Saturday, February 28, 2009

my girls

Bahhh...I can't get any motivation to blog.

I had the best time on my girlfriend weekend. The best.

Tiffany and Todd used some of their miles to get me and Tiffany tickets to get to Arizona. Can you believe how nice that is. I love those people. Anyways...the tickets we ended up getting were FIRST CLASS. Missy met up with us in the airport and we just sat around and talked as we waited for our planes. It was funny flying first class. They really are like, 100% nicer to you when you are flying in first class. They brought Tiffany a bag of ice to put at the base of her neck, to help with air sickness. It was fun.

Amber, Missy, Tiffany and I all flew in at the same time. We met together and waited for Laura to pick us up. All four of us were walking to her, walking to was just like in a movie. What a great reunion. I love those girls. After that we headed over to Laura's house to eat. We had something a little crazy happen on the way over but I will leave out the details (for my own sake really). At Laura's we ate a delicious dinner and got to see her house, husband, and baby. All lovely. Then we headed out to Missy's mother-in-law's condo. We were all completely giddy to be around each other and couldn't stop talking. We stayed up until really early in the morning every day we were there.

The next morning Missy was up early (well early for me...probably really late for her) making a yummy breakfast. Baked french toast, caramel syrup, fresh strawberries and white chocolate steamed milk. Ummm yumm. She really took good care of us on this trip. We sat around lazily getting ready then headed out for a little shopping. Pf Changs for lunch (only after the place we were trying to go to was closed) but ohhh I love pf changs. A little more shopping then home to sit in the hot tub. We were out there for probably 2 hours just talking. This vacation really truly just consisted of talking and eating. Then we primped a little and headed out for some Mexican food.

Saturday morning was crepes with strawberries. Then we just lazed around the house. It really felt so good. For lunch we ate at some BBQ place. Then back home for the hot tub. We decided to go to a Japaneese place for dinner. When we walked in we really found out how old we were because we were all plugging our ears. So we opted to eat outside where it was a little less loud. Ohh the food there was so good.

The next morning we all just woke up and headed to the airport. It was such a wonderful trip. So great to be around people the know me and love me completely...flaws and all. I am really lucky to have such great girlfriends.
There was a big king size bed and and twin size mattress at the condo. We would all pack into that bed for our nightly talking. Then I slept on the floor on the twin mattress and missy on the floor on a CRIB matress...sorry miss. The girls were supposed to be closing their eyes in this picture pretending to sleep. hhaaha.

All of us trying to get into a picture together.

There we go...and please keep in mind we had all just taken off our makeup.

A timer picture at the condo on our way out for dinner. It seriously took like 10 pictures to get one where we were all opening our eyes.

Lunch at the BBQ place

Me in first class with my cranberry apple a real glass.

me and tiff in the plane

we had to take a picture of all of our first class treats. hahaa. It was a great trip.


Melissa B. said...

It was so fun! I can' t wait to do it again. I would love copies of those pics. So funny! At least to us. I still can't believe you got beverages. Amber and I got to starve.

Laura Lei said...

Man, that was a nice vacation. I having been thinking of that sushi place all week.

Next year...New York.

Adri said...

Fun! The photos in bed remind me of when 5 or 6 of us girls would pile into Laura's bed for a sleepover. And actually sleep there all night. You girls all look beautiful by the way.

lanita said...

Too much fun. I'm glad you guys got to get together. Just like the good ol' days.

angie said...

I flew first class once and it was awesome. the food was so much better.

vjc said...

sounds like fun.
I need names of restaurants please. we are always on the lookout for good food. I recognize Joe's BBQ in old Gilbert. get me some names and I guess I will have to forgive you for not seeing us after spending the weekend in OUR very own Neighborhood. Love Aunt V