Saturday, September 18, 2010

so annoying

Yesterday when I was waiting for Oliver to come out of the school (I was sitting on the grass) my phone slipped out of my pocket, and was left behind at the school. I didn't even realize it was missing until around 6 pm so I couldn't see if it was turned in to the school office. When I called my phone it went straight to voicemail. I went online and checked if anyone had been using it or if other people had tried to call me and I could see that at 3:45 and 3:47 whoever has my phone tried to call the numbers in my phonebook that are titled Mom cell and Dad cell. So I am hoping it was turned into the school office, they thought it was a students phone so they tried to call the mom and dad (both are my parents moses lake numbers from YEARS ago). Then once they couldn't get through they turned it off and put it in the lost and found. I HOPE this is the case. I guess I will find out on Monday.

So...if you are one of the 3 people that call phone is Cortney instead.

How annoying.

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bBchronicles said...

"THAT" is soooooooooooo SAD! - so sorry!