Tuesday, September 28, 2010


First I want to say that last night as I went to bed I was really sad because we hadn't done the dishes before going to bed.

This morning Cortney woke up early to do them for me. I love that he knew that would mean the world to me.

Okay now on to this weekend...

On Saturday Cortney and I got the "good" seat tickets for the BYU game. Cortney's phone ran out of batteries so we didn't get any pictures. Cali and Joe had tickets too so we decided we would take our 3 oldest boys plus the neighbor kid to the game too. I was a little worried because they wouldn't be able to sit by us. Tyson is old enough to be in charge of them for the most part...and Joey kept insisting that, that there are kids running around the game everywhere. We left pretty early leaving Brooklyn to watch our little kids. (she did such a great job the kids had the best time) We dropped Joey off with the four boys to scalp some tickets for them.

We made our way to the food tent and ate and ate. I love endless amounts of free food. Nothing makes me happier. Joey happened to find 4 tickets together for 10 dollars each...which was awesome. Then he bought the boys a football and left them outside to play catch on the grass outside of the stadium while we got our eat on.

Once the game started Cali and I took the boys to their seats. They sat in the south end zone almost to the top. We showed them where to find us and left them there. The game was pretty horrible (we lost) but it is always an amazing feeling to be in the stadium...surrounded by blue. I love it. At half time we went up and got the boys and took them back out. They had the best time, they thought the best part was being without grownups. We gave them each 5 bucks and they got some creamery ice cream. They loved the game (even though I don't think Oliver knew that we even lost). It was a GREAT day...I felt excited to show Oliver how awesome BYU football is.

Sunday my brother and sister in law stopped by on their way back to Idaho (from Vegas). They stopped with their 3 boys and played for a couple of hours. My boys ADORE their kids, and had the best time. I love them and it was SO good to see them. They dropped off a HUGE watermelon from green river and some of Brian's mom's Elderberry jam...which I can't get enough of. I was so happy they made the time to stop by.

Then Sunday evening we went over to Justin and Angelique's for some costco pumpkin pie. Ohhh sweet deliciousness. I took some pictures from Linh's blog to document the night.


Me and my very tall brother

pretty self explanatory.

It was a great weekend. Football game, friends visiting, and family and pumpkin pie...I don't think it gets any better than that.


Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

Great pixs. Eat some pie for me.

bBchronicles said...

CORT = where did ALL THE HAIR GO!?!