Wednesday, September 22, 2010

we've been doing some fun stuff.

Cortney and I decided to take the kids to the mountain dew tour in Salt Lake City. The kids are obsessed with biking and skating. We thought it would be pretty awesome. Unfortunately we wanted to watch the BYU game, and forgot to feed our kids before went to go watch the xtreme sport action. We thought for sure we could just buy dinner there...but of course no one took credit has cash these days??
Our friend Kit saved our lives by bringing us some bottled water. Despite being hungry we had a great time. And now some mediocre phone pictures.

There was some pretty good teenage bmx bikers.

Yeah, Cort has a mustache right now. I know, I'm lucky.

This was a picture I took in a weird panoramic picture mode...I love how happy Rob looks.

We got to watch the amateur BMX bikers and then we got to watch the freestyle MX competition. It was awesome and scary. We also saw a bmx'er crash real hard. Made my tummy hurt. Poor kid. It was a great night but halfway through the FMX part, Rob was done. So we took the kids through the drive through at McDonald's and they downed their food in record time. Then the rest of the way home they quietly watched a movie with headphones while Cortney and I was awesome. I love our van. It makes such a difference. I am thankful everyday to have a car that starts every single time you try to start it. It has been a long time.

On Monday we went rollerskating with Oliver's school. It was funny...
Yes this is a picture of me rollerskating. Believe it. Yes, Henry is relaxing and drinking a bottle while I push him. Hilarious. The skating rink had a sign that said "We recommend patrons over 25 refrain from skating"...after a couple of times around the rink I thought, yeah they are right...I am too old for this. The funny thing was I couldn't skate AT ALL without the stroller. I don't know why I don't have any pictures of the kids (oh yeah we didn't want to have to watch the camera too). They scootered their little booties off and loved every second. I got some sweet video footage of Henry dancing. He was really breaking out his best moves.

I got my carpets cleaned today...almost nothing makes me happier (well new carpets would be nice). Yay for me!


Kacey Nielsen said...

You obsession with talking diet seems to have paid off! You are looking exceptionally thin and lovely.

And I really just want to kiss Henry on those big ol' cheeks. Yup, just wanna kiss him.

Kandee Lou said...

WHO is the guy with the handlebar mustache? Looks like you guys had a great time, Hens it so cute!