Saturday, May 31, 2008

ball game

Phewww....I have a lot of pictures for this post. Sorry.

So we hit a big milestone for our little family. We finally have a child old enough for organized sports. Man it really feels like a long time coming. Oliver has been dying to get in there and play since he was 2. We signed him up for t-ball with his cousin Jack. I think he is going to love it. Although today before the game he got a little teary eyed...because he didn't quite know what to expect, so cute and so Oli. Once we were there he really loved it though.

Man it is amazing how little he knew about baseball. I doubt we have EVER had a baseball game on in our house. He is going to learn quickly I think. Now look at those beautiful mountains. What?? Amazing.

My brother in law Joey Coaches a little league team, I think in my professional opinion that he is a great coach. He was nice enough to give Oliver some pointers when it was his turn to bat. Cortney needed to be able to take the pictures, so he couldn't do it.

Rob kept trying to go and play. Poor kid so hard to understand.

I think I must be cheering in this picture. I sure hope so. (I love how Rob is just crawling in my lap, and I don't even seem to notice)

Goo girl chowing down on a sandwich. I love this baby with everything in me. She is awesome.

Rob and Carolina spent most of the time just wandering around. I thought this was so cute because the both found their brother's hats. They were acting so grown up.

Look at that eye contact. If it was me I would have been closing my eyes.

Poor Cali...she had 2 soccer games and two baseball games to go to today. 4 full hours of sports. ayeyeyaya. Then on top of that these girls were crawling all over her.

Tyson's game was after this he warmed up a little.

Meanwhile...Oliver and Jack paid close attention to the game that was going on.

I love Jack. SO much personality in such a tiny body. Look at that face. Awesome. (Joey wants his kids to wear baseball pants...Jack's are a little big, but nothing compared to how they fit last was a riot. And of course Oli is begging me for some.)

For the first like 6 plays of the game Oliver would run and get the ball he got it every time. So much that I was laughing really hard. At first he would run the ball all the way over to first base. Finally I ran over and told him to THROW it to first base. I love how serious he is.

Jack playing catcher. Oliver said Jack was making this face because the other team didn't know how to hit the ball off of the tee "AT ALL". hahaa

A mad scramble for the ball.

It was a great afternoon. I was so proud of both Jack and Oli. It is so weird for me to be at this stage. So I know I am posting tons of pictures but...he it is a first for us. And very exciting.

One funny thing from the game...Oliver got the ball after the other team hit it and he ran to first base...then to second. Then he waited for the next hitter and ran to third. It was so funny. Cortney ran out there and told him that it wasn't his turn to run the bases. Too cute.

Oh, Saturdays I love you with all of my heart.

So there is almost 1 thing in this world that will get me out of bed before 8:00 a.m. Garage Sale-ing. (I don't know what word it is supposed to be Garage Selling, Sailing, Saleing....huh? Who knows? ) Anyways...for me there is nothing like going shopping and being able to afford everything. In real life at real stores I never buy anything...unless it is an essential or...on a really good sale. So garage sale's let me release that inner need that I have to buy things. (all at a steal of a deal nonetheless.)

My friend Tiffany really inspired me by her pictures of the loot she got a couple of weeks ago. So here is what we bought today. Bumbo (steal of a deal), Rollerblades/pads, blocks, Donkey Kong for N64, and The 5th Harry Potter (the only one my sister Cali is missing from her collection...pheww now she has a whole set) and the book is pristine not one page is dog eared.
Ohhh we found so many beautiful things for the kitchen. I found others that I wanted but I have a tinsy kitchen so I had to just get the ones I really really loved. I have been wanting mini loaf pans for a long time but I won't pay any money for them. I can't wait to make mini loaves of bread for my kid's sandwiches. This is the bowl that was 25 cents! Can you believe that. SO CHEAP. I love this with all my heart. I can't wait to fill it with a pasta salad or something like that.
Then this is a set of three (duh) blue glass pyrex bowls.

I always give the kids a dollar to spend. Rob bought this bubble set for 50 cents. And Oliver paid for half of the rollerblade/pad set.

We had so much fun this morning as a family. Cortney did comment on how much funner it would be for just he and I to go. Hahaa. True, so true. The funniest part was that Rob would see signs or yard sales and scream "garage sale". So he was helping us find them too.

Friday, May 30, 2008

2 quick things...

that I want to remember.

Oliver said tonight in our dinner prayer "please bless mom, that she can get better at cooking". Cortney had to really try hard to keep it together.

Rob fake sneezes EVERY TIME I wash his face, or comb his hair or wipe his bum. He goes AHH AHHH AHHHCHOOO. It is one of the highlights of my day. I don't know why it just warms my heart, every time he does it. WHO knows why he does it. It really is so weird. He isn't doing it to be cute....because he does it in a real annoyed way. It is hard to explain but he will be trying to get away from me and he will turn his head and aahhhh chhooo. Weird. I had to write it because I NEVER want to forget that. I have always had my perfect memory...but it really is getting exhausting remembering so many things.

I am getting the picture situation fixed this weekend. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Cortney keeps saving his pictures in a new program and I don't know how to find him. I have a million things I want to blog about but I keep waiting for him to show me how to get the pictures. He just told me "I can't tonight I have to go to bed right NOW". So maybe tomorrow. I feel like such a slacker. I tried to find them today and got so frustrated I wanted to throw his computer. thus the Bahhhhhhh.

Friday, May 23, 2008

free at last

Finally. Our basement is finished...well mostly. The carpet guy came today, and it looks so beautiful. I am so happy. I feel like our lives have been on hold for this last year. Things didn't have a place to go and were just waiting for that room to be finished. I can't wait to get everything organized and put away in its right place. It feels so good.
Cortney said I had the ISO to high or something like that...I don't know what I am doing with his camera so oh well. You can still get the picture. Carpet.
Ohhhhh the carpet is seriously some of the softest I have ever felt. It is beautiful.
This is taken from Rob's Room. As you can see we aren't quite finished because we are without baseboards in his room and in the hall. Aye. Hopefully we won't wait two years to get that done. You can see where the new room is and then on the other side of the basement is the laundry room (cave) and then a huge storage room that is actually all drywalled and everything. It was probably the least scary room in the basement pre-remodel.

Our basement used to be a scary old basement. Now it feels nice. And certainly less scary.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

a couple of things

First off...tonight I went to Smith's grocery for a couple of things after everyone had gone to sleep.  It was 10:30 and the wind was blowing, a hot wind.  I just made me think of Laura and all of the late night runs to Safeway we used to take.  I wish it was a late night run to Safeway with her.  

Second...Today I had my doctor's appointment in Salt Lake.  Ahhhh.  The study is almost over (I think I have 3 more appointments 1 every six weeks).  In fact today was my last appointment with my doctor.  He is done with his residency and is moving to Orem to practice with his dad.  It was bittersweet goodbye for me.  He and his father have helped me out more than I would ever think someone could or would.  To be honest with you I thought people in general just didn't care that much (outside what their job required)...but they really proved me wrong.  Honestly I feel like they saved my life.  That was a dark time for me, before I got better.  Anways...I am so glad that he is moving here because he can continue to be my doctor.  I am really grateful for them.   Everytime I go to the doctor I start to feel a little sorry for myself.  Sorry that I have to drive to Salt Lake (phew I made it there and back with out killing myself or someone else),  Poor me I have to have blood drawn ect.  But really it is no big deal and every time I get there I think "man I am lucky, I am not here to visit my parents, or siblings, or husband, or child".  (sorry if this doesn't make sense I stayed up until 4:00 am reading last night, yikes) has been so long since I have been pregnant.  I am so grateful for this break but the hormones inside me want a baby in there.  It isn't even that I want a body does.  I have been thinking about names....and dreaming about how much I love a Denny's grand slam breakfast when I am pregnant.  

That is all.  I have some pictures from the weekend I will post them tomorrow. 

Sunday, May 18, 2008

hot dog time

This morning Rob came into our room and said
"dad I want a hot dog"
Cortney said, "not a hot dog it's breakfast time"
Rob: "no it's hot dog time, its HOT DOG TIME".

So we gave him a hot dog. The boy can't help it he loves meat. And just now I saw him in the living room with it and he tried to cover it up with both hands so I wouldn't see him eating out here. Sneaky too.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Oliver loves tank tops. He loooooovvvvees them. Well when he was two and chubby I let him wear them. They looked so cute. But now as he is about to turn 5, he is getting too old. Every time we are at a store he will pull out a camo tank top and say, I wish we could buy this. I told him that tank tops aren't allowed at our house any more. Needless to say this has been a little bit of a disappointment to him. Now I don't want to sound like a mean mom that won't let her kid wear tank tops...but he was wearing them non stop and I had to draw the line. For him it is all or nothing. Anyways, today we were sitting on the couch folding laundry and he said...

"mom do you remember that the Lamanites wore tank tops? The probably just cut the sleeves off of their clothes."

I can just see his brain working trying to find a way out of not being able to wear tank tops. And he is right the Nephites and Lamanites do show a lot of arms. answer is still no.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

fire station

So tonight we headed over to the fire station to take some newborn pictures of our friends baby. The dad is a fire fighter so we had a whole fireman inspired theme...and man the pictures turned out so cute. Probably cuter than any baby pictures Cortney has taken so far. He will post a few once they are edited. He did however snap these three pictures of my boys.

The boys were so good during the photo shoot. They thought it was pretty cool to see the fire trucks but they really loved looking at the landscaping rocks and picking out the crystals. They came home with so many I hope they don't have to re landscape. haha.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

my mothers day

I love mother's day.  Man there is nothing better than being adored for what you do everyday.  I love my kids asking "is it still mother's day" when they are wondering whether or not they still have to be good.  And above all else I love love love the guiltless sleeping in, while Cortney jumps up to help the kids...instead of our usual, where both of us are ignoring the kids pretending to be totally asleep and hoping that the other will get up and take care of their needs.  This year however we were up at the crack of dawn (7:45 a.m.) so no sleeping in for me.  We dressed and got ready for church.  Cort did ask if I wanted him to bring me some cereal in bed (nice try Cort).  

Once we were at church I could tell Oliver was getting pretty worried about getting up there and singing for me.  He doesn't like getting up in front of a crowd.  When it came time, I told him "push your way up all the way to the the wood".  Sure enough when he got up I saw him move slowly from the back row to the front.  Man I was beaming with pride.  First they say the song that goes "I often go walking in meadows of clover..." No one in the whole primary really knew the song.  Oliver kinda just stood there and smiled at me.  Then they sang "mother dear I love you so".  This one we had practiced.  I wanted him to be prepared.  And as it started I could only hear Oliver singing.  I about burst that is how happy I was.  What a wonderful present.  All of his primary leaders couldn't believe how loud he sang, since during singing time he doesn't really do any singing at all.  He really is getting old and I am entering a whole new stage in motherhood.  I am no longer the mother of toddlers.  weird.  

When they got out of class they both had gifts to give me (I love it when teachers do this).  Robbie had a picture of him in a frame that he covered with foam stickers. He unfortunately didn't want me to have it. He kept saying "happy mother's day, my present" it would get more and more forceful if I tried to take it from him.  He did let me look at it a lot though.   Oliver made me a card and a hand cut out on a stick with the jobs he was going to do for me on it. 
Make bed, give you a flower, give a hug and kiss, free, clean room.

Here is his card he made for me.  He did realize once we were home that he forgot to give me arms.  

I don't have a picture of Rob's gift because he left it at Cali's house. (he cried all day for it today)

Cortney gave me JUST WHAT I WANTED...a picnic table!!  I have been wanting one for two years maybe.  He picked it up at costco on Saturday and we put it together, together.  haha.  
I am going to make my kids eat all of their meals outside (weather permitting).  I am so sick of cleaning up food messes all over the house (somehow Rob thinks he can eat whatever whenever and wherever he wants).  We started this morning with their bowls of cereal.  Rob woke up at 9:00 a.m. so it was a little warmer outside.  They thought it was pretty cool.  Now I just need and umbrella for the middle of the table so they can be  shaded in the hot summer.  

In the afternoon we all ventured over to Cali's to talk to Elder Mike Earl while he is in Paraguay.  He sounded great.  The same.  I didn't think he would.  I don't know why.  It was nice.  

Then in the evening we had our Survivor season finale party at Cali's.  It was really funny because five years ago there would be 20 adults at the party tons of food and a couple of babies and toddlers.  But as the years have gone by we have all had more kids and now no one can come.  It was cortney and I, Cali and Joey and Shane.  Wah wah waaaahhh.   It was still a really fun night and possibly my favorite survivor finale ever (despite the wrong person winning).  

All in all it was a great day, happy day to me. 

Monday, May 12, 2008

robbie's words

Tonight I was putting on a baby Einstein I got for Robbie at the library. He was getting himself all tucked in under his covers and then he said;

"this is gonna be so cool"

He was right.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

my 2 moms

I am grateful to have two such strong mothers in my life. Both are the best at what they do, they really are.

can this picture of baby abigale get any more perfect??

And very fitting...every picture I have of these two ladies...they have a baby in their arms.  I wish I could spend the day with either of my two moms.  But just know that we adore and love you guys.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

2 new things

First this is what Cali and I made for dinner for all the kids tonight.
Yummy! And it was made with homemade bread and Celeste's Heavy cream syrup.
Man our kids are spoiled. (Really I didn't have anything to cook with but I did have the random ingredients of strawberries and cream...both of which I never have)

So back to 2 new things...
On Monday I had it in my mind that I really wanted a trampoline. And seeing how we now have grass in our backyard and we actually have a backyard it is now the time. For the past couple of months I have been looking for trampolines on and of course they always sold super fast and most were in SLC. So Cortney got home from work and I was using the power of positive thinking (hahaa) to bring a trampoline into our lives. Sure enough I typed in "trampoline" in the search box and up pops a tramp selling near our house...already disassembled and for only 85 dollars! The best part of the whole thing is she had only had it listed one hour, and it was in the wrong section on ksl. So we called her up and it was ours...and for only 80 because the atm only gives 20's. Sweet. The lady told us that they only had it up for two months and then her daughter broke her arm so they took it down. Lucky us. It is brand new. And it is a nice tramp. I am so excited!

The second new thing is the boys summer haircuts. Phewww. I love it when there hair gets shaved. I just feel claustrophobic for them with that thick shaggy hair they are usually sporting.
aren't their little (okay not so little) shaved heads cute??

Please excuse Rob's dirty dirty face...I try I really do to keep it clean.

This picture is crazy...they happened to both jump sideways at the same actually ended in a pretty bad collision, and Rob ended up crying, but still the picture is cool.

Oliver in the middle of a flip. Pretty awesome huh? Or maybe pretty dangerous?
Poor Oli.

Well that is all. Two very exciting things in the life of a stay at home mom.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

workin' it

Yesterday night Cortney had his monthly photography meeting in Salt Lake. I usually don't like it when he goes because he is gone until 11 and I get lonely. However...last night Justin and Angelique came by to borrow the truck. They borrowed it and then when they came to return it the decided to stay a while (until Cortney got home Yeah!). We made caramel popcorn, watched American Idol and had some good conversation. It made my day. As we were talking they said they would come over and help us paint the basement. Yes!!! Just what we needed to make us get it done.

They came over tonight we got some Chinese food from the Rice Wok (man their pot stickers are TO DIE FOR), and they we got down to business. It is amazing how much faster things get done when you have four adults and the kids are asleep. Usually when I paint something it is Cali and I and our millions of kids bugging us the whole time. Last time we painted we ended up having to call poison control to as what happens if your kid drinks a whole bunch of paint (chocolate milk colored paint). Anyways we got done fast...and I honestly had a great time doing it. It didn't seem like work at all. We just talked and laughed the whole time.

We were all wearing our Earl Reunion T-shirts (represent!) So I had to get some sweet cheesy pictures.

I thought a human fan would display of our shirts just right. Cortney put the timer on and came running...I didn't know he had the drill and he really poked my head hard...accidentally of course.

This one is supposed to look like we don't know our picture is being taken...hard at work. Cortney couldn't find a paint brush to pick he grabbed the next closest thing.

And last but certainly not least the three of us linking arms. Cortney opted to stay out of this one...and the he peeked in the side.

It was a great night and man....we are ALMOST done. And I really mean that this time (the outlet covers are even on...and the light fixtures are up too!)

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

weird...and a little disturbing.

I just went to tuck Rob in...make sure he was covered and turn off his little lamp (that he has insisted on the last couple of weeks). Anyways when I went in there he was sitting up and totally asleep. I watched for about 90 seconds and he just sat there sleeping. He wasn't leaning against anything at all either. How weird. I laid him down and covered him up and he didn't open his eyes or anything.

'nuff said

Does this amazing picture Cortney took really need any words...I don't think so.

Monday, May 05, 2008

what a great weekend.

warning...perhaps too many pictures ahead

On Friday Cortney's sister Heather was here with Brian and their three boys. We made plans to go over to dinner at our friends Gheen and Beth's. Also there were a whole bunch of our friends that live around here but hale from Rexburg. It was so fun to see everyone. It was especially great seeing Brian and Heather and the boys. We love them. And from the time we got married they have always been one of our best couple friends. Heck...when we lived in Rexburg they were some of our ONLY friends. Hahaa. We used to play Donkey Kong for HOURS. (and by play I mean the boys would play and Heather and I would try to help them figure out which way to go...that game really stumped us). Anyways back to the night...Gheen and Beth live in a AWESOME house in highland. And we all just sat around and talked and ate and just had a great time. The food was soo good. Oh man my mouth is watering just thinking about it.
Come on now...doesn't that look divine? bro in law brian modeling the food.

And, between all of us there were a million little boys. There were 4 little girlies sprinkled in too but I think there were 12 little boys. Wow. my boys had a great time with their cousins and all of the other kids. The two red headed beauties are their cousins Carson, and Kelton. Even though they are much older than my boys they play with them SOOOO well.
Rob trying to be sooo tough in front of the other "guys".
Oli really looks up to his cousins he thinks they are the best.I used to babysit this boy when he was just a baby...back when Cortney and I were dating.

Anyways the night was great. I am always a little anxious...when we go out with Cortney's friends. Nervous. What if they won't like me...or I say something dumb? Ahhh. But everytime we do, they are always so nice and I feel like we have always been great friends. They really are some great people. And Oliver just loved having all of those boys to play with.

Friday night Rob started to lose his voice. He is seriously talking three octaves higher than his regular low low voice. IT IS SO FUNNY. Honestly it is so high you can barely hear it.

Saturday we woke up and I cleaned cleaned cleaned. There isn't a better feeling than getting ALL of your cleaning done. I felt like I could breath again. When you live in a small house if 3 things are out or there is a bunch of stuff on top of your cabinet for really feels like the walls are coming closer in closer trying to devour me. Crazy? Cortney spent the morning working hard downstairs. Then we went for a family drive. I ran into the library to "quickly" grab some books while Cortney waited in the car with the kids. I was actually giggling to my self, that is how happy I was to be in the library without them. Ohhhh how I love the library. I love books. And I came home with 7 which is less than I usually bring. Then we went ran to walmart. It was just a really nice day. One of those days that you can open every window in your house and just breath. Ohhh.

Sunday (today) we all headed to church, and then Cortney took Robbie home after sacrament. He was too sick to go to nursery. The funniest thing happened during the sacrament...Rob drank his drink but as he went to throw his little cup away, his back wash that was left in his cup poured out into like four other cups....just waiting for someone else to drink them. The guy passing the sacrament kinda laughed and I just buried my head in my hands. Oh well. So sorry to those poor people. I hope they don't wake up with a sore throat.

Then tonight we took a family walk, and ended up at our friends Sherry and Jory's to look at their kittens. The boys were in heaven.
How cute is that??
Rob loves kittens...this one kept clawing him...but he kept coming back for more.
Oliver is so soft with animals...he is really like his dad in that regard. Maybe he will be an animal whisperer just like Cort.

Rob and I starting the walk...

It wasn't loong before Robbie needed Cortney to push him. He got tired after a couple of minutes. I tried to get him to go in the stroller but he is too big for that.
Oliver Crossing the street. Man this little boy is growing up before my eyes. I can't believe I have a kid that can look both ways and then cross. I was still right there watching him but, man even a year ago he would have been right by my side, for the whole walk.

On our way home our neighbor's Jed and Sarah were outside so we stopped by to talk and take a couple of pictures.
There cute daughter Brooklyn. She is really warming up to me.

They sent us home with a couple of pieces of cake. This picture is so classic Rob...priceless.
(my kids get REALLY red cheeks when they are sick or hot...or frustrated...he is probably all of the above in this picture)

Man it is so nice to have lived somewhere long enough to have friends in our neighborhood. Cortney and I have moved 12 times in the past 8.5 years, so to be at our house 20 months...and actually know some people that live around actually quite amazing. And nice might I add.