Saturday, February 28, 2009

my girls

Bahhh...I can't get any motivation to blog.

I had the best time on my girlfriend weekend. The best.

Tiffany and Todd used some of their miles to get me and Tiffany tickets to get to Arizona. Can you believe how nice that is. I love those people. Anyways...the tickets we ended up getting were FIRST CLASS. Missy met up with us in the airport and we just sat around and talked as we waited for our planes. It was funny flying first class. They really are like, 100% nicer to you when you are flying in first class. They brought Tiffany a bag of ice to put at the base of her neck, to help with air sickness. It was fun.

Amber, Missy, Tiffany and I all flew in at the same time. We met together and waited for Laura to pick us up. All four of us were walking to her, walking to was just like in a movie. What a great reunion. I love those girls. After that we headed over to Laura's house to eat. We had something a little crazy happen on the way over but I will leave out the details (for my own sake really). At Laura's we ate a delicious dinner and got to see her house, husband, and baby. All lovely. Then we headed out to Missy's mother-in-law's condo. We were all completely giddy to be around each other and couldn't stop talking. We stayed up until really early in the morning every day we were there.

The next morning Missy was up early (well early for me...probably really late for her) making a yummy breakfast. Baked french toast, caramel syrup, fresh strawberries and white chocolate steamed milk. Ummm yumm. She really took good care of us on this trip. We sat around lazily getting ready then headed out for a little shopping. Pf Changs for lunch (only after the place we were trying to go to was closed) but ohhh I love pf changs. A little more shopping then home to sit in the hot tub. We were out there for probably 2 hours just talking. This vacation really truly just consisted of talking and eating. Then we primped a little and headed out for some Mexican food.

Saturday morning was crepes with strawberries. Then we just lazed around the house. It really felt so good. For lunch we ate at some BBQ place. Then back home for the hot tub. We decided to go to a Japaneese place for dinner. When we walked in we really found out how old we were because we were all plugging our ears. So we opted to eat outside where it was a little less loud. Ohh the food there was so good.

The next morning we all just woke up and headed to the airport. It was such a wonderful trip. So great to be around people the know me and love me completely...flaws and all. I am really lucky to have such great girlfriends.
There was a big king size bed and and twin size mattress at the condo. We would all pack into that bed for our nightly talking. Then I slept on the floor on the twin mattress and missy on the floor on a CRIB matress...sorry miss. The girls were supposed to be closing their eyes in this picture pretending to sleep. hhaaha.

All of us trying to get into a picture together.

There we go...and please keep in mind we had all just taken off our makeup.

A timer picture at the condo on our way out for dinner. It seriously took like 10 pictures to get one where we were all opening our eyes.

Lunch at the BBQ place

Me in first class with my cranberry apple a real glass.

me and tiff in the plane

we had to take a picture of all of our first class treats. hahaa. It was a great trip.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

ash wednesday

I LOVE LOVE it when my birthday falls on Ash Wednesday. Somehow I feel like it is just my special day...a national holiday.

Today I was feeling pretty sick all day though so we didn't do too much celebrating. Cortney did however make me feel so special (as he usually does). I got to sleep in, and woke up to bagels from Einstein bagels, which honestly is like the sweetest thing anyone in the world can do for me. Then I just had a low key day. We ended it with pizza with Roberta (she is here visiting), Cameron and Leah. It was great to see some of my rexburg family. Oh...and I have got to little boys showered me with love and affection the whole day. I am so grateful for those little guys. I don't know where I would be without them.

Also a shout out to my nephew Coop...I love sharing my bday with that little guy. (we tried to skype you guys...we are OUT of minutes this month....oops)

So to everyone...thanks for all the phone calls and well wishes. That is so sweet.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

i'm so excited

Tomorrow evening I am heading for the funnest weekend ever.  Amber, Laura, Tiffany and Missy four of my bestest friends in the whole world and I will be meeting together in Arizona.  I can't wait.  I have been friends with these girls my whole entire life.  They are sisters to me.  I don't know how I am supposed to sleep tonight with all of the excitement.  

All week I have been working on putting together some music that defines all of our years spent together.  Because every girls trip deserves it's own soundtrack.  Just tonight I listened to all that songs I put together...and I am not kidding you I felt like I was going to puke.  The songs on this CD range from songs we used to look forward to at church dances...songs we used to listen to in the dark with the base pumped all the way up, as we dreamed about boys we loved....songs we used to get down to (and I mean really get down).   These girls almost got Cortney and I evicted while we were on our honeymoon because they were making up dance routines in our apartment while we were gone with the music LOUD.  When we got home from our 2 week vacation there was an eviction notice on the door.  Anyways that is besides the point. Pretty much my whole adolescence summed up in an 80 minute CD.  It is awesome.  I can't wait to play it with them will be so nostalgic.  

When Amber and I went away to college in Rexburg we were sad to be away from Tiffany,  Missy and Laura (They were all in Utah)...but I swear we saw them every weekend.  Those were great times.  Then in 1999 three of us got married and we haven't spent a night with all 5 of us together since.  In fact I think the last time the 5 of us spent the night together was on the night before my wedding.  We truly love each other and I can't believe it has taken 10 years (and 14 kids) for us to get back together.  

I wish I had some great pictures but my storage room is a mess and it would take me a couple of hours to get to them.  maybe when I get back. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So February is my birthday month...and being the frugal person that I am I am signed up on every birthday list anywhere...that involves anything free. One of those things is a free meal at Tucano's. It is by far my favorite place to eat with my kids. I am always so happy and proud when they are trying all of the different foods. I don't know why but when my kids eat crazy food it makes my heart so happy.

This morning when I woke up I couldn't believe it...I was actually hungry for the first time in seven days. After we picked up Oli from school we all agreed that we should go eat something. Cortney and they boys finished a whole huge case of top ramen while I was we were all ready for some REAL food. So we went and grabbed the free meal coupon and headed down.

Whenever we go to tucano's we have to make sure it is worth it so we go at lunch because it is like...half price...and we take our kids...who eat for free. It is the most delicious churrasco style Brazilian food. yummm....I am getting hungry just thinking about it. On your table you have a little wood cylinder and red side up means no more side up means...of course keep the meat coming. Anytime we flipped the thing to red Oliver would get so stressed out and beg us to turn it so there would be more meat coming. hahaaa. On top of all the carved meats there is a yummmy salad bar (they actually call it a salad festival)...but it has hot dishes too. It is awesome.

here I am still pretty sick...but man it was good.  I wish I had that food right now. 

Oliver enjoying a chicken wing.  His favorite things were...the fried bananas...the grilled pineapple...and of course all of the assorted meats.  He also picked and tried (without any prodding from the parents) Sushi and A CHICKEN HEART (he and rob both downed them...the both thought they were delish).
I had to post this picture...because that is just how much Rob loved this restaurant.  That boy...his heart really is in his stomach.  He loves to eat.  Oliver on the other hand was FULL he said his stomach was getting rumbly.

It was wonderful to get out of the house. I hadn't stepped outside since wednesday so it felt nice to get out among the living.  I love that place.  It really is a fun place to watch your kids discover different foods.  I love it. 

In other news...

Cortney sold his Samurai on Monday.  We loved that little jeep so it was a sad farewell. In fact I am still pretty sad about it.  It is a relief to have it sold though because he was seriously talking to people on the phone about it for like 3 hours a day.  So if you call me and I don't answer that is why...I am out of minutes.  Cortney sold it because in his heart he has moved on to other things.  That is Cort...he gets obsessed with something...researches it for HOURS on the internet...sells whatever his old obsession was and gets the very best thing he can with the money he got.  I have seen this cycle repeat about a million times since we have been married.  In fact it is the same money he has had forever just recycling.   It has been motor cycles, snowboards, kayaks, road bikes, mountain bikes, other random jeeps.  Its weird.  As I type he is researching DIRT BIKES.   So that is now, I guess, his new obsession. I don't know how I feel about dirt bikes...but he has never really consulted me before on what he should buy with "his" play money.  Anyways...I am sure he or I will post whenever he buys his new toy...whatever that might be.  

Monday, February 16, 2009


I am turning a corner...I can feel it. Today I showered and got dressed...even if I was only dressed for around 5 minutes. It is still a huge improvement from how I have felt all week. It is all a gross cough, snot filled daze. But I feel a lot better tonight. I still can't breath really but I don't feel like I am dying anymore. And I don't feel like I am going to that is good. Now I just need to tackle the house that has been neglected in my one week hiatus. Cortney did an amazing job with the kids but every surface of the house is covered in something whether it be Kleenexes, legos, food, clothes. Aye...I can't wait to be back.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

my valentine's

I am not usually a real fan of valentines day (or overly cheesy blog posts about my loved ones) . This year with me being sick put it in a totally different perspective for me. As I type Cortney is in the kitchen with my boys making decorated sugar cookies out of the refrigerated dough he bought at the store yesterday. He thought it would be something fun for them to do for V day. I am sorry but, hearing your husband take care of your kids while you (me) are writhing around in pain is about as romantic as it gets in my book. All three of my boys have been taking care of me and loving me non stop.

Yesterday I told rob I was hungry. He ran up stairs and brought me down a bowl full of crackers, cheese, and meat. All by himself. What a big boy...and how loving is that? Rob just now came in and screamed..."mom I made cookies for you and decorated them....with SPRINKLES".

Oliver has been so sweet too. Every time he passes by he has to tell me he loves me and gives me a big hug. He has been refilling my water cup and getting me as many kleenexes as I need.

I am really lucky and so grateful for my valentine's.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I am sicker then a dog right now. I have a really bad cold or flu. I can't breath and I am just laying here feeling like my head is going to explode and sweating from every pore on my body. This stinks. Just thought you might want to know. I haven't been sick sick in years.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Happy Birthday Cali! I am so grateful for you in my life. I am so lucky to have such great sisters!

me, Cali, and Sam
I love this picture. I love how Cali and I are holding hands. I love how I kinda have an attitude face, and Cali has such a sweet smile (some things never change)...and how same is making a crazy face. Look how blonde we all were. Those were some good times.

(Nena...Oliver thought that Cali was Zaymes...hahaaa)

temple handouts

So for our New Beginnings night I was in charge of making a handout. So I sent Cortney up to take some pictures of the Timpanogos Temple. I then edited them up and Cali and I went to the dollar store and bought every decent 4X6 frame they had. We did these four different pictures with the theme for the year on them...and the girls got to pick their favorite. It turned out pretty dang cute if I do say so myself.

These are especially impressive because it is REALLY hard to get pretty temple pictures when it is so snowy outside.  Cort did a good job. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

draper temple

On Monday we got the chance to go up and tour the Draper Temple. It was so awesome and amazing. So beautiful. Cali, Cortney and I and all six of the kids went. The kids were so reverent...they walked through the whole thing with folded arms. Cortney carried GG on his back in a child carrier. That really helped.

A family picture (plus grace...that back pack is hard to take off)...taken with Cortney's phone so it isn't great quality. This at the Church house after wards. They had cookies and waters for refreshments...awesome. The kids loved that.
Cali and I and all the kids except grace. They really were so good.

I know Cortney probably isn't supposed to take a picture in the chapel but this is Oliver a couple of weeks ago when he was the reverence child for church.

I am sick with the flu today. Yuck. I must say though....there is almost nothing better then hearing your husband feed your kids, brush their teeth and read them stories before bed. Made being sick almost worth it.

Oh...the kids went to the dentist today. NO cavities. Which is a first in our family. Yahoo.


On Sunday all my siblings that live around here got together for some pancakes at Jason and KaeLynn's house.  My oh my Jason's pancakes are the best I've ever had.  He makes them from a sourdough start and they are so good.  It was such a fun night.  We ate and then everyone migrated over to the couches and we talked and talked.  I love my family. 
KaeLynn, Abigail (one of the tallest babies ever), Angelique and Justin

Joey, Cali...I guess she is saying "talk to the hand", I really have no idea actually because I don't think I have heard her say that before.

Brooklyn, and Jason...the man, he stood by the pancake griddle flipping pancakes for A LONG time.  It is no easy feat to feed all of us Earls. 

Me, Lucy...My brother Mike, who is on a mission's lady friend....or friend that is a lady, and Linh.   I really like Lucy...she is adorable and fits right in.  

It was a great night and right after I headed over to the church for our New Beginnings fireside. It turned out so great.  I really love working with the Youth.   I also really really love all of the other leaders that I work with.  I have really grown to love them over the years I have worked with them.  It is crazy...we have been in this ward for 2 1/2 years.  That is a record for us.  

Sunday, February 08, 2009

mom did you hear that?

Rob's tummy just growled really loud.
Rob: "Mom did you hear that?" (after he had see me look at him funny)
Mom: "yeah...I heard it"
Rob: "it sounds like a frog"
Mom: "it DOES sound like a frog."
Rob: "it sounds like an otter"

He plays a game on Cortney's phone where there is a sound and he has to guess what makes it. I guess there is an otter on that game and it makes the same sound as Robbies tummy.

In other boicefamily news last night Cameron and Leah came over. We have been trying to get together with them forever. They boys seriously dream of them coming to our house or ours to theirs. It was great to see them. Cam bought everyone dinner at Callie's Cafe. Which if you haven't eaten there it is one of my favorite restaurants. Total greasy spoon but with YUMMY YUMMY food. You have to try the "killer hashbrowns". I told Cameron that and he didn't get them but when ours came out his eyes got wide and he couldn't believe how good they were. Ham, sausage, bacon, green pepers, onions, mushrooms, cheese and country gravy...PILED on there. So yummy. We always order a large order and then two pancakes. Yum. It was a great night. All six of us licked our plates clean.

my bro

my little brother Isaac is a really good singer and wrote an awesome song called "Faith is..." on his mission. It is kinda hard to get him to perform...but his wifey, Linh posted him performing it on their blog. Every time I hear it I get total chills (it really is good). So check it is the Sunday after all. Hahaa.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

the smith's

We got the chance to take this adorable family's pictures today. They turned out so good. He is a little taste. I posted two because I am trying to figure out proof set up in photoshop. So each one was done with a different one. hmmm. I need to figure this out.

getting closer

My dad and mom mentioned they wanted to see the door color. So here are some more pictures. Um...the door color is called "punk rock" and it is a little shocking. But I promise you I have a vision (and a house that I stalk that has the same color door) and it will look right once the black shutters are put up (they came in today) and once the trim is white instead of forest green....
We still need to cover the awning in bead board and trim. We also need to paint the concrete bottom of the house. I know in this picture it looks like it doesn't need painted but it is like a purple color compared to the vinyl color.

The door looks brighter then it is I swear. Here is the address sign that I made. It is going to look adorable with the black shutters right next to it.

The side. Along with all my notes for what need to be done. I love the fake shutters that I made in photoshop....the real ones are going to look so awesome.
This is what style they are.

Cortney working on something. And Rob wanting us to come inside.

The back...duh. The trim needs painted and the concrete. ANd what do you think should we should do with the striped chimney?

One last post of the door. Hmmm...we will have to see how it looks once the shutters are up, and the crazy forest green trim is gone. I think I love it.

Oh...and the light next to the door. It used to be brown and I spray painted it black. It is amazing what you can do with a little spray paint.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

my boys

Since we don't have TV anymore my kids watch stuff on the computer. Yesterday they were watching Milo and Otis (which makes me think of Chrissy and Alisha W.). Oliver says it is his favorite movie. He absolutely adores pugs. Anyways they shared the seat so sweetly for a good portion of the movie and then they one was always hogging it so I got another one. They are almost the same size now. I can barely tell them apart when one jumps on my lap or something like that. ALSO please note Oliver's shirt. He likes to wear plain shirts so he just puts them on him they look plain. I don't get it but almost everyday when he gets home from school he puts on a shirt, backwards. Today Cortney got him ready for school while I slept in and Cortney didn't realize that Oli wore his shirt backwards to school. I would have never allowed that...but ohwell.

Mama Berta you best just close your eyes

Now I know Cortney in his life has done a lot of dangerous things. And this pales in comparison to them. But man it was freaking me out yesterday.
He finished this side yesterday we are 90 percent done. 

We don't have a ladder that is big enough so Cortney had to keep moving the truck so he could reach certain parts.  He told me the ladder kept almost tipping over.  Yikes. 

The dark green part (i guess it looks black) will be white sometime this week.  

All we have to do now is just the part in the peak on the other side of the house (we ran out  of siding...again) and then the fron and back trim, oh and the thing that goes over the door (like a little triangle part that comes over the doorway), and we have to put a second coat of paint on the front door.   Ohh and the shutters are on order.  That sure seems like a lot.  But we are close.  

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Today has not been my day. It started out good with just rob and me at target. He was being so good so I decided he could have an icee. He was so proud and excited as we headed to the car. But then he dropped it and it spilled everywhere. The I went inside to refill it only to drop it on the floor of the target food court. After that the day went down hill quickly. Rob spilled a bucket of paint. Then I spilled the oil from the cold deep fat fryer all down the front of myself. Then I started a grease fire as I made meatballs for dinner. And just now I fell down my stairs. From the top to the bottom. It hurt so bad. My right hip is already puffy and bruising. So I am calling it a night. I really just need to start a new day and put this clumsiness behind me.

Monday, February 02, 2009

game day

I woke up yesterday and got right to work on the Crab Rangoon (cream cheese and crab wantons) that I was taking to the game (and they were delicious). Then we all got ready for church and just had a relaxing morning. I love afternoon church when you have no kids that nap. It just makes for a relaxing day.

Oliver was the reverence child for sacrament. Which means we had to be early and then he stood up on the stand folding his arms until the sacrament meeting started. After a couple of minutes he was getting pretty sad up there, so I went up and talked to him...he was on the verge of tears. Poor kid, was nervous...I explained to him he was showing us how to be reverent and he turned the frown up side down and did his best. It was pretty cute. Because we were so early we sat in the front row. My kids were so much better then they usually are in the back row. I guess they felt like they needed to be quiet.

Then primary time came. Rob is having a hard time transitioning to Sunbeams. He cries all morning Sunday saying he doesn't want to go to class. I feel bad for his teachers. Yesterday they couldn't get him to stop crying so after five minutes or so they took him to Cortney's primary class. Rob was asleep in minutes. He doesn't usually take naps anymore but I guess at church he just wants to zonk out. I feel bad for him. Cortney laid him down on one of the kids in his class's coats and Rob slept and slept. The only problem was that after his nap when Cortney woke him up Cort realized that ROB Peeped his pants during his nap. He didn't realize this until the kid had already taken his coat and left though. Poor kid...hopefully he will wash his coat. how traumatic.

Then on to Cali's house for the game. Pheewww. Cali and I had a lot of preparation for the party. I think we counted something like 29 kids and around 26 adults. Can you believe that?? That is a lot of people. Luckily Cali has the perfect house. The game was a great game with a super duper sad outcome. It really did kind of kill the excited party mood that we had going. But...the food was out of control. Seriously.

You couldn't believe the stuff we had. There was food for miles.

I spent almost the whole night frying stuff up. We had the Crab wantons, jalapeno poppers, sweet potato fries, egg rolls, and coconut shrimp.

The crowd. (oh and Angelique...the girl in the middle of the couch... is pregnant...just incase you were wondering)
The downstairs crowd. It was a very serious mood down there.

We had some delicious desserts. Molly brought her german chocolate cake...which I am sorry is to die for. And Justin and Angelique brought KNEADER's raspberry bread pudding. Which is my all time favorite dessert. If you haven't tried it yet and you have a kneader's around your self a favor and get some...TODAY.

All in all it was a great party. I spent at least the first half in the kitchen...but then again I love love to feed people. I got to catch up with a lot of loved ones (my cousin Angie is in that was one of the highlights of the night for me). Too bad the Cards didn't win. But man it was close.