Tuesday, September 28, 2010


First I want to say that last night as I went to bed I was really sad because we hadn't done the dishes before going to bed.

This morning Cortney woke up early to do them for me. I love that he knew that would mean the world to me.

Okay now on to this weekend...

On Saturday Cortney and I got the "good" seat tickets for the BYU game. Cortney's phone ran out of batteries so we didn't get any pictures. Cali and Joe had tickets too so we decided we would take our 3 oldest boys plus the neighbor kid to the game too. I was a little worried because they wouldn't be able to sit by us. Tyson is old enough to be in charge of them for the most part...and Joey kept insisting that, that there are kids running around the game everywhere. We left pretty early leaving Brooklyn to watch our little kids. (she did such a great job the kids had the best time) We dropped Joey off with the four boys to scalp some tickets for them.

We made our way to the food tent and ate and ate. I love endless amounts of free food. Nothing makes me happier. Joey happened to find 4 tickets together for 10 dollars each...which was awesome. Then he bought the boys a football and left them outside to play catch on the grass outside of the stadium while we got our eat on.

Once the game started Cali and I took the boys to their seats. They sat in the south end zone almost to the top. We showed them where to find us and left them there. The game was pretty horrible (we lost) but it is always an amazing feeling to be in the stadium...surrounded by blue. I love it. At half time we went up and got the boys and took them back out. They had the best time, they thought the best part was being without grownups. We gave them each 5 bucks and they got some creamery ice cream. They loved the game (even though I don't think Oliver knew that we even lost). It was a GREAT day...I felt excited to show Oliver how awesome BYU football is.

Sunday my brother and sister in law stopped by on their way back to Idaho (from Vegas). They stopped with their 3 boys and played for a couple of hours. My boys ADORE their kids, and had the best time. I love them and it was SO good to see them. They dropped off a HUGE watermelon from green river and some of Brian's mom's Elderberry jam...which I can't get enough of. I was so happy they made the time to stop by.

Then Sunday evening we went over to Justin and Angelique's for some costco pumpkin pie. Ohhh sweet deliciousness. I took some pictures from Linh's blog to document the night.


Me and my very tall brother

pretty self explanatory.

It was a great weekend. Football game, friends visiting, and family and pumpkin pie...I don't think it gets any better than that.

Monday, September 27, 2010

school days

So today I had a crazy day. It was a minimal day which means the teachers had some kind of training and so the kids were there half day. I had also volunteered to help out at Oliver's Johnny Appleseed day, and was also picking up and taking home a friend of Robbie's. I knew Rob was going to be a problem because he woke up on the WRONG side of the bed, and I had to wake him about 15 minutes before school. He just didn't have enough time to fully wake up. I took him and Oli to school, then my neighbor Sarah came and got Henry so I could help out in Oli's class...oh and by the way she took him along with her 3 kids to a doctors appointment (plus Henry was still in his PJ's...whoops). I felt horrible...thanks Sarah!

ThenI went to Oliver's class to help...a couple minutes after I got there Rob's teacher called me because he was saying he was too sick. I was literally across the hall so I ran over and got Rob...he looked tired and like he was going to cry. They had tried to have him lay down on a bean bag to feel better but he wasn't having it, he wanted to go home. So here I was supposed to help, but with a sick (and ornery) little boy (he wasn't really sick just tired he screamed at me to take him to the store to buy some gum on the way out of the school). I told Oliver's teacher I had to go and she said that was fine, when I went to tell Oliver he almost started crying...talk about being stuck So his teacher said I could just stay for the part where I would be helping Oliver's class and Rob could stay and sit in the corner. I gave Rob my camera to keep him busy and this is what he came up with.

That is me in the black...Oliver's teacher is kinda facing me in the red. His teacher is awesome. I look really helpful huh??

Sick Rob sitting in the backpack cubby room.

I had Rob snap a quick picture of us before I left.

Poor Sarah had to take Henry to the doctor with her looking like this. hahaa. You should have seen how cute her kids looked.

Henry LOVES LOVES the trampoline by the way.

Rob and Kempton with huge Carrots from Sarah's garden. By this point Rob already wasn't feeling sick.

Then of course I had to go back to the school to pick up Rob's friend from class. He went with me and held her hand the whole way to the car. The teacher said she is always rubbing Rob's hair. Hahaa.

Tonight after watching my shows I went to go to the bathroom and Oliver had laid his clothes out for tomorrow...

Seriously the boy loves clothes.

Last but not least I had to snap this picture I snapped of the boys sleeping tonight. Ahhh I love when they are asleep.

Life has been crazy around here. I just have been so busy. I have so many things to post about but that is all for tonight.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

tiny dancer

I thought this deserved its own post...Henry dancing at the roller rink...yeah he learned his moves from me.

Henry dancing from ashley boice on Vimeo.

we've been doing some fun stuff.

Cortney and I decided to take the kids to the mountain dew tour in Salt Lake City. The kids are obsessed with biking and skating. We thought it would be pretty awesome. Unfortunately we wanted to watch the BYU game, and forgot to feed our kids before went to go watch the xtreme sport action. We thought for sure we could just buy dinner there...but of course no one took credit cards...um...who has cash these days??
Our friend Kit saved our lives by bringing us some bottled water. Despite being hungry we had a great time. And now some mediocre phone pictures.

There was some pretty good teenage bmx bikers.

Yeah, Cort has a mustache right now. I know, I'm lucky.

This was a picture I took in a weird panoramic picture mode...I love how happy Rob looks.

We got to watch the amateur BMX bikers and then we got to watch the freestyle MX competition. It was awesome and scary. We also saw a bmx'er crash real hard. Made my tummy hurt. Poor kid. It was a great night but halfway through the FMX part, Rob was done. So we took the kids through the drive through at McDonald's and they downed their food in record time. Then the rest of the way home they quietly watched a movie with headphones while Cortney and I talked...it was awesome. I love our van. It makes such a difference. I am thankful everyday to have a car that starts every single time you try to start it. It has been a long time.

On Monday we went rollerskating with Oliver's school. It was funny...
Yes this is a picture of me rollerskating. Believe it. Yes, Henry is relaxing and drinking a bottle while I push him. Hilarious. The skating rink had a sign that said "We recommend patrons over 25 refrain from skating"...after a couple of times around the rink I thought, yeah they are right...I am too old for this. The funny thing was I couldn't skate AT ALL without the stroller. I don't know why I don't have any pictures of the kids (oh yeah we didn't want to have to watch the camera too). They scootered their little booties off and loved every second. I got some sweet video footage of Henry dancing. He was really breaking out his best moves.

I got my carpets cleaned today...almost nothing makes me happier (well new carpets would be nice). Yay for me!

Monday, September 20, 2010


No one turned my phone in. :(

Saturday, September 18, 2010

so annoying

Yesterday when I was waiting for Oliver to come out of the school (I was sitting on the grass) my phone slipped out of my pocket, and was left behind at the school. I didn't even realize it was missing until around 6 pm so I couldn't see if it was turned in to the school office. When I called my phone it went straight to voicemail. I went online and checked if anyone had been using it or if other people had tried to call me and I could see that at 3:45 and 3:47 whoever has my phone tried to call the numbers in my phonebook that are titled Mom cell and Dad cell. So I am hoping it was turned into the school office, they thought it was a students phone so they tried to call the mom and dad (both are my parents moses lake numbers from YEARS ago). Then once they couldn't get through they turned it off and put it in the lost and found. I HOPE this is the case. I guess I will find out on Monday.

So...if you are one of the 3 people that call me...my phone is lost...call Cortney instead.

How annoying.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This has been haunting me

I never go this long without posting. I just haven't felt up to it. Now on to a bunch of random things.

I thought that school would start and all of the sudden I would have all the time in the world to do whatever I want. Yeah, not so much. I have been so busy. I don't know why. (although my house has definitely been cleaner, which is SO nice)

I am loving the fall weather...this is by far my favorite time of year. My heart beats fast just thinking about it. Football, pumpkin foods of all kinds, the chill in the air, hooded sweatshirts, school...I could go on and on. Dad...Costco's pumpkin pies are in. It makes me miss you like crazy. Cortney and I met in the fall...this time of year always makes me remember those days. Fall feels like falling in love to me.

I wish I had a wreath for my door.

I have been loving dropping off both my boys every morning. It is so weird to come home to a quiet empty house. I am loving LOVING my little Henry. He is so awesome. I need to get some video because all he does all day is climb up my little stairs and then ROLL down them. It is hilarious. He is getting into everything, my other boys never did that this early.

I am really missing sleeping in. I wake up now around 8:30...I know all you moms that are up at 5:45 with your kids are amazed that 8:30 is getting up early. So what I like to sleep in. I am not a morning person...just ask my sisters, my roommate in college or Cortney. Last year almost everyday Rob would climb in bed with me and we would sleep the morning away. I miss that.

I can't wait for everyone to see FIONA AND HENRY's Halloween costumes. YOU WILL DIE. They are so cute. I don't know how Sam does it because Cali and I always want to buy Fi and Hens matching things...it sure gets expensive, if I had boy/girl twins I don't know if I would be able to resist. I guess you get the blessing of being TOO exhausted to shop. hahaa.

On Monday Oliver was awarded the "Geneva Giant of the week" award...
The award said he got it for being a good sport and being responsible. He got it in front of the whole school and then they took a picture of him and the other winners (he said there were 3-5 other winners ??? who knows). Then they hung the pictures up in the school for the week. He said to me "now you finally believe me that I am good in school!" hahaa.

I am so proud of him. He was pretty darn proud himself. He got a free meal at the village inn and at the brick oven.

When I was little I never won things like this. Every time awards were handed out I was SHOCKED that I didn't get one. I guess I probably wasn't ever that good.

I took some really bad pictures of Henry the other day when he got out of the tub because he looked just like a kewpie doll. I hate when I try to take pictures because they always suck. Oh well. He had a toothbrush and would not look at me when I would finally get him to look up it was for one second.

I love this guy...I am so glad I have him.

That's all. Hopefully now I will be able to post more. I hate when it has been too long...it seems impossible to start up again.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

BYU tailgate

The local grocery here sometimes does a BYU tailgate before games. I have never been before but Cali and I decided we would go since we wouldn't be together to watch the game on Saturday.

Cali and I wondered if we would be embarrassed when we showed up, the only ones there...with 8 kids all decked out in head to toe BYU apparel. Luckily that wasn't the case because there were tons of people. I felt proud at how hard core we are. It was awesome, they had drawings (Joe won a case of diet caffeine free coke), bouncy houses, and games where you could win chips, drinks and crackers. We won 3 bags of chips and a box of crackers. Cali's family won even more than that. They also had SUPER cheap dinner. For two dollars you got a chicken quarter BBQ'd and potato salad, a roll and a drink all for 2 bucks. It was awesome. It was the perfect way to start the season!! Get ready for a ton of pictures.

I had to post this picture because this is what it looks like if you are going somewhere with 8 kids...I don't know how my mom did it.

The group.
Minus cort...of course.

This a horrible picture of me...but it is actually TRUELY what I look like when I am really happy. So I had to include it. Cali and I were in line hoping to win some tickets.

Sisters (we almost wore the exact same shorts hahaa)

Oh I forgot...they also had face painting. Cute GG getting her face paint on. She said "I am nervous that people will see my arms." hahaa...Cali doesn't usually let the girls wear sleeveless things. I gave the girls that head band...it broke and they still wear it everywhere.

I gasped when I saw how cute this picture was...GG is SO AWESOME.


Oliver and Tyson both picked the black football lines (whatever that is called)

Rob taking it so seriously.

Fi had a little BYU dress on...it was so cute.

Um...don't you love this. How adorable is that.


I love this face she is making trying to make it so we can see her face paint. She is the queen of faces.

Whoever is in the back stroller seat is always getting the guy in the front. Here Fi is trying to get his baba.

We got our chicken dinners and tried to escape the heat and stand on the side.

Cali and some of her kids.

Rob's face paint (it was smeared because he cried because I tried to make him eat his chicken)

Just a picture of the crowd.

It was a fun night, I am glad we went.

Oh plus the cougs won!! How awesome is that??

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Ben's grown up...

On Saturday my little neighbor growing up...got married. I probably saw Ben everyday of my life for a good portion of my growing up times. He has grown up into man...it is crazy. He married a cute girl named Jackie...the seemed like a cute couple.

I woke up at 6 so that we could be to Salt Lake before 8:30. It was a early morning for me. We met up with Isaac and Linh. They were married in the Salt Lake Temple. It was a wonderful morning. It was so great to see the Hardy's. I got all teary when I saw Merle and Cynthia...made me miss my parents...and being young.

The Earls (that were there) and the bride and groom. (Linh cropped out some other random guy that was next to me...I was laughing because he was in the picture with us)


It was great being there with Isaac and Linh we had a great time just hanging out.

The reception was in the Joseph Smith Memorial building. They always do such a beautiful job there. The food was so good...I could have probably eaten a dozen rolls.

After I got home from Salt Lake, I jumped right back in the car and headed back up to Salt Lake for my niece's baptism. My niece Leah made the important decision of getting baptized. Of course I don't have one picture. Sheesh.

We met up with Bob and Roberta and Cam and Leah, then a little later Shawn and Kandee and their kids, and just hung out at Cameron's house. At 5 we started watching the BYU game (woot woot) and then left to the Baptism.

Cortney was the speaker at the baptism. It was SCORCHING hot in the church. I was so proud of Leah. She is just such a great girl.

Friday, September 03, 2010


I stole all these pictures from KaeLynn's blog.

Every once in a while we get together on a Sunday at Jason and KaeLynn's for pancakes. These aren't your ordinary pancakes. Jason makes them with a 13 year old sourdough start. They are DELICIOUS. I don't even really like pancakes but these are to die for. It is no small task to feed all of us Earls either. I think everyone eats 10-15 pancakes. So Jason usually has 2-3 griddles going. KaeLynn makes peach and strawberry syrup and there is always an assortment of homemade jams. YUMM.

Abby helping get it started.

Hello cute baby.

The sister's that were there...I believe that Justin and Angelique were in California visiting Sam at the time...I don't remember for sure though.

KaeLynn has ALL SORTS of girlie toys at her house. If you are a little girl then their playroom is your mecca. It is awesome. Dress up costumes as far as the eye can see...I had to dress HennerBenz up...I just couldn't resist because it matched what he was wearing so well.

Cortney kept telling me not to take a picture...I couldn't resist. Sorry Henner.

Isaac spent the whole evening playing a board game with the boys so I pretty much had a kid free evening...with good food and family. I loved it. What a great night.

Thursday, September 02, 2010


Rob was originally enrolled to go to preschool at a preschool about a mile from our house...pretty close right? Well then I heard that the school Oliver goes to,which is even closer, has a free preschool...the only catch you have to test in. When I say test in I don't mean they only take the very smartest kids...exactly the opposite. The preschool is funded by a grant given to get kids ready to go to kindergarten. This preschool is not only convenient because it is a couple blocks from our house, and where oliver goes, but it is also FREE...that is right free. And it is every day for three hours. 15 hours of free preschool. The other school he was supposed to go to is 100 dollars a month.

WHen I first heard about this free preschool I though there was no way he would get in. I haven't worked much with him at home on numbers and letters and such but he is a smart kid. I knew though that it would be so much easier for us if he could get in to the free preschool. My brother Mike said "it's a lose lose situation...either your kid gets in, and maybe isn't that smart, or your kid doesn't get in and he has to go to a preschool that cost 100 dollars." Cortney said, "well maybe it's a good thing that you didn't work with Robbie much at home...maybe now he will get in." Hahaha.

100 dollars is a lot of money for us. It was a real sacrifice when I sent Oliver to preschool. I started praying that if it was supposed to be that Rob would get into the free program.

WHen the day came to get tested we were all pretty nervous. They said we would find out in a couple of days. 38 kids were tested for 28 spots. I thought my odds were pretty good...because while Robbie is SMART...I didn't think he would be one of the smartest 10. DOES THIS MAKE ME SOUND LIKE A BAD MOM???

WEll long story made a little shorter...Robbie got in!! I was so happy...and so grateful. School started on Wednesday and Robbie was pretty excited (although he tried not to let it show). Already it has been so nice to walk both of my kids to school at the same time. It will make going into kindergarten so much easier for Rob...that is for sure.

Here are some pictures of his first day. They are pretty bad pictures but hey the lighting isn't very good right at 9 in the morning. So bad pictures but there are a lot because I love all of his faces in these.

Don't mind the garbage full of diapers...

He looks scared and sleepy.

I love when he does this smile. I also love a freshly shaved head.

I got the boys matching outfits (obviously)...I was really surprised that Oliver was willing to wear the same thing as his brother.

I am really glad Rob is finally in school because he was REALLY missing his brother. NOw the day doesn't seem so long for him.

When I picked him up the first day he said "it was great". He is always making up stories about things that happened that I am pretty sure never happened, so who even knows how it is really going. I think he likes it. Whenever he is mad at me to get back at me he starts screaming mean stuff like "I didn't even want to go to preschool" . But when I drop him off or pick him up he says he loves it. His teachers seem so nice and I just hope...he doesn't get kicked out for bad behavior. hahahaa. No, I really think so far he has been really good at school.

It is so different that with Oliver, with Oli I just hope he makes friends, feels comfortable and has a good time. Rob...isn't shy at all...no with him I hope he doesn't take all his clothes off when he uses that bathroom and I hope that he doesn't get mad or frustrated.

He is the awesomest kid. I love him so much and am so proud of him. It is so cute seeing him go.

Oh...and it has been pretty dang awesome being just me and Henry for 3 hours everyday. I don't even know what to do with myself.