Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So February is my birthday month...and being the frugal person that I am I am signed up on every birthday list anywhere...that involves anything free. One of those things is a free meal at Tucano's. It is by far my favorite place to eat with my kids. I am always so happy and proud when they are trying all of the different foods. I don't know why but when my kids eat crazy food it makes my heart so happy.

This morning when I woke up I couldn't believe it...I was actually hungry for the first time in seven days. After we picked up Oli from school we all agreed that we should go eat something. Cortney and they boys finished a whole huge case of top ramen while I was sick...so we were all ready for some REAL food. So we went and grabbed the free meal coupon and headed down.

Whenever we go to tucano's we have to make sure it is worth it so we go at lunch because it is like...half price...and we take our kids...who eat for free. It is the most delicious churrasco style Brazilian food. yummm....I am getting hungry just thinking about it. On your table you have a little wood cylinder and red side up means no more meat...green side up means...of course keep the meat coming. Anytime we flipped the thing to red Oliver would get so stressed out and beg us to turn it so there would be more meat coming. hahaaa. On top of all the carved meats there is a yummmy salad bar (they actually call it a salad festival)...but it has hot dishes too. It is awesome.

here I am still pretty sick...but man it was good.  I wish I had that food right now. 

Oliver enjoying a chicken wing.  His favorite things were...the fried bananas...the grilled pineapple...and of course all of the assorted meats.  He also picked and tried (without any prodding from the parents) Sushi and A CHICKEN HEART (he and rob both downed them...the both thought they were delish).
I had to post this picture...because that is just how much Rob loved this restaurant.  That boy...his heart really is in his stomach.  He loves to eat.  Oliver on the other hand was FULL he said his stomach was getting rumbly.

It was wonderful to get out of the house. I hadn't stepped outside since wednesday so it felt nice to get out among the living.  I love that place.  It really is a fun place to watch your kids discover different foods.  I love it. 

In other news...

Cortney sold his Samurai on Monday.  We loved that little jeep so it was a sad farewell. In fact I am still pretty sad about it.  It is a relief to have it sold though because he was seriously talking to people on the phone about it for like 3 hours a day.  So if you call me and I don't answer that is why...I am out of minutes.  Cortney sold it because in his heart he has moved on to other things.  That is Cort...he gets obsessed with something...researches it for HOURS on the internet...sells whatever his old obsession was and gets the very best thing he can with the money he got.  I have seen this cycle repeat about a million times since we have been married.  In fact it is the same money he has had forever just recycling.   It has been motor cycles, snowboards, kayaks, road bikes, mountain bikes, other random jeeps.  Its weird.  As I type he is researching DIRT BIKES.   So that is now, I guess, his new obsession. I don't know how I feel about dirt bikes...but he has never really consulted me before on what he should buy with "his" play money.  Anyways...I am sure he or I will post whenever he buys his new toy...whatever that might be.  


Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

Sounds wonderful! LOVE MOM

*ethan* said...

who's that bald headed baby faced handsome guys at lunch with you??? no beard i have no idea who that is... good news is by the time i'm done typing this he'll have it grown back!

ps farewell sammi

{natalie} said...

that lunch sounds delicious. i love all the meats they have there and the pineapple too. i'm glad you are starting to feel better!

Cindy said...

1--SO glad you're feeling better!

2--Oh, how we love Tucano's! I could envision and taste everything as you were writing about it. I'm so glad you all enjoyed it. We are signed up for all their coupons even here in California so just in case we are in Utah we can use them! And how about that chocolate cake and the creme brulee?

3-- Dirt bikes are a really good family thing. We have a lot of friends who do that with their families. They get little bikes for the kids and teach them from the time they are Oli and Rob's ages. Now they are doing it with their grandkids too, so it's become mulitgenerational and they LOVE it.

Keep us up to date on the new hobby!

Adri said...

I love Tucanos. I think Brazilian places are either 1) too expensive or 2) if it's not really expensive the food is usually gross. Tucanos is neither. The food is delish and it's reasonably priced...especially for what you get.

Supercords said...

Sushi?!?! Since when did Tucanos start serving sushi?

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Ashley! I hope you're feeling better. I enjoy reading your Blog. I too love all the freebies and Tacanos especially. I didn't know they had free b-day meals - I'll make sure to sign up though :)