Sunday, September 05, 2010

Ben's grown up...

On Saturday my little neighbor growing married. I probably saw Ben everyday of my life for a good portion of my growing up times. He has grown up into is crazy. He married a cute girl named Jackie...the seemed like a cute couple.

I woke up at 6 so that we could be to Salt Lake before 8:30. It was a early morning for me. We met up with Isaac and Linh. They were married in the Salt Lake Temple. It was a wonderful morning. It was so great to see the Hardy's. I got all teary when I saw Merle and Cynthia...made me miss my parents...and being young.

The Earls (that were there) and the bride and groom. (Linh cropped out some other random guy that was next to me...I was laughing because he was in the picture with us)


It was great being there with Isaac and Linh we had a great time just hanging out.

The reception was in the Joseph Smith Memorial building. They always do such a beautiful job there. The food was so good...I could have probably eaten a dozen rolls.

After I got home from Salt Lake, I jumped right back in the car and headed back up to Salt Lake for my niece's baptism. My niece Leah made the important decision of getting baptized. Of course I don't have one picture. Sheesh.

We met up with Bob and Roberta and Cam and Leah, then a little later Shawn and Kandee and their kids, and just hung out at Cameron's house. At 5 we started watching the BYU game (woot woot) and then left to the Baptism.

Cortney was the speaker at the baptism. It was SCORCHING hot in the church. I was so proud of Leah. She is just such a great girl.


Laura Lei said...

I am soo glad you guys were able to go. I am feeling so sad right now, because I wanted to be there so bad. Sometimes it stinks being on the other end of the country. I love all the pictures though. You girls are looking gorgeous. And that picture with Ben and Jacky is the first I've seen of their wedding. Thanks for sharing it. And now I am officially depressed. Sigh.

Christensen's said...

Who is the hotty in the pink sweater?...I love your boys first day of school cute! Also the ones of Henry in the tinkerbell outfit...too funny!

Samantha said...

Oh Ben! Man, I wish I could've been there too. I love the hardys.

Earl Family said...

You look so great in those pictures.