Monday, September 27, 2010

school days

So today I had a crazy day. It was a minimal day which means the teachers had some kind of training and so the kids were there half day. I had also volunteered to help out at Oliver's Johnny Appleseed day, and was also picking up and taking home a friend of Robbie's. I knew Rob was going to be a problem because he woke up on the WRONG side of the bed, and I had to wake him about 15 minutes before school. He just didn't have enough time to fully wake up. I took him and Oli to school, then my neighbor Sarah came and got Henry so I could help out in Oli's class...oh and by the way she took him along with her 3 kids to a doctors appointment (plus Henry was still in his PJ's...whoops). I felt horrible...thanks Sarah!

ThenI went to Oliver's class to help...a couple minutes after I got there Rob's teacher called me because he was saying he was too sick. I was literally across the hall so I ran over and got Rob...he looked tired and like he was going to cry. They had tried to have him lay down on a bean bag to feel better but he wasn't having it, he wanted to go home. So here I was supposed to help, but with a sick (and ornery) little boy (he wasn't really sick just tired he screamed at me to take him to the store to buy some gum on the way out of the school). I told Oliver's teacher I had to go and she said that was fine, when I went to tell Oliver he almost started about being stuck So his teacher said I could just stay for the part where I would be helping Oliver's class and Rob could stay and sit in the corner. I gave Rob my camera to keep him busy and this is what he came up with.

That is me in the black...Oliver's teacher is kinda facing me in the red. His teacher is awesome. I look really helpful huh??

Sick Rob sitting in the backpack cubby room.

I had Rob snap a quick picture of us before I left.

Poor Sarah had to take Henry to the doctor with her looking like this. hahaa. You should have seen how cute her kids looked.

Henry LOVES LOVES the trampoline by the way.

Rob and Kempton with huge Carrots from Sarah's garden. By this point Rob already wasn't feeling sick.

Then of course I had to go back to the school to pick up Rob's friend from class. He went with me and held her hand the whole way to the car. The teacher said she is always rubbing Rob's hair. Hahaa.

Tonight after watching my shows I went to go to the bathroom and Oliver had laid his clothes out for tomorrow...

Seriously the boy loves clothes.

Last but not least I had to snap this picture I snapped of the boys sleeping tonight. Ahhh I love when they are asleep.

Life has been crazy around here. I just have been so busy. I have so many things to post about but that is all for tonight.


Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

Hooray a blog!! More!!
Love Mom

Christensen's said...

That is so cute that Oliver laid out his clothes for it!

PJ said...

I agree with Sarah.
Hey, you said Rob's teacher called and you were across the hall...does that mean you found your phone or that you had to get a new one?