Tuesday, September 07, 2010

BYU tailgate

The local grocery here sometimes does a BYU tailgate before games. I have never been before but Cali and I decided we would go since we wouldn't be together to watch the game on Saturday.

Cali and I wondered if we would be embarrassed when we showed up, the only ones there...with 8 kids all decked out in head to toe BYU apparel. Luckily that wasn't the case because there were tons of people. I felt proud at how hard core we are. It was awesome, they had drawings (Joe won a case of diet caffeine free coke), bouncy houses, and games where you could win chips, drinks and crackers. We won 3 bags of chips and a box of crackers. Cali's family won even more than that. They also had SUPER cheap dinner. For two dollars you got a chicken quarter BBQ'd and potato salad, a roll and a drink all for 2 bucks. It was awesome. It was the perfect way to start the season!! Get ready for a ton of pictures.

I had to post this picture because this is what it looks like if you are going somewhere with 8 kids...I don't know how my mom did it.

The group.
Minus cort...of course.

This a horrible picture of me...but it is actually TRUELY what I look like when I am really happy. So I had to include it. Cali and I were in line hoping to win some tickets.

Sisters (we almost wore the exact same shorts hahaa)

Oh I forgot...they also had face painting. Cute GG getting her face paint on. She said "I am nervous that people will see my arms." hahaa...Cali doesn't usually let the girls wear sleeveless things. I gave the girls that head band...it broke and they still wear it everywhere.

I gasped when I saw how cute this picture was...GG is SO AWESOME.


Oliver and Tyson both picked the black football lines (whatever that is called)

Rob taking it so seriously.

Fi had a little BYU dress on...it was so cute.

Um...don't you love this. How adorable is that.


I love this face she is making trying to make it so we can see her face paint. She is the queen of faces.

Whoever is in the back stroller seat is always getting the guy in the front. Here Fi is trying to get his baba.

We got our chicken dinners and tried to escape the heat and stand on the side.

Cali and some of her kids.

Rob's face paint (it was smeared because he cried because I tried to make him eat his chicken)

Just a picture of the crowd.

It was a fun night, I am glad we went.

Oh plus the cougs won!! How awesome is that??


Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

Looks wonderful. Go Cougs.
Love, Grandma Connie
ps. You can NEVER have too many pictures for me.

Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

This is the best ever. It just gave me a warm feeling to see you all as a family (two families) totally cool. I am downloading some of the pictures so I can keep them in my book. Dad d

{natalie} said...

1. i love how hardcore you guys are about cougar football

2. love gg's cute face

3. love the one of fiona chewing the stroller and henry looking chubalicious.

4. i really want one of your byu sugar cookies next time you make one....just drop it off at the big C please.

{natalie} said...

ps 8 kids seems very overwhelming to me. good job you guys.

Christensen's said...

Wow! They were all decked out!

vjc said...
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vjc said...

Connie told me once the secret to dealing with 8 kids was that they came one at a time.
Sorry Sam:)