looked just how they wanted.

Then it was over for blood work (they were looking to see if I maybe got some certain type of virus that could cause birth defects).

It was a long exhausting time at the doctor (and always goes over into lunch time so I AM STARVING).

I feel so hopeful.  I feel way more relaxed.

I am still preparing myself for all scenarios but I am not letting fear get the best of me.

I haven't been sleeping too well though...I can't stop waiting to feel the baby move.

I can really feel your prayers and I appreciate them so much.  Yesterday and today have really been amazing for me.

Sometimes you forget that so many people love you.  :)

I have more ultrasounds and non stress tests next week.  Monday and Thursday.

Then another doctors appointment on Monday the 14th and I think that is when they will tell me when I am having this baby.  I was so worried about having a December baby...I guess that isn't one of my worries any more.

Thanks everyone!

p.s.  I put our router in a bag of rice overnight and it works now!!! How awesome is that??

Also...we have no running water over here.  I guess we gotta get that fixed pretty soon. :)


Tami said...

That is great news Ashley!!!! You continue to be in our prayers. Layton prayed for baby Theo at dinner was so cute!!! Love you!!!

Hansens said...

So glad it looks like it will be OK. I said this in my previous post, but it seems like sometimes the docs tell you the worst scenario so you'll be prepared, but it's usually not nearly as bad as they say. We'll all keep praying for you all.

gramyflys said...

Thanks for posting, because I have had you on my mind and in my prayers all day and have been so anxious to hear what you Dr. said. I assume it was good old Dr. Baxter that you saw? He is such an experienced Dr, and I would trust his judgement. We will continue to pray for you and for Theo that all will go well. I remember when I was expecting Lindsay, they told me that the ultrasound showed an enlarged head and to expect problems.I was so scared...she was perfectly normal. So I know how you are feeling. Love you guys...

Allison said...

I LOVE Dr. Baxter. I'm also kind of IN love with Dr. Baxter...always have been...but I would trust him with my life. That's what having baby is...putting your life completely in someone else's hands. He has such a calming effect on situations...I'm so glad he was able to bring a little bit of perspective. We will keep praying for all of you. I can't imagine having to deal with the worry and uncertainy of it all. You are a strong lady though, Ash, and no matter what you are going to do it. YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS!!! Love you!

emily said...

oops, that was me, Emily. Apparently Allison was still logged in from when she was here visiting!

Christensen's said...

Wow! I have not checked your blog in too long! You are a strong woman. You know I am always around to help when you need it!

lanita said...

I'm so glad to hear this news, Ash. You're in my fast today!

Peggy Dee said...

I'm so happy to hear that. Constant prayers on your behalf and a full 24 hour fast - that should count for something! Love your positive attitude - it's the only way to be in times of trial. Love you guys!

Cindy said...

Wow. I've been out of touch. Been in AZ helping my kids move into their first house and taking care of my mom who just had hip replacement surgery. Drove home last night.

Praying for you all.