Friday, September 03, 2010


I stole all these pictures from KaeLynn's blog.

Every once in a while we get together on a Sunday at Jason and KaeLynn's for pancakes. These aren't your ordinary pancakes. Jason makes them with a 13 year old sourdough start. They are DELICIOUS. I don't even really like pancakes but these are to die for. It is no small task to feed all of us Earls either. I think everyone eats 10-15 pancakes. So Jason usually has 2-3 griddles going. KaeLynn makes peach and strawberry syrup and there is always an assortment of homemade jams. YUMM.

Abby helping get it started.

Hello cute baby.

The sister's that were there...I believe that Justin and Angelique were in California visiting Sam at the time...I don't remember for sure though.

KaeLynn has ALL SORTS of girlie toys at her house. If you are a little girl then their playroom is your mecca. It is awesome. Dress up costumes as far as the eye can see...I had to dress HennerBenz up...I just couldn't resist because it matched what he was wearing so well.

Cortney kept telling me not to take a picture...I couldn't resist. Sorry Henner.

Isaac spent the whole evening playing a board game with the boys so I pretty much had a kid free evening...with good food and family. I loved it. What a great night.


angie said...

oh my gosh henry in that outfit is so adorable...and don't worry we have tons of pictures of Mitch dressed up in girl clothes, and he turned out fine. :)

Anonymous said...

oh my freaking hilarious, henry....and those eyes! soooo dang cute, he looks so huge! thanks for the laugh!


Sherry Ward said...

That's it... I'm going to start PRAYING FOR YOU that you have a little GIRL next! ROFL!!! You need one BAD eh? ;D

Cali said...

I can't even imagine Ash with a girl, she would be so dolled up every day. She always kind of looks at my girls and just shakes her head. I know she is thinking "they could be so cute if only...."

Hank the sugarplum, he is cute.

Gords said...

Poor kid. Thanks for the laugh.