Monday, February 02, 2009

game day

I woke up yesterday and got right to work on the Crab Rangoon (cream cheese and crab wantons) that I was taking to the game (and they were delicious). Then we all got ready for church and just had a relaxing morning. I love afternoon church when you have no kids that nap. It just makes for a relaxing day.

Oliver was the reverence child for sacrament. Which means we had to be early and then he stood up on the stand folding his arms until the sacrament meeting started. After a couple of minutes he was getting pretty sad up there, so I went up and talked to him...he was on the verge of tears. Poor kid, was nervous...I explained to him he was showing us how to be reverent and he turned the frown up side down and did his best. It was pretty cute. Because we were so early we sat in the front row. My kids were so much better then they usually are in the back row. I guess they felt like they needed to be quiet.

Then primary time came. Rob is having a hard time transitioning to Sunbeams. He cries all morning Sunday saying he doesn't want to go to class. I feel bad for his teachers. Yesterday they couldn't get him to stop crying so after five minutes or so they took him to Cortney's primary class. Rob was asleep in minutes. He doesn't usually take naps anymore but I guess at church he just wants to zonk out. I feel bad for him. Cortney laid him down on one of the kids in his class's coats and Rob slept and slept. The only problem was that after his nap when Cortney woke him up Cort realized that ROB Peeped his pants during his nap. He didn't realize this until the kid had already taken his coat and left though. Poor kid...hopefully he will wash his coat. how traumatic.

Then on to Cali's house for the game. Pheewww. Cali and I had a lot of preparation for the party. I think we counted something like 29 kids and around 26 adults. Can you believe that?? That is a lot of people. Luckily Cali has the perfect house. The game was a great game with a super duper sad outcome. It really did kind of kill the excited party mood that we had going. But...the food was out of control. Seriously.

You couldn't believe the stuff we had. There was food for miles.

I spent almost the whole night frying stuff up. We had the Crab wantons, jalapeno poppers, sweet potato fries, egg rolls, and coconut shrimp.

The crowd. (oh and Angelique...the girl in the middle of the couch... is pregnant...just incase you were wondering)
The downstairs crowd. It was a very serious mood down there.

We had some delicious desserts. Molly brought her german chocolate cake...which I am sorry is to die for. And Justin and Angelique brought KNEADER's raspberry bread pudding. Which is my all time favorite dessert. If you haven't tried it yet and you have a kneader's around your self a favor and get some...TODAY.

All in all it was a great party. I spent at least the first half in the kitchen...but then again I love love to feed people. I got to catch up with a lot of loved ones (my cousin Angie is in that was one of the highlights of the night for me). Too bad the Cards didn't win. But man it was close.


Supercords said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome party. Ys, the Cards lost, but our stomachs and taste buds were the true winners yesterday. Thanks so much for your hard work in the kitchen. And yes, that bread pudding was as good as you said it was.


angie said...

again...those crab wontons were my HIGHLIGHT of the night!

tiff said...

boo hoo we weren't invited this year!!! dont worry I don't hold grudges-we had our own party and none of you were invited!! kidding of course (not about our party though)

vjc said...

at last a commiserate blog about the Cardinals. what a good game lots of intersting stuff with a disapointing end score.

Adri said...

I LOVE Kneader's bread pudding. It's one of the things I miss the most about Utah. I make sure and get some every time I'm there.

Kimmy said...

Angie texted me about the food. Oh, I will admit I was envious! Glad you guys had a fun time despite the loss.

cort said...

I honestly think that is the best food that I have ever had at any party....hands down! Soooo good

Angelique said...

Why do I have a fork in my mouth? Sheesh. I didn't even think about Cortney taking pictures when I decided to put on my baller gear. Oh well, I'm glad you said that I'm prego so that people know why I'm dressed like that. Fantastic party!

KAMBRIA and MATT said...

This has nothing to do with your post other than you looked really cute. I found Laura on facebook. Yeah. I was so excited. Thought you would like to know.

Anonymous said...

GO STEELERS! Love that they won and now hold the record for 6 Super Bowl Champs!